Many times people tend to brag about the vision they have and want to pursue.  But in order to pursue vision, one’s vision has to die for the greater vision!  We can look at the life of Elisha.  He was a middle manager on his father’s farm.  In order for him to pursue greater vision, he had to walk away from everything, and he had to ensure that there was nothing left for him to look back to as a distraction.  Sometimes God has to move you from your very family members, friends, associates and even your community in order to prepare you for the greater vision.  Every vision that God has given you has a mentor assigned to prepare you for the vision.  Elijah/Elisha, Ruth/Naomi, Esther/Mordecai.

Mentorship is important because there will be some Jordans ahead that you must cross and in order to do so, either your mentor has to go before you or your mentor’s spirit has to rest upon you.  Crossing Jordan requires wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  Jordan is a dangerous place and not many make it across.  In order to cross Jordan, you cannot afford to be distracted or focus on your personal vision and problems.  If you are focusing on your problem rather than ensuring you serve and learn from your mentor, you will miss valuable insight and lessons that will allow you the wisdom, knowledge and understanding you need to move forward.

There are a lot of times believers miss God’s will because they become pre-occupied with their own problems.  You cannot take up a mantle unless you are being mentored and prepared – whether in the secular or in ministry.A mantle is always something that falls, and you cannot pick up a mantle if you are not at the place serving and submitting to your mentor!

Regardless of the vision, promises and prophecies that God gives you, if you don’t have a mentor that unlocks and births what is inside of youit will never come to fruition.  God never sends a person on a journey unless preparation has been made beforehand.  The anointing is important because it will protect you on the journey.  One can choose to create one’s own blessing and call it God’s blessing because they want to avoid the processing.  However, in various Times and Seasons one will go through, if one is not fully prepared, one will crumble under pressure.

Which mantle are you qualified to take up and carry?

Which mentor are you serving?

Are you focusing on your vision or the greater vision?

Are you willing to give up your dreams and visions to get a bigger one?

When Elisha took up Elijah’s mantle, why did he tear his clothes in two?

Do you think you have what it takes to cross Jordan?


Deception offers that which is desirable in the beginning but is destructive in the end!  Satan came to Adam and Eve in the Garden and asked: ‘Do you want to be like God?’  It was desirable in the beginning, but when both ate the forbidden fruit, they were driven from the garden into the world.

God will allow deception that will drive many of us to read the Word of God, Pray and Fast!  Deception comes to those who will walk by sight and not by FAITH!  Many, in pursuit of quick riches or harbor greed or view things based on outward appearances are open to deception in this season.  For example, if one trusts man more than God, one is open to deception.

Many judge based on eloquence, intellect, appearance, level of academic achievement to summarize people or make certain decisions; and if those are your criteria, you are open to deception in this season.  If we follow those criteria we will always be deceived by politicians, ‘Ponzi’ type Schemers, False Prophets, False Teachers and more.

Deception comes when we are spiritually low.  Many go for heights, few go for depth!  Depth in God is greater than Height!  When you have depth in God you become rooted.  From that standpoint, you reach greater heights when you are firmly rooted!

There are key Words and Scriptures to which we must pay great attention in this time.  Words such as Nimrod, Babylon, Spirit of the World, the Dragon.  Scriptures such as the Book of Daniel, I John 2.   Pay attention to your dreams and symbols such as snakes, cats, kisses, silver coins.  The Holy Spirit is speaking as never before to His people, but many are not paying attention.

Don’t be fooled by Social Network.  There are different levels of deception!

Self Deception                    – I John 1: 8

Rebellion & Disobedience  – Deuteronomy 28: 1 – 14; James 4: 17



Moral & Ethical



Recognize too that Lack of Patience and Pride will bring deception!  The enemy will come as an angel of light!

It is sad to say, sinners are quicker to discern deception than Christians.  We even see where sinners perceived more readily who Jesus was, while the religious ones could not!

Matthew 24: 3 – 14  says:

“Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”  And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.  And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences,[b] and earthquakes in various places.  All these are the beginning of sorrows.  “Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake. 10 And then many will be offended, will betray one another, and will hate one another.  Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. 13 But he who endures to the end shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

Many think that this Scripture is referring to a local prophet in a church who make an error and gives a word who is regarded as a False Prophet.  But the Lord was speaking concerning the religious, social and political.  There are many in the politics and in the media who say they are Christians, but yet they do not ascribe to or believe in what the Word says – they have different views and ideologies.  You better look out, because not one of God’s Words will fall to the ground.

If you are one of them who believes that a true prophet is one who gives you a word and it comes to pass, you will be deceived.  We are not under the Old Testament.  Jesus said, if you want to know who a true prophet is, by their fruit you shall know them.   (Matthew 7; Galatians 4)  The devil is accurate too!

There are different principles we can use to judge prophecies/prophetic words.  We are commanded to test the spirit.  (I John 4: 1)  whether they are of God, of self or of the devil.  False prophecies lead to deception and manipulation.  Every motive and hidden agenda must be tested.  Why most New Testament prophets of today are not effective.  Most of them are politicians; and as such they can’t see beyond their favorite political party.  Are the prophecies bringing edification, exhortation and comfort?  It must agree with the Word of God; it must bear fruit and agree with the Holy Spirit.  If a Word of Prophecy and promotes disobedience against God’s Scripture, it is not a true prophecy.  (Deuteronomy 13: 1 – 3)  Any prophecy given that is against Scriptural Guidelines is not of God.  True prophecy promotes liberty and not bondage.  Any prophecy that comes but does not give glory and honor to Jesus Christ is deception.


Many things are happening globally and may are wondering if God really speaks, or what is the role of a New Testament Prophet.  Wherever you go in the globe, you will see people who are deemed Prophets; but do they understand their job description?

A prophet is more than prophesying!  They are God’s messengers to speak as given utterance; speak on behalf of the poor the fatherless and the widow and live holy lives!  They are like spiritual Sheriffs!  When spiritual laws are broken they must speak!

Every prophet should look on the life of John the Baptist or Amos.  John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord.  Amos, although he had never seen himself as a part of the then Prophetic Company nor was he deemed from the lineage of prophets; he was a farmer, but a burden-bearer also! He was not afraid to speak ‘Thus says the Lord’!

The office of a prophet is not about telling someone who is going to get a house, a car or a husband or predict who will win the next election; but to address those issues that affect their communities and nations while themselves walk holy before the Lord as examples.  John was not afraid to address Tax Collectors, Oppressors, Injustice and Sin.  He walked in humility!  (Luke 3: 15 – 20)  He was not afraid to speak the truth!  The Holy Spirit was the center of his ministry and his message was about Jesus.

Old And New Testament Prophets

There are many today who want to compare Old and New Testament Prophets in how they function.  The Old was a shadow, but the New brought completion.  Most Old Testament Prophets were only accountable to God; but New Testament Prophets were and are accountable to their Apostles and the Eldership of the New Testament Church, as Paul outlined in I Corinthians 14; I Corinthians 12: 28; Ephesians 4:11.

The New Testament Prophets must also function in building the local churches; as Ephesians 2: 20 states,

having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone,”

They must also help to identify the callings of the saints, preach against sin, promote Jesus as the center of the Church, preach repentance, hope healing, restoration and the full gospel, and that through Jesus Christ men can  be saved and receive change!  (John 5: 29; Mark 9: 43; I Timothy 4: 8)

While the globe is being eaten away by sin, many New Testament Prophets are only focusing on the material things.  Most don’t realize that Jesus shed His blood to restore man to a Spiritual Kingdom.  So it is the role of the Prophet of God to speak about Faith in God, Trust in God, The Cross, and the Holy Spirit Who is the Center of your ministry.

It is the New Testament Prophet who should be a part of a Company trying to come up with solutions for some of the problems that exist like Health, Education, the Economy and Security.  Just like Joseph and Daniel did!

Solutions are what give God glory and promote God’s people.  Any government official will tell you that their reason for listening to psychics is that they see no distinction between God’s prophets and the psychic; thus they are turned off from the Prophets of God.

Recognize that the Prophets of Old spoke the Words that have become the Words for us today – the Bible!  They did not have the Bible of as the guide!  We now have the word they spoke as the word that now guides us!  Hence, we should be more productive and effective.  The New Testament Prophet must speak Exhortation, Admonition, Comfort and Encouragement to God’s people and function in integrity; and must stop comparing and competing with each other on the issue of accuracy!

The Lord is about to raise up some people who deem themselves as not being prophets, just as Amos did who was a farmer and shepherd; who will be burden-bearers and will not walk in the path of most of our present prophets.  The Holy Spirit will be the center of their ministry!  They will birthed from the local Church and souls will be their priority.  They will walk in humility and not be afraid to submit to leadership.  They will build the local church and watch the Apostle’s back and hold up their hands.  They will flow in great revelation knowledge and they will come up with solutions in the areas of science pharmaceuticals.  They will be inventors, and they will write music!


We are in a critical time now where false teachings are going to be more rampant now than ever before!  False teachings have been plaguing the Church/Body of Christ!  Never forget the Scripture in II Kings 4: 38 – 41

It is the responsibility of local Church Leaders to feed the people with the provision that God has given them.  Many are not satisfied with the provision God has given for them so they are now going into other fields to gather herbs which are from wild vines – representing false doctrines – which bring death!
False doctrine brings death in the church.  Any doctrine not built exclusively on the cross of Christ (I Peter 1: 18 – 20) must not be tolerated.  Only the undiluted word of God can cure the Death which is in the pot!  False doctrine poisons and it poisons many when it is brought in and shared with the congregation.
Leaders should not take their eyes off II Timothy 4: 1 – 5.
These are the following things that leaders should look out for:
Always use I Timothy 4 as a guide when preaching and teaching and when others are preaching and teaching.
When others are preaching and teaching – whether they are from within the Church or from the outside, always scrutinize the message and the doctrine.  There is great Apostasy taking place!  No minister should ever preach what they think is their view.  It must always be the BIBLE VIEW!
Remember, False Doctrine defiles and destroys the flock.  All doctrine must be established on Jesus and the Cross.  He is the Center and the Owner of the Church!  Nothing must take precedence over the fact that JESUS DIED FOR US TO RECEIVE SALVATION!
In I Timothy 4, the Holy Spirit speaks openly and prophetically that, in the latter times, many will depart from the faith and they will apostatize!  They will deny the essential doctrine of Christianity.
The False Teacher is on the loose!  False Teachers are teaching doctrines inspired by Satan and this will lead many astray including careless leaders who are not studying.  (John 8: 44; Acts 2: 17; Hebrews 1: 2; I John 4: 1 – 6)
False Teachers are now on the rise!  They are on the internet, social network, media and they are very influential.  Each time they release their venom, it spreads  within the flock and contaminates the church.  False Teachers will present ‘Divine’ inspiration in abandoning God’s word, they become de-sensitized to spiritual truth.
False Teachers attack Five-Fold Ministries that establish order in the congregation.  They call order manipulation and witchcraft!
False Teachers encourage and often support Dating and Fornication, Oral & Anal Sex and Masturbation.
Leaders from time to time need to do spot checks on the membership to see what doctrines are surfacing that they as leaders may not be aware of.  Leaders also need to check what kind of study bibles are being used.   Many are also reading books that are New Age based but they think it is spiritual!
A person who falls away from the true faith, falls prey to all kinds of traps that are alleged to make one more spiritual – such as False Ascentism.
Always keep your eyes on I Timothy 4 especially verses 4 – 5.  Let no one deceive you about food, marriage or sex.  Many distracting conversations are emerging on issues such as women in ministry, day of worship, marriage and divorce, submission and prosperity.
All leaders much begin to expound on and apply the scriptures and also exercise the gifts that God has given them.  Remember, the personal life of a minister must be as pure as their doctrine.  A false prophet is not one who necessarily give a word that does not come to pass; but Matthew 7 and Galatians 5 tell us that we must judge them by their lifestyle/their fruit.  Are they touching God’s glory?  Are they brining people unto themselves more than Christ?  Are they in open sin – sexually; are they greedy; do they have wrong motives?  Do they believe in the Virgin birth of Jesus and His death and resurrection.
All teachings must be judged by their agreement with the Word of God.  (I Timothy 1: 3).  Also, watch out for the spirit of error and greed. (I Timothy 6: 3 – 6; I Timothy 4: 6)
A good teacher is constantly nourishing themselves with the Word.  Once a minister’s focus shifts from souls, then that person will begin to walk in error.
Please read the following Scriptures:
Matthew 22: 29
Galatians 1: 6 – 9
II Timothy 4: 2 – 4
II Timothy 3: 16
II Peter 1: 21
Always remember that whatever man terms as inspiration must be consistent with the Bible.  Not every inspiration is Biblical.  There is a difference with inspiration and illumination!  Illumination refers to the influence of the Holy Spirit which helps all Christians to grasp the things of God.  We must seek to have Illumination.  (I Corinthians 2: 4; Matthew 16: 17)
Apostle Steve Lyston


Loyalty is key in any organization! God is going to deal with the Judases in this season – whether it is operating in your house, your family, your Church, organization or nation!

The character of Judas is disloyal, greedy (not just for money, but also for attention and praise), selfish, and easily offended; and when offended runs to your enemy. Your enemy is Judas’ friend! Judas was a thief – he took the information within the team and sold it to the enemy, giving them access to the intimate details of the team while profiting from it financially!  He reveals the confidential plans or information of your household, family, church, organization or nation when you are no longer ‘serving’ his purpose!

Judas’ heart is full of PRIDE and does not like to be corrected!  When corrected by you, Judas pledges allegiance to external connections rather than yielding and repenting; this character will not think twice about hurting you. The character of Judas is holiest on Saturdays or Sundays but is fueled by evil for the rest of the week!

Judas sat under the greatest teacher, saw the ministry and miracles that took place, was directly involved in the operation of the group/organization and still his heart remained hard and uncircumcised. The character of Judas, even as he betrays, pretends to look like everyone else, pretends to be in obedience while engaging in silent rebellion.  Judas may be sleeping with your husband or wife while still claiming to be your best friend!

Remember, no one can serve two masters or he will love one and hate the other!  Judas was maintaining access in more than one place.  No one can have access with God and Satan at the same time and still maintain the favor of God.  Judas was following Jesus but his heart was not submitted to him.  When one’s heart is not right, one becomes a candidate for Satan.  The enemy will enter that person’s heart and have full access and control of that individual!

God is about to expose the Judases in your life, home, relationships, church and nation in this season for you to ADVANCE!


The crises that we are facing globally – ISIS, Ebola, wars, diseases economic problems, chaos and confusion – have come about because leaders no longer see God as relevant to the society and they no longer want to listen.  But God speaks to us all daily!  (Isaiah 50: 4 – 5)

Leaders want the people to listen to them but they refuse to listen to God.  Many leaders are trying to collaborate globally to put God out of the society; but they all need to know that God did not create this world to be independently governed without Him.

The Holy Spirit is the One Who manages the earth; man can only have dominion through the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Many are coming together to create a ‘new earth’ or trying to access the benefits of the earth by trying to omit the Son of God.   In Genesis 11, we learn about the spirit of Nimrod who created the city of Babylon and the Babylonian system.  The Babylonian system is actively trying to reform nations while omitting God from it!   Even political parties are removing God from their manifestos and beliefs.  There are political party personnel who are praying to dead presidents and party leaders.   The spirit of Nimrod is driven by Satan and is employed by many in high places to oppose and delay God’s plans.  This spirit influences many to impose laws to weaken the principles of God within a nation.

Where the instruction that God has given commands man to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth, the spirit of Nimrod influences man to do the opposite!  Any system built without God or His approval He will overrule!  When men rebel against God, God confuses their language.  There cannot be any cohesion for evil with nations against God’s people.  Confusion will be the order of the day!




No- one can cover what God is about to remove!



The Lord says He will expose the Judicial System in America.

Something is going to be exposed between a very well-known female US Politician and popular Caribbean female Leader.

There are plans to erect electric fences on the US Borders that will electricute many.

There is going to be an exposure involving Mitt Romney.

A deadly hurricane may hit Mississippi and also St. Louis, Missouri

There are going to be many disasters around the world.

Pray against a hurricane that may hit Jamaica, likened to Hurricane Gilbert in 1988. It has the potential to wipe out vegetation.

There is going to be an exposure about money being given to the police under the table of which the public was not aware. And the people will say “Yet they say they have no money!”

Politicians in Jamaica are taking advice from the Muslim Community and they will want to introduce their religion in the school.

Something major is about to burst in Jamaica and the Lord says it has to happen!

There is a great deception coming to America. There is a man in whom they put their trust who will deceive and defeat them.

God is calling Rev. Al Sharpton to put away politics, come before Him (God) in humility and put his house in order.

God is calling Rev. Jesse Jackson to come before Him (God) to seek God’s will and way for his life.

God is calling the Indian Security Forces to be vigilant. There is a plan to take out the Indian Prime Minister. They need to be alert within the next 50 days.

We see the Sea rising in Hawaii and the waves growing bigger and bigger; trees swaying heavily! Pray also for Louisiana!

New avenues for Tourism in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A lot of flooding in New Dehli, India.

There is going to be a dispute between 2 Fashion Designers (A and D&G) about similarity of styles.

Michael Jordan needs to be careful of his eating habits!

Russia cannot be trusted. They are instigating certain conflicts.

There are going to be conflicts among the heads of the UWI Mona West Indies.

Something is about come to light in a Teacher’s College in Jamaica.

Good doctors are needed in Jamaica. Some are not focusing on what they are doing. If the government does not step in to raise up more doctors within Jamaica, they will find themselves importing doctors and put an even greater strain on the economy.

Woe unto the leaders that have compromised – in the nation and in the Church! For the Lord shall make a clean sweep! A David Generation is on the rise! Saul is dead!

To The Prophets and Leaders who refuse to speak the truth for God, He will replace them!


The marketplace is a critical place for the End Time move of God.  In looking at Joseph and Pharaoh, it showed that both needed each other in order to fulfill their purposes.  The marketplace needs God’s blessings for prosperity; while the church needs the resources in order to fulfill God’s Great Commission.

The marketplace needs the government of God – meaning, His principles and solutions,  to create a global economy for sustainable development.  Jesus showed us that the Church cannot focus only on the Spiritual needs of its people, but also on the physical needs that exist.  Remember the five loaves and the two fishes.

Not everyone is called to the Marketplace Ministry as Joseph, Daniel and Mordecai were.  It is a special anointing they had on their lives known as the Governmental Anointing.  It is a particular grace and capacity for an individual to function both in the Spiritual and the Secular areas.  Joseph, Isaiah, Daniel and Mordecai were not just ordinary Prophets of God; but they could function in both realms effectively.  They were able to mentor and manage people in both realms.  Not every Pastor understands how to manage marketplace professions.

Let us look at the women in particular, because they are often more active in these roles.  In order to do so, we need to look at the Proverbs 31 woman. 

The Proverbs 31 Woman are not only managers of their personal environment, but they are also marketing entrepreneurs.

A virtuous woman in the marketplace lives a balanced life. 

  • She is a mother, wife/Pastor’s wife, Pastor, Manager, is excellent in all areas and not found wanting. 
  • She is not a feminist. 
  • She is a lady; and there is a difference between a woman and a lady.  A lady always dresses like a queen – modest, leaving much to the imagination – not X-rated or overly exposed!  She changes the secular instead of allowing the secular to change them! 
  • She encourages both single and joint accounts, always using their money to build their families and ministries, never allowing work to cause them to neglect their ministries and families.
  • She is very submissive and is not selfish and rebellious.
  • She represents her husband and her pastor to the highest level wherever she goes! 
  • She does not allow the ways of the world and the marketplace to corrupt or sway her.  Neither does she fall away into temptation.
  • She fears/respects God and refuses to allow reproach to come to His name or His House.
  • She does not manipulate the Pastor, but instead encourages her Pastor and respects the Pastor’s decisions. 
  • She makes every effort to implement things that will help the House of God to run more effectively and according to the God-given Vision for that Ministry/Church.
  • She walks in Faith.
  • She is an eloquent speakers and hard workers.
  • She holds to sound doctrine and teaching.  They don’t fall away to New Age Teachings and other religious practices.
  • She always consults her head – her husband or pastor when they are about to make major decisions in the workplace.  (For example, job promotions, new positions, transfers)  They always get the blessings from their head before they make any final decisions.
  • She is a watchman of no mean order and an uncommon intercessors. 
  • She knows how to separate the marketplace from the church and from home and still be effective in all 3 areas. 
  • She is always at her post regardless of her work pressures; she does not abandon the House of God for the Marketplace.
  • She does not refuse her husband’s sexual desires because of the Marketplace.
  • They complement their spouses they don’t compete.  While she may be a leader in the marketplace, and while her business ability may place her on par with her husband, she still knows how to be submissive to her husband.
  • She promotes her husband wherever she goes and supports him financially so that he may be able to focus on the ministry.
  • She always has a gentle tongue (Proverbs 31: 26)
  • She is an example to all other women, both in he marketplace and in the Church.
  • She allows the Holy Spirit to be her Guide.
  • While in the marketplace, she still sees herself as a woman of God.
  • She is always helping the poor and is involved in the Humanitarian efforts and affairs.  She utilizes her skills to help to transform the secular using Kingdom principles.
  • Because of her example, her children, her church and those around her call her blessed.
  • She understands protocol.


It is very hard to find faithful church members.  Many pastors in the Body of Christ will tell you that instability and unfaithfulness are the biggest obstacles that hinders the God-given vision.  As a result, very few in the Body of Christ will be able to get the ‘double-portion’ of the Spirit.

Elisha, David, Ruth and Joshua are examples to follow that display servant-hood in their various capacities.  Many tend to confuse the spiritual gifts and the anointing, but they are different.  Someone can have spiritual gifts but no anointing.  (I Corinthians 12)  In the same way that you can be filled with the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues but lack the power of the Spirit.  (Luke 4: 1 & 14)  You have to go through the wilderness, endure suffering, pass the test of temptation, you have to be broken, pressed and ground and still remain standing in the Lord.  Think about the process of the grapes and olives.

I have seen many persons with spiritual gifts, particularly those with the gift of Word of Knowledge and the gift of Prophecy, and many will say that they are anointed and powerful.  But the anointing does not come to those who skip from church to church every year or two!  In fact just the opposite happens.  All the great men in the Bible had stability as their key to success in God!

Prosperity can only come when you are planted in God’s house body, mind, soul and spirit.  I have over 30 years of combined experience in management.  In the secular environment, when someone is looking for an individual to employ, particularly in light of a succession plan, the management personnel will look mainly at the faithfulness of the person in their past employment, not at their academic qualifications.   They look at their work history to see how faithful they were in the past with one company, and once we see that there is no longevity with their work history, red flags would go up.

Can God trust you to anoint you?

Are you faithful as a steward?

Can your church leadership trust you with certain responsibilities for you to get the anointing?

Have you ever wondered why God had to bypass the sons of the prophets and invite Elisha – who was a faithful middle manager plowing his father’s field – to become Elijah’s successor?

In order to carry the Elijah Anointing or the double portion, you must be faithful in longevity wherever you are placed.  God sees faithfulness beyond the church.  There are people right now who are not Christians – not saved, but He is preparing them to be successors and to carry mantles that should be carried by people who are now saved.  So they will get saved and come into the kingdom and bypass those who are currently saved.   Realize that Elisha was not a member of the sons of the prophets – so your being saved is not a guarantee of your receiving the double portion; it is your faithfulness that determines that.  So God bypassed all those that were in the sons of the prophets/school of the prophets at that time to give the mantle to one who was faithful on the job.  So if God can pass the mantle to a faithful plow-boy, or to Amos a farmer then recognize that you are not indispensable and God can pass on the mantle to whomever he chooses once they are faithful  Realize that after the mantle was cast onto Elisha, he still had a choice.  He could either forfeit it or follow for the double portion.  But what he did was renounce all his secular work and anything that would hinder him from pursuing his calling or cause him to look back.  (I Kings 19: 19 – 21)  He was not confused about his calling, neither did he have carnal desires for the things of the world!  He sacrificed all his secular inheritance for a greater inheritance.

For you to walk in the double portion, you cannot hold your mantle while you carry Elijah’s mantle.  There is one vision!  You can’t pursue your vision and your leader’s vision at the same time.  You must yield one up.  In order to get the double portion, you have to be tested and walk through at least four great obstacles and overcome them successfully.   (II Kings 2)

You must be willing to follow your leader through Jordan – which is not easy to cross; then through Gilgal, Bethel and Jericho!  (Study them all!  At no time did Elisha – when he served Elijah for over 13 years – let Elijah out of his sight, nor did he abandon him.  He was always at his post.

To get the double portion, you must possess the spirit of your leader.  Realize that Elisha did  not ask for a double portion of Elijah’s anointing, he asked for a double portion of his spirit. Recognize that you can be anointed but have the wrong spirit.

There is a major shift now that is taking place.  God wants to release mantles now – the Ruth mantle, the Elijah mantle, the Joseph mantle, the Cyrus mantle.  But many disqualify themselves because of unfaithfulness.  People are changing their churches and mentors faster than they change their own clothes.  God is about to use some high school students and some unsaved within the secular to come in and bypass those who should be next in line.  There are even those who call themselves Ruth and want Boaz while they abandon Naomi in the process and begin to create their own blessings during the midst of their testings.  SO they have made themselves Orpahs!

Many want the anointing but are not willing to be broke in order to be broken; they are not willing to walk through lack to get to wealth; they are not willing to walk through the valleys and wildernesses to get to the mountain top.  That is why so many people are appointing themselves titles but are not willing to walk the path it takes to get there.  They need to understand that each five-fold gifting carries a level of grace; and if one appoints him/herself a title but does not have the grace for it, then they are sure to fail, and they will not be fruitful in the end.  If one wants to know the difference with the anointing and the gifts, we should all read II Kings 6 for a revelation of the axe head.  The Sons of the Prophets suffered heavy losses because they did not have the anointing to raise the axe head to the surface.  In those days, the axe head would symbolize a major  investment.  It may seem like an insignificant matter, but God was showing that many had gone into the marketplace ministry without the anointing to break yokes and have suffered heavy losses.




We are seeing the Bible being fulfilled globally right before our eyes; and for all those who don’t believe in the Bible, how do you explain the revelation of Daniel that is being fulfilled right now?   The missing plane has been a mystery to many and the problems with Russia, the Ukraine and the West are significant, but none of it is surprising to God’s people who are watching. 

Many of the problems the world is now experiencing is as a result of the rejection of God’s Word, His principles and His precepts.  The West needs to get back on the path of righteousness.  We need to rebuild nations (Psalm 127: 1), the Economy and God’s precepts and principles.  Also, it will be very critical for nations to seek God’s servants in the areas of external and internal security – just as in II Kings 6.  The enemies are now changing their strategies and are now protected with demonic forces to help them to carry out their activities, unless the authorities embrace God’s people, they will be blind to some of the things that are happening, particularly in the area of security.  We need Christians in every sector to help nations from crumbling under what is coming. 

Will the events happening in the Ukraine be the beginning of world dominion by Russia and China?


Will we see most countries, particularly third World countries, begin to swing to those countries because of the unfair immorality agenda that the West was pushing? 


Isn’t it time for the West to begin reviewing their foreign policies and also with how they treat/deal with Third World Nations. 


Why should the USA be reducing their army when they should be building it?


Shouldn’t the USA now begin to reach out to the smaller countries that they have been neglecting all along?


Shouldn’t the USA start rebuilding their Space Program?


Can the USA trust some of the countries in the Middle East? 



LET US PRAY FOR CAMBODIA!  Pray concerning a tsunami that may hit them hard.  Pray for the families in Cambodia


Pray for all the Caribbean countries and Africa and against deception that may sweep them off their feet.