By: Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston


Times and Seasons are critical for one to understand.  Divide and Conquer is a term many of us have heard (or used) in relation to physical war or strategic planning.  However, we must recognize that this strategy applies to spiritual warfare as well.    One of the main activities employed in the Divide and Conquer strategy is Distraction.


A distraction is something that is presented to prevent someone from giving full attention to something else and it causes extreme agitation of mind and emotions.  The enemy can only operate by utilizing division and distraction to execute their plans.


When the negative happenings begin to dominate the headlines such as the race issues and disrespect of a nation’s flag by its own citizens – particularly in the sports and entertainment industries, they are all distractions by the enemy.


The watchman in Zion and intercessors have slackened from the wall and many of them have lost focus.  The enemy is trying to regroup and relaunch.  The difference between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is that the forces of darkness are more persistent than the forces of light.  After a victory, the forces of light get complacent. They forget that there is always a fragment ready to regroup to execute their plan.


We are in a season where light and darkness must identify where they stand – there is no middle ground.  People have to identify their source of success.  The sports and entertainment industries are what the enemy has been using for years to come against God’s plans and purposes and God is ready to deal with them.


Each time the enemy has a plan to carry out something greater, he uses the race card, the gender card, the personal rights card, the political correctness card and so on, to distract people from recognizing the real plan/issue; and those who are not stable in God, especially carnal Christians, will also be distracted.  Even those who are very vocal about racism are the biggest pushers of racism themselves.  That is simply a distraction and many people are falling for the distractions and are missing the bigger picture.


It is critical for the watchmen in Zion to get back on the wall and not to lose focus.  Our source of communication is and ought to remain heaven and not the media.  God wants us to connect and remain linked to the Holy Spirit on a permanent basis instead of downloading from the media.  There is a storm coming – a shift and a shake – and the enemy wants to rob as much as possible.  We have to be sensitive in this season to God and the move of God.  We are in a season of being quick to listen and slow to speak.  Every man has to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling, and ensure that there is oil in your lamp.  (Matthew 25)  Don’t be like the five foolish virgins, because every knee WILL bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we want to be on the right side when that happens.


So watchmen, don’t be distracted – stay on the WALL!


The Lord already gave the word that there will be a dwindling in the entertainment and sports industries.

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