As we prepare for the New Year, never mistake a blessing for the approval of God. The criteria for blessings as stated in Matthew 5:45 “…For He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” God gives grace and favor on both evil and good, just and unjust.

But what now separates us is the approval of God. You can have a big bank account, husband or wife, mega or small church; even a title; but do you have God’s approval?

God’s Blessing Vs God’s Approval

Moses and the Children of Israel received the blessings of God. God told Moses not to strike the rock, but instead to speak to it and Moses disobeyed. Ultimately, while Moses and the people remained blessed, his actions disqualified him from crossing over. He did not get approval to cross over.

Ensure that in pursuing prosperity God always gets the honor and glory, and that we please Him. A man’s material blessing is not an indication that God is with him.

In order to know you have God’s approval, you can use the word of God as our guide. Additionally, as you pray and fast, His Holy Spirit will give you the instruction and tell you how to proceed. Any instruction God gives us, the result must and will give Him glory at all times, never man. Anything that gives man glory over God profanes His name and arouses His anger. So for example, where politicians, business people or John Q. Public want to bring changes without God it always brings them into a worse situation; because no man has the ability to please man, only God can do that. A man without God can be famous with man, but He will be unpopular with God and ultimately reap that reward.

Everything a person does to get success, must first please God. It is not about a person’s agenda for a nation or a household, it is about God’s agenda – what He wants to accomplish; and there are many from time to time who will try to please man in the pursuit of prosperity, but in doing so they displease God. Please God and He will please everybody else.

In 2018, for those who want real success, begin to please God in your endeavors.


Undoubtedly, in 2018, there will be great opportunities for those who want to be restored regardless of what they have been through, but to get restored we must allow God to do that – we must trust Him.

There are many areas in our lives that we have chosen to lock away or build a wall around because we want to leave it untouched – maybe it is an area that is very painful or that we have become comfortable living with. Sadly, many of the things that we have suffered are connected to choices that God did not approve, and that led to pain, hurt and betrayal. Subsequently, some become embittered and unforgiving. But for restoration to come, there has to be repentance first. Then there will be restitution. So such a person will now need to make some things right, apologize to those they hurt, return anything they took that did not belong to them so that they can be restored.

Thereafter there will be revival and refreshing, and they will see the obstacles and hindrance move and there will be a new opportunity to move forward – in health, finance, relationships and all other areas. Furthermore there will be elevation/promotion. Full joy will be restored.

Your restoration is important, because as you are restored, other people, will then be restored. When Esther, Joseph, Ruth, Naomi and Job were restored, it impacted the lives of many others. Other people are waiting on your restoration. Don’t let anyone convince that there is a job shortage or money shortage. What we have is a distribution problem – often times the wrong people are in position and so they distribute to those of like mind. Never tell God how to restore you. The restoration of the four (4) lepers brought about the restoration of an entire city. (2 Kings 6 – 7) God is looking for people with faith to believe in Him. Always remember that faith demands action. You cannot have faith and sit in one place. When you move by faith, God always meets your faith. There are many Christians that put limits on God. Some even want to give up. Some are looking at things on the natural level – looking at their situations and believing that nothing can change.

With God all things are possible and if you believe it you will receive it.


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