Is The Globe Prepared For Famine?

There are different levels and kinds of famine that take place globally – a severe shortage of food, shortage of money, for example – and they can be caused by many issues such as a war, a drought, diseases, infestations and all of that can trigger significant increases in prices and costs of production. Recession and economic fallout can also result in famines. So, for example, a stock market crash can trigger a famine.

Throughout the Bible, and particularly in the book of Genesis, there are several instances of famine. Some came about as an effect of God’s anger due to sin; other instances of famine came about because man failed to seek God to manage and govern nations well. Yet other instances of famine came about because some businesses refused to promote economic equality and fair distribution of resources; some came about to stir up and mobilise God’s people for them to put plans in place to help others affected in other regions. (Acts 11: 28; Genesis 41: 45 – 57).


There is good and bad that can be found in the midst of a famine, however. Nations and organisations that are properly prepared always have an advantage and will have dominion in times of famine. Stockpiling and logistics are key in moving forward. The question then becomes: Is there enough food, medication or water available globally to deal with a global famine?

During a famine, refugees and the issue of migration are always at the forefront because people will always be going toward food or a better life. The refugees issue is now dominating the globe and most countries no longer respect the preamble coming out of the 1951 Refugee Convention. Countries are now closing their borders. Many lives will be negatively affected and furthermore, the Sustainable Development Goals of the World Health Organization, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will not be achieved, and if that is so, we are looking at a potential crash in these organisations – especially if there is not enough resources and not enough trained volunteers.

During a famine, all advisers are exposed, and those who are true will remain and those who are not will be gone with the wind. It is during times of famine that nations form new bilateral and trade agreements. The political system will finally realise that they need the government of God who has insight and knows times and seasons. Famine tests one’s faith and brings one back to basics. Famine also, however, brings wealth transfer.

In preparing for a famine, it is critical for organisations to begin focusing on:

– Job creation

– Migration

– Crime and violence

– Humanitarian outreach

– Poverty eradication

– Low-income housing

– Extensive food programme

– Occupational health and safety

– Education costs (for age 5-17)

Available warehouses and other storage spaces are going to be key during the famine, and it would be critical for countries like Latin America and the Caribbean to capitalise on this.

Transportation will also play a key role ahead. I would strongly encourage the airline industry to reduce the airfares for children ages two to 15. Any airline that does so will experience significant increases in sales. The same is even more so if they eliminate the charges for the second checked bag. Countries also need to reduce their customs duty on barrels.

Items To Stockpile

It is critical for people to begin stockpiling water, candles, matches, toilet paper, bath soap, diapers (adult and children), bleach, plastic containers and bags, salt, sugar, powdered milk, honey, vinegar, garlic, coal and non-perishable items. One of the ways people can do this is to purchase an extra one or two of these items each time they go shopping and store them away; so you would be gathering up these items.

Government should begin to assist the farmers with seeds and upgrade the nation’s irrigation system – especially for the farmers.

Universities should also have a special team of students whose main goal would be to experiment with new ways of farming or production of food for times of famine/shortage.

Oftentimes, it is after the fact that people then reactively begin to put ‘plans’ in place for ‘the next time’ something happens.

Every organisation should have a strategic plan in place to save lives and remain viable. Companies that strategically plan ahead will remain prosperous – even in times of famine.

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Unlocking the power of potential



Managing a nation or a business in this era is not easy, with all the economic problems globally, environmental issues, in addition to the political demands of the peoples for their governments and business sectors to perform.

With all that is happening in an effort to bring forth solutions, is it at all easier for mankind to reconnect to its original source of power?

The problem we are facing is mainly a spiritual one and mankind has disconnected from its source of power. When one is disconnected from the source of power, they become spiritually bankrupt. This leads to national bankruptcy and it ultimately trickles down to each person.

Every leader wants to be successful. Many have good intentions to lead their nation into prosperity; but when mankind is disconnected or unplugged from its source of power, confusion and lack of solutions step in.

Further to that, stress and sleepless nights increase and health issues arise. Some would either opt for early retirement or even give up and die.

When the nation’s energy company disconnects its customers’ lights, there are a number of implications. For John Q. Public, he faces damaged appliances, spoiled food and no light.

The business person experiences stock losses, loss of production and sales. Further to that, increase in theft and acts of violence.

Loss, wastage and error

When we are disconnected from the source of power, we can’t see clearly to make the right decision. We can’t get the proper guidance because it is unavailable. As a result there is loss, wastage and error.

The key to leadership is for one to see clearly so that one can make the right decisions for the benefit of those one leads. A leader needs to be connected with the original source of power; and those he/she leads. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

For those who aspire to form a government to lead the nation, regardless of how much you criticise the present administration, and regardless of the manifesto you have prepared, the cycle will continue, unless one desires to be reconnected to the true source of power.

When a leader is connected to the source of power (Exodus 33:12-18), the benefits received include – rest, peace, grace, favor, comfort, soothing and consolation – which will enable them to manage effectively in difficult times.

The benefits of re connection:

Effective solutions and ideas will be forthcoming – even to revive the stock market.

Accuracy in areas that need to be dealt with expediently

A greater understanding of the needs of the people and a knowledge of how to deal with the people.

Re connection

Have joint efforts with the Government and the farmers working along with international organisations to reduce poverty. That can start by giving 10 per cent of our agricultural produce as a tithe to other countries such as Somalia and Kenya. This will in turn expand our agricultural market.

Government needs to privatize the transportation service and simply act as a regulatory body. This will save millions.

Reduce roadwork and its expense and channel the funds into education, health and small business assistance.

Put contingency plans in place to protect our agricultural sector. There needs to be even greater focus on prevention of diseases and insect infestation due to our weather pattern.

Utilize the retired civil servants, teachers, nurses and such persons in community projects to help build the communities throughout the nation.

If the major companies/countries work with the smaller companies/countries to write off their debts then that favor will also be extended to them. They will begin to receive new solutions and ideas that will bring them into even greater levels of success.

Every individual, party, business and nation will need to cooperate in this era if we are to be successful.

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Volunteering brings wealth transfer



Many people today are crying out for jobs and for changes in the nation. We all want economic change in the nation.

With the various issues now affecting the nation and its economy, volunteering is one of the things that can help to uplift our nation and bring change. Money is not all and volunteering at every level is one way of conquering greed.

Greed is one of the main causes of the nation’s current circumstances!

There is a great deal of wealth within the nation, much of which has come about as a result of the upheld principles and work of our fathers and forefathers! But the wealth is not being transferred today.

Seek balance

Wealth is more than money! Wealth includes resources, substance, estate, fortune, property, knowledge, wisdom and riches (money).

A person should not seek after riches only, because that does not bring balance; and a lack of balance does not give way to full and proper transfer. Every millionaire or billionaire will tell you that at some point in their lives, they volunteered for long periods in time before they rose to that status.

Many have died without passing on their wealth of knowledge and the benefit of their skills to the upcoming generation and this has created a vacuum in the society. Further to this, the upcoming generation has not sought to learn from the older ones with experience and wisdom.

In fact, many have been cultured to go their own way and disregard or disrespect what comes from the older generation.

What Jamaica needs now is not young versus old, but a wealth transfer – from one generation to the next!

In II Kings 4: 8, there was a wealthy woman who had much substance – but she still had a need that her money could not buy! But by volunteering – feeding the man of God, taking care of certain of his basic needs – shelter, food and such amenities, without asking for pay – a transfer took place.

He, in return, prayed unto God for her area of need to be filled (she had no son and her husband was old). As a result of her actions, the family lineage continued and their wealth maintained.

Solution: Volunteer!

A joint effort between the Government and the private sector to have a volunteer work experience program for individuals who have the qualifications but do not have the work experience. The company would give only a stipend and lunch or lunch money and the government would give a tax write-off for it. As a result, both organisation and government benefit.

Businesses and organisations would also count this voluntary work as part of the individuals’ work experience when considering them for employment locally and overseas.

People who have available rooms can volunteer also by allowing university students, particularly from the rural areas to live with them. As a result, what they would spend for boarding, can go towards their tuition fees.

The volunteer would be investing in the life of another – possibly the next doctor, lawyer, teacher or nation leader – and ultimately be a benefit to that volunteer later on in life. Remember, MONEY IS NOT ALL!

Individuals need to find the retirees – teachers, nurses, musicians, police personnel, lawyers, doctors, politicians, sports persons, pastors, and other areas of interest and service – and do something for them! Cut their grass, clean their homes, get them some groceries, pay for their medication (if any), help their children; for many of them the pension is not enough to sustain them; and don’t forget the interest rates affect their pension.

When people do these things, there is a wealth transfer that takes place. The grace and blessings on their lives are passed on to you.

College and university students, teachers, musicians and persons involved in the arts can go into various communities and teach the people for free, how to do various things – write résumés, protocol, music, how to read and write and various skills – free of charge! By doing this, they too are investing in the lives of others that can ultimately benefit them and undoubtedly the nation.

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Prayer Breaks Recession!


Prayer is not a word that many like to hear, particularly in connection with the economy, financial systems and technology.

However, it is interesting to note that prayer is the first wireless communication and has been around since the dawn of time. Furthermore, it has always been free and the only way it is ineffective is when it is not done with a pure heart.

Prayer involves intercession, thanksgiving and petitioning. Petitioning is a formal application or entreaty to an authority. It is also a written action by a government signed by a number of people.

God is the ultimate authority and the final government. Imagine what would happen if all the stakeholders in a nation came together petitioning God to bring change within the nations and even the global economy, and that righteous governance come into effect; change would take place worldwide.

The day any government, prime minister, president or monarch ignores criticism and ridicule, and calls their nation to one day of prayer for the Lord to intervene in the affairs of the nation, we would be surprised to see the solutions and the change that would come forth.

There is always such a fight against prayer. But if prayer is such a bad thing, then why ask for it during times of adversity?

Take note that prayer is extremely effective, so much so that it can break recession, change the economy and bring spiritual and natural revival, growth and prosperity to a nation. (1 Kings 18; Joel 1-2)

Persistence in prayer deals with injustice, disaster, evil, poverty and war. (Luke 18:1-8)

The number one priority in church, nation or business must be prayer – then the nation would have peace. The first wall of defense in a nation must be prayer, not weaponry and the national security forces. Unless the Lord build the house we labor in vain! (Psalm 127:1-2)

When the wall of prayer breaks down within a nation the following will occur (Ezekiel 13:5, Ezekiel 22:30):

Family divisions.

Internal and external security issues.

Governmental problems.

False doctrines, false teachers and powerlessness in church.

Attraction of the wrong advisers to the government.

Lack of new ideas and investment.

Shift in the motives of those in the media.

Wrong kind of educators entering the education system.

When the wall of prayer is torn down, then we have famine, recession, violence, corruption, evil, and great poverty.

The Power of Prayer

Matthew 6:9-13 tell us that prayer reduces debt, gives daily provision, bring God’s will to pass, and causes what takes place in the heavens to also take place on the earth. Prayer gives us natural and spiritual sustenance, power and protects us from evil.

According to Luke 21-22 and I Kings 18:36-46, prayer opens the heavens (and the world needs an open heaven right now). An open heaven means that healing, solutions, changes and strengthening will take place.

Prayer changes God’s heart (2 Kings 20:1-7) and brings healing. Prayer caused God to add 15 years to a king’s life after he had decided to take his life away.

Prayer delivers a nation in times of war and gives it victory and allows the nation to collect the spoils. (2 Chronicles 20:1-13).

It is noteworthy that in I Timothy 2:8, God outlines that man should pray everywhere – nowhere is exempt. When this happens, then we will see a global change in businesses, various organisations and in individuals’ lives and homes.

Prayer allows us to be bold; it breaks plots and gives you victory over your enemies. (Ephesians 6:18-20; Proverbs 6:7-10; Psalms 109:4)

For all the nations that will be going to the polls in 2011 and 2012 (2012 being the Year of Government), it will not be public relations and campaign strategies, nor will it be monetary strength, slander, undermining and idolatry that will bring victory. It will be prayer.

Those that are going through hardship will be wiser in their prayer. The more difficult times become, the more people will pray. The more people pray, the stronger they become, and the better able they are to handle their problems.

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Take lessons from animals in building economy


There have been much debate worldwide regarding the instability and uncertainty of the economy.

Debt, default, downgrades, deception, dollars and division are the order of the day. But the key ‘D’ we need to look into that causes all these to be at the fore today is disobedience.

Administrations criticizing each other, and economists debating with economists about the best model to follow. But no one wants to deal with the root and the truth.

From 2005, it has been revealed that this would take place in the global economy through famine, and how to prevent it. It has even been documented in the book End Time Finance. Now we are reaping the fruits. No matter what you do, you can’t hide the truth, and this is something we all need to keep in mind.

In order to stabilize the economies so that growth can take place, what we first need to do is to rebuild the base – equip the small income earners. What nations have been doing is to try to bail out and build the top. But they have disregarded the base – the foot of the structure which is the common man.

Once the feet are no longer functioning the top can’t move and everything will collapse.


There are several questions to be answered.

What role do God and His principles play in the growth, development and prosperity of a nation?

How has disobedience to God’s instructions and principles affected the nation’s economic growth and development?

How does sin affect a nation’s economy or an organisation? (Proverbs 14: 34; Psalms 89: 16 – 17)

Can sin block the divine revelation or solution we need to stimulate economic growth and restore the confidence of our shareholders and investors? (I Samuel 3: 1; Joel 1, 2)

In what or whom do nations and business leaders trust to bring back the economy? Is it the real estate and auto industries; is it in gold, or will we trust in God?

Think about this. If BMW makes the cars and sells the BMW vehicles, wouldn’t they also know how to fix them if something goes wrong with any of them? (Psalm 24) God founded, made and established the earth – all that is in it – and has the full copyright. When something goes wrong, He knows exactly how to fix it.

When people hear of biblical principles they say, ‘That is foolishness! These people are fools.’ And they believe that those who study understand and can execute these principles are less intelligent or not intelligent at all.

However, a fool is not someone of diminished intellectual capacity. A fool is one who believes that there is no God and opposes godly principles; or one who makes an intellectual decision to choose moral perversion as a lifestyle. (Psalm 14: 1)

Creature Teachers

In order to turn the economy around, there are a few things we can learn from four simple little creatures.

Ants: This creature is not strong, but demonstrates great industriousness. They understand times and seasons. They are good planners and they never get caught off-guard – neither does inflation affect them.

Rock badgers: This creature is feeble, but it understands how to build. They can survive in any economic situation or through any disaster; and they build on the solid rock.

Locusts: They have no leader – no king, prime minister or president. However, they cooperate and build their organisation without any kind of division or undermining; all for the growth and prosperity of the group.

Spiders: The spider is small but they always accomplish great feats. They are very skillful and do not allow their size to hinder them from accomplishing big things. They rise to power regardless and show us that size has nothing to do with your capacity to rise to economic strength and power.

Egypt rose to prosperity during the famine because of the favor, grace, wisdom and anointing that was on the life of Joseph, who held the God-given solution for that nation.

Many organisations, and even nations, receive benefits and blessings because of those within.

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Divide and conquer – the ‘-isms’ at work!



The recent shootings in the United States of America has opened the wound again regarding racism and classism, and in order to deal with the situation, we must get to the root of it. However, it seems that nobody wants to get to the root of the matter. We must also look at every side.

We need to look at parenting and the absence of fathers within many homes. We will need to look at the distribution of resources to black communities. We have to ask, “Has the black community been forgotten?” Some don’t want to accept that racism and classism are real.

Are racism and classism real? YES!

Is the country divided? YES!

Politicians, the media, and lobby groups have been dividing the country from within.

When there is division within a country or organisation from within, it will open up greater problems and ultimately fall. Division pulls one’s attention from the real issues and the real enemies.

The police force needs to be reformed and the training manual would need to be revisited. They must understand that when they are dealing with the public, not everyone is a criminal! They should not be quick to shoot or beat citizens, neither should they administer justice or their duties based on the color of a person’s skin!

Racism should never be tolerated in any society. Likewise, black people must forgive and recognize that not all white people are the same. Many of the black Americans have not forgiven the things that have happened since the days of slavery!

The time has come for more schools to be built than prisons for profit. Statistics have shown that more black people are in prison, and more black people have abortions.


Now is the time to restore prayer to the police and government buildings and within the schools. Yoga and other New Age techniques will not help.

It is very disappointing that the Church is not in the forefront to take down racism and classism. It is sad to say that some churches are divided, but we the Church must fix it! We must start from within and deal with this Leviathan, as well as the Python and the Cobra spirits that are poisoning nations.

Jesus in no way condones racism or classism. In Acts 10, God instructed Peter not to call anything common and unclean. He was showing Peter that He was no respecter of persons. Peter believed that it was a violation of his Jewish beliefs for Jews to mingle with Gentiles in any way.

The fact that God shows no partiality means that He wants everyone, regardless of their nationality or ethnic orientation – He died for all! As the Church, we must deal with these issues. In James 2, we see that all human beings have equal value, and by their humanity, are inter-related. Human worth cannot be valued by your education, wealth, or social standing. All are significant and valuable in God’s order.

It is sad to say that within the Caribbean – in the churches and the society – there is a high level of classism and racism, and very rarely do we see a policeman raiding an upper-class community.


We have a glorious opportunity as the Church to rise up and tackle strongholds using spiritual tools. Meanwhile, politicians and the media, as well as Hollywood, need to deal with the root of the problem and stop poisoning the people and turning them against each other in order to make a profit; while business people who are making exorbitant profits need to put some of their profits into the communities to help to reduce unemployment.

Many of the businesses have, over the years, given money to fight gender issues, while ignoring the basic needs of those in the communities in which they exist. Some even refuse to give to the faith-based organisation to try and reduce poverty and empower the people.

Recognize that racism and classism are taught; no one was born that way. Racism and classism are strongholds in the mind.

Divide, deceive, and conquer are the ultimate goals for racism, classism, and other prejudices. These prejudices – in addition to hate, unforgiveness, murder, sexual immorality – are all unethical and demonically inspired practices that will not be fixed by logic and civil rights lobbies and movements. These can only be fixed according to 2 Corinthians 10.

Since when did the Church forget about spiritual warfare? The heart is the source of all evil actions. (Matthew 15) Only a new heart, a repenting heart and a heart of flesh with a right spirit can bring change. When division and conflict arise, it means that the enemy has a greater plan or the enemy is trying to abort something that is about to be birthed!

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Family, Divorce And The Economy



The family is the main underpinning element in the stability and growth of a nation. Without a proper familial structure within any nation, instability begins to eat away at many other facets in the society, including the economy.

When families struggle, marriages come under a tremendous strain which affects their jobs! Ultimately, the economy is affected and, in turn, negatively affects families and marriages as financial pressures mount! Sadly for some, divorce ensues.

From 2004 to 2007, there was a general decrease in the number of divorces taking place in Jamaica, from 8.02 per cent to 5.63 per cent.

However, the number of divorces started to increase in 2008 and rose to 8.65 per cent by 2009. It has possibly increased significantly since then.

In the United States of America, a single divorce can cause the state and the government more than US$30,000.

Although these are statistics and numbers, we must recognize that the numbers represent real families that are being torn apart and broken up, causing great pain to the children, hurt and heartache for the spouses, and jobs that will not get the full attention required because of the turmoil it causes those involved.

Economic Factors Affecting The Family

The present global, economic situation is forcing many couples to engage in the wrong activities in order to survive – infidelity, long hours with low pay, and from the other end of the scale, the introduction of the flex-week where job functions continue, in some cases, seven days of the week.

As a result, families are neglected, school work affected because of the absence of the parents and there is no spiritual build up, refreshing or growth taking place. Even God rested!

So, companies – even the essential services – need to introduce staggered shifts. This saves jobs, cuts cost and helps the families!

We must ensure that we do not introduce any system that will help to pull families apart and cause a spiritual bankruptcy, which ultimately leads to natural bankruptcy!

The economy will soon bounce back; not because of the political and economic ‘fixes’, but because of the cry of the family!

Immigration reforms

This is a worldwide issue that is helping to destroy families. There needs to be reforms to make the process quicker.

In seeking to improve the conditions for their families, husbands and wives grow apart; children become estranged and channel their energies to violent behavior. All this affects the children’s education also.

If countries should make reforms with the welfare of families as their number-one priority, there would be great success and blessings on those administrations. The United States should lead the way!

Personal Communications And Social Networking

Men and women were created from two different processes! Man was formed, woman was made. For both to understand each other it takes a process. God will fashion the man first so that he become more sensitive to the woman (Jeremiah 18). Nothing can be made without it first being formed (Genesis 2).

The first recorded administration of anesthetics, and the first operation took place in Genesis 2: 21. The man’s right rib was taken out to make the right fit for him. A man must ensure that the woman who is to be your wife is the right fit.

One thing that many don’t realize is that once in a marriage, sharing takes the place of privacy. So something as simple as a password to your email and social network sites should not be private.

Financial Freedom

The family must unite and pray for specific ways for their needs to be met. For example, pray for a business or for business ideas. Oftentimes, long hours don’t add to income – it just increases debt!

Family is important, and certain blessings will not come to a nation and its people if the family is unstable or broken!


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The Anti-Christ Platform: The Economic System



Revelation 13: 16 – 18 says: “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

It is very critical in this season for us to understand the Book of Revelation. Many pastors and individuals are afraid to read this book, but it is relevant. Signs, seasons and symbols are critical in the Book of Revelation. The mark of the beast is not only a mere matter of a chip being placed in your forehead. It is a system that both corporations and merchants impose.

They will join with political leaders and will impose laws and decrees which are Antichrist meaning against Christ and the Word of God. Once you refuse, they will try to starve you of food and funding (grants, food stamps, etc.), and they will lay sanctions on organisations or nations that will not agree.

The Antichrist will come through the economic system, and the beast represents an incarnation of political and social evils.

The number six symbolizes carnal flesh image. It represents the carnal nature and the number of man. That means a world leader will rise that will be empowered by Satan.

Daniel 11: 37 says:

“He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all.”

The right hand represents allegiance, power, honor . To whom will we have allegiance in the end time? To whom will we give honour? Every single person will have to decide. Many are doing it already for money and power.

According to Daniel 11: 37, the Antichrist will have no desire for God, women or the Church. Money and power are the only things he will worship. The Antichrist will change definitions and make new decrees. He will glorify sin and call it something else.

Revelation 13: 7 lets us know that believers globally will be persecuted and beheaded and forced to accept unclean lifestyles and false religions.

Revelation 13: 4 – 5 reminds us that men will worship the Antichrist to get power. He will be an orator powerful speaker, but he will ridicule and blaspheme Jesus and the Bible. There is a difference between ‘anti-Christ’ and ‘The Antichrist’. The ‘anti-Christ’ is used to speak of systems and/or people against Jesus Christ and who are forerunners to the main person of The Antichrist. The Antichrist is one who will reveal himself to be and bring the solution for all the world’s problems – purporting equality for all.

Each time you see the word ‘Beast’ in the Bible, it symbolizes animal characteristics in behavior. The Antichrist will have Satan’s help and will have demons and fallen angels to carry out his bidding! Many leaders will sell their souls for power and money to become rich.

You are going to see many organisations coming out of the woodwork, supporting spiritual fornication and adultery. They have to do it to establish their dominance in the marketplace.

The Book of Revelation speaks about Babylon; and Babylon is a system without God. Babylon is coming from the spirit of Nimrod. Study Revelation 18 and you will see his rebellion against God.

Revelation 8: 3-4 says: “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.” And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

Any believer or individual who calls him or herself a Christian, who supports or is a part of the Babylonian system in any way, God is calling them to come out; otherwise, they will be receiving the same judgement as those who engage in the Babylonian system.

Each believer has to look within him or herself and seriously ask the question : “To whom am I pledging allegiance?”

Recognize that believers can get caught in the Babylonian system if they rebel against the Lord. There is no way in the world anybody can serve two masters.

Let it be known that Jesus is not coming back as a Savior, but He is coming back as a judge.

I John 2: 18 reminds us: “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many Antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.”


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