Masturbation Will Pollute Your Mind

Proverbs 16: 2 says, “All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirits.”

We are living in a time where many are promoting a society without boundaries which they call a free society. That means you are free to do whatever you want to do with your body – no moral, social values and no limits. We must remember that we are either a slave to sin or a slave to righteousness. In pursuing freedom, many find themselves in bondage. No one can serve two masters. Masturbation is one such thing that will mess up your mind and your spirit. Our spirit is important. God wants man to be whole – spirit, soul and body (I Thessalonians 5: 23).

When your spirit is polluted, you are not able to discern truth from lies, and you make wrong choices/poor decisions and things are done in the wrong spirit. God wants us to have pure hearts and a right spirit (Psalm 51; Proverbs 20: 27).




It is sin that has separated man from God and it destroyed that strong and healthy relationship man had with God. So when your mind is polluted – in the same way that negativity and negative music can pollute one’s spirit – it denies you of even your daily benefits and what God has in store for you. God’s word says, “…as a man thinks, so is he.”

So when we sing about things that are opposite to the Word and will of God for our lives, then it manifests accordingly. When we begin to speak or sing about ‘dawgs’ and engaging in oral sex, or having girls in twos, threes, sevens and 11s – once the mind is polluted, the manifestation is not far behind. The diversion from the natural purpose of what God intended sex to be will bring pollution, especially of the mind and spirit. So, as a result of some of that, more families are in turmoil and we will also see it playing out among our babies in the schools.

There is such a thing as a transference of spirit – good or bad. In the Bible, when God is going to bless people or have an act of ordination, He instructs that hands be laid upon the people to give them power and that those laying hands have an excellent spirit to carry out the function. What if that leader is masturbating, what will happen? There will be a transfer of an unclean spirit (Numbers 11: 16 – 17, also Isaiah 42: 5; Zachariah 12: 1).

What about the person who does your hair, nails, massages you who may be masturbating? There will be a transfer of an unclean spirit to you, and, at some point, you may find yourself doing it, too. Your head, feet, hands, eyes, mouth and sexual organs are gates of the human body/spirit/soul and it will open the door to other unclean acts. Most people who are involved in masturbation have restless nights in enjoying their sexual relationships with their spouse. It also opens the door for unclean spirits – named incubus and succubus – that attack them in their dreams, and the result is what many know as wet dreams. In the Bible, when people had this issue, God would instruct them to wash (Leviticus 15: 16 – 17).

People who engage in masturbation will have serious psychological effects which leads to isolation, abuse and competing with their spouses. If a person is single, it takes longer to get to the point of marriage and it would bring serious problems and pain after marriage. Hosea 4: 6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…




God made sex, but there are boundaries (Hebrews 13: 4); our bodies are the temple of God. We don’t have ownership, we have stewardship. Spiritually, our hands are very important. They represent power, strength, service, oath of allegiance, honour and worship of God, as well as blessings. It is even critical to know that not everyone should hold your hands nor shake your hand. Spiritually and naturally, diseases can be contracted by touching hands. Here’s a question: Why would someone masturbate when God has given them a wife/husband?

Sex is good, but beyond the context of what God said, it pollutes us and what God designed for us to be a blessing, we, by our actions, make it a curse. When people are masturbating, they have to think about other people, and so that, in itself, will pollute your mind, especially if you are in a marriage.

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The cry locally and globally regarding sexual impurity in the church on the part of the church leader leaves a lot of questions and opportunities. Were those with the titles of Bishop or Pastor within the local church afraid to address these serious matters because they were afraid of financial fallout and popularity. Everyone needs to really read and seek to understand I Corinthians 5. We need to judge within the church and let God deal with the world.

The Church seriously needs to look at how they select leaders – are they selected by level of education, societal status. Leaders must be selected by the Holy Spirit and the Word particularly Acts 6; I Timothy 3: 6, Luke 6: 12 – 17.

Is the church putting young converts and people who are consumed with pride in positions of leadership in the Church – those who are untested – (I Timothy 3: 6). These days, people turn into Bishops and Apostles overnight and have quite a large following thereafter without them being tested or proven.
When a leader of a church – whether Pastor, Bishop or Prophet – commit sexual sins openly, and it is exposed they are still kept in the position without correction or restoration and then they call it grace! (Galatians 6: 1) Part of the restoration process includes discipline; for example, putting them to sit down for a year while they receive counselling.
If the church supports common-law relationships or marry those who are unequally yoked according to the Scriptures (II Corinthians 6) then it means the church is also upholding sexual impurity and opens the door for such.

What about Worship Teams and Musicians. They are now operating like stars and many of them are walking in sexual impurity, when they are supposed to be the most holy ministry in the church. Yet we allow them to operate and that opes the door to sexual immorality and defilement of the congregations. (Read IN HIS PRESENCE by Pastor Michelle Lyston) They mix with the world and think God is okay with it. So because we no longer allow the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and Jesus Christ to be the Center, the Body of Christ is now paying the price. If one belief is not lining up with the Word of God, then we are not even supposed to listen to them. Read Galatians 1: 8

Finally, many attend churches, but did God lead them to where they are going or is it simply a physical attraction?

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2017 is a very significant year for every believer to rise up and fulfill their God-given purpose. We must walk in obedience according to Deuteronomy 28: 1 – 14 in order to receive the promise. Many persons have great expectations, but those will only come to fruition if we begin to change some things about ourselves now.

  •  We have to renew our minds daily
  •  Let our light shine
  •  Seek God daily
  •  Obedience to the instructions of the Lord


Prophetic Revelation

The Lord is showing me that the spirit of Incest will rise – especially that fathers will want to have sex with their daughters and uncles with their nieces. It is happening right across the board with families to destroy the institution of family and many are afraid to talk. We need to rise up against this spirit that is rising up to destroy the family. We also need to deal with the spirit of incest which is also destroying the church. Pastors and Bishops are ‘feasting’ on the flock so-to- speak and many of the churches sweep it under the carpet while they allow them to remain on the pulpit. But they must remember I Timothy 3. God is going to expose more of these issues. If we are the church and we are supposed to bring healing to the world, then it must start within the church. The spirit of Eli has to be broken and HOLINESS must reign if we are going to deal effectively with Perversion and the Spirit of Incest.

We also need to cry out against the Media, Hollywood who are promoting perversion and incest. It is extremely rampant, especially among Caucasians. Pray for Maryland. Pray against riots in Indianapolis Pray for the state of Alaska, as government officials are planning to go there regarding oil – potential problems. Pray for the souls of Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Jamaican singer Sanchez and Boy George. Pray also against a freak accident on Usain Bolt. He needs to seek the Lord and turn his life over to the Lord now. Single Christians need to read the story of Ruth in the Bible again and line up accordingly. Pray against meteorites creating havoc and against severe cosmic activities. Donald Trump needs to be wise regarding Russia. Russia is not his friend. There is a subtle plan to trap him and it can cause impeachment and topple his presidency. He needs to seek God as never before. The enemy will not come in a way to which he is accustomed. They are coming in suits and ties.

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Enjoy Your Single Life

Enjoy your single life

Apostle Dr Steve Lyston:

I believe being married is the number one thing on the list of every single woman. Many want to get married even more than getting an education. Some believe that there is a shortage of men, particularly in the church.

Many single women make compromises which lead to hurt, joining themselves in unholy yokes and wrong relationships. However, let me encourage you; don’t be in a rush to get married.

People will often complain that they do not want to remain single because of their age, and they want to fulfill sexual desires. However, getting married means more than that. Marriage is a lifetime covenant, and God uses the time that you are single to process you. He wants to correct the flaws, attitudes or mindset that you might have about relationships and marriage. Furthermore, God wants to bring healing to you from past hurts and broken relationships.

Some people say, as the saying goes, ‘marriage is a bed of roses’. They are absolutely right, because there are a lot of ‘thorns’ that can prick you. The Mills & Boon perspective is a fantasy – that the perfectly chiseled man and the woman with the perfect body marries and lives happily ever after. However, marriage is about suppressing your desires and embracing the ‘us’, ‘our’, and ‘we’ in the relationship.

Many women who are entrepreneurs or other business professionals don’t believe that man is the head of the family, so submission can be a factor that can terminate marriage quickly.

Many women don’t know what they want, or who they are looking for. When asked, many suggest the following: lots of money, good sex, a strong man, an intellectual, someone like daddy, childless, white or brown – no black, no police, soldier or uniformed men and no pastor.

In God’s view, none of the above matters when preparing you for marriage. What is important is your purpose and your choice – whether the person lines up with God’s vision and purpose for your life. You could marry a man who kills your vision and purpose. So you have to ensure that God fits you with the right rib. In a sense, it is like how the parts of a Lexus and Benz don’t work together.



So many women feel that their life is not complete because what they wanted for their life was hindered by their husbands. In spite of this, many women reject God’s will and choice of a husband only to become unhappy with their own choice. They submit to the pressures of family, social standing, race or other factors, and end up regretful about their marriage.

In preparing you for marriage, God will carry you through hardships to help you to receive the necessary Grace, and to match you with the individual you will marry – for example, if you are meant to marry VIPs, politicians, pastors, ambassadors or politicians. These are people who are continually in the limelight and you have to have a particular grace to deal with that status. God is preparing you for the grace to deal with the marriage you are meant to have.

In choosing your partner, seek God to find out what type of person it should be. It is not about your will, but God’s will. God wants you to marry someone who fears Him, because only through Christ all things are possible. The man has to love God more than he loves you. He has to make a commitment to support your God-given vision and will not kill your purpose. He has to love you and look beyond looks, sex, or influence because when those things are gone, he will be gone, too. He must agree with your faith and belief in God.

If you have children, he has to accept them as his own; likewise, you would accept his children. Age and money don’t matter in selecting or preparing for a husband. God can send a man your way who is broke, but he is a millionaire in the making. It’s not about the finished product; sometimes it is about the work in progress.

Marriage is not about the wedding day you dream of, but about the life and challenges that will come afterwards. These include simple things like closet space or snoring, credit cards, sexual desires, the in-laws, health or hygiene problems.

There is a difference between a wife and a woman, which is why the Bible says,”He that finds a wife finds a good thing and gets favor from the Lord.”

Remember, grace comes with favor. The quickest way for a single individual to find their spouse is to volunteer, serve, or fully engage in the service of the Lord. When a single person honors God, God will honor them.

I invite all single/unmarried person to read Genesis 24 and get a revelation

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Family, Divorce And The Economy



The family is the main underpinning element in the stability and growth of a nation. Without a proper familial structure within any nation, instability begins to eat away at many other facets in the society, including the economy.

When families struggle, marriages come under a tremendous strain which affects their jobs! Ultimately, the economy is affected and, in turn, negatively affects families and marriages as financial pressures mount! Sadly for some, divorce ensues.

From 2004 to 2007, there was a general decrease in the number of divorces taking place in Jamaica, from 8.02 per cent to 5.63 per cent.

However, the number of divorces started to increase in 2008 and rose to 8.65 per cent by 2009. It has possibly increased significantly since then.

In the United States of America, a single divorce can cause the state and the government more than US$30,000.

Although these are statistics and numbers, we must recognize that the numbers represent real families that are being torn apart and broken up, causing great pain to the children, hurt and heartache for the spouses, and jobs that will not get the full attention required because of the turmoil it causes those involved.

Economic Factors Affecting The Family

The present global, economic situation is forcing many couples to engage in the wrong activities in order to survive – infidelity, long hours with low pay, and from the other end of the scale, the introduction of the flex-week where job functions continue, in some cases, seven days of the week.

As a result, families are neglected, school work affected because of the absence of the parents and there is no spiritual build up, refreshing or growth taking place. Even God rested!

So, companies – even the essential services – need to introduce staggered shifts. This saves jobs, cuts cost and helps the families!

We must ensure that we do not introduce any system that will help to pull families apart and cause a spiritual bankruptcy, which ultimately leads to natural bankruptcy!

The economy will soon bounce back; not because of the political and economic ‘fixes’, but because of the cry of the family!

Immigration reforms

This is a worldwide issue that is helping to destroy families. There needs to be reforms to make the process quicker.

In seeking to improve the conditions for their families, husbands and wives grow apart; children become estranged and channel their energies to violent behavior. All this affects the children’s education also.

If countries should make reforms with the welfare of families as their number-one priority, there would be great success and blessings on those administrations. The United States should lead the way!

Personal Communications And Social Networking

Men and women were created from two different processes! Man was formed, woman was made. For both to understand each other it takes a process. God will fashion the man first so that he become more sensitive to the woman (Jeremiah 18). Nothing can be made without it first being formed (Genesis 2).

The first recorded administration of anesthetics, and the first operation took place in Genesis 2: 21. The man’s right rib was taken out to make the right fit for him. A man must ensure that the woman who is to be your wife is the right fit.

One thing that many don’t realize is that once in a marriage, sharing takes the place of privacy. So something as simple as a password to your email and social network sites should not be private.

Financial Freedom

The family must unite and pray for specific ways for their needs to be met. For example, pray for a business or for business ideas. Oftentimes, long hours don’t add to income – it just increases debt!

Family is important, and certain blessings will not come to a nation and its people if the family is unstable or broken!


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The Pain Of Cheating



Overcoming cheating/infidelity is not something easy to do or to deal with. With the global economic situation and the various nations and media pushing immorality, the institution of family is in crisis mode. There are many other devices used to promote and propel immorality, including swing clubs, websites, reality television programs and even recently, 400 churches/church personnel were caught employing the use of a website that promotes and engages infidelity.

Cheating is one of the most painful things to deal with because it is perceived as an act of betrayal and trust. Cheating carries consequences – both spiritual and physical.

Spiritually, it carries soul ties and opens the door for other tragedies to enter. For example, when David committed adultery, it almost destroyed his entire administration and wreaked havoc in his family.

Why Do People Cheat?

Different statistics show that the numbers for both males and females who cheat are quite close. It went further to reveal that women cheat for emotional reasons while men cheat for pleasure. In counselling with women, they have shared with me that they like to spend time with their men and they enjoy talking and sharing. So where a woman may speak, for example, one million words for the day, a man may only care to speak 500 words, hence that is a part of the frustration.

While the men would want to spend time with the boys engaging in sports, and even competitions, the women want to go with them too – even if they don’t understand the game – in an effort to understand the men more, or to become more involved in sharing their lives.

Women are quicker to cheat with gym instructors, yoga instructors, co-workers or neighbors with whom will spend more time and listen to them. The men are quicker to cheat with waitresses, go-go dancers, massage therapists, co-workers, helpers, and even VIPs will choose mates among their bodyguards. In the entertainment industry, actors go with actors, singers go with the dancers. In sports, the sports personalities will go with the cheerleaders. Sadly, church leaders sometimes find themselves in the wrong situation with other leaders or members with whom they spend more of their time.

Cheating does not only affect the persons directly involved, but also their children, friends and family members. Over the years, I have seen situations where children are conceived and one tries to hide it to preserve the family, but it still comes to light.

Very often, if the person is influential in society, the media will expose it, especially if they are running for office. We are seeing it played out, as an example, in a television series called the Haves and the Have Nots. We saw the Arnold Schwarzenegger situation with the helper come to light.


There are many things husbands and wives need to do to avoid cheating.

– Exercise trust – share passwords.

– Compliment each other.

– Do not withhold sex from each other.

– Maintain the things they did that brought them together.

– Invest in family time.

Avoid unnecessary business trips without your spouse. (Most corporations need to allow the spouses to travel with their employees on the long-distance business trips.)

Husbands and wives:

– Must pray together.

– Cut down on the long hours spent on social media.

– Stay away from pornography of any kind and sex toys.

When cheating takes place, there is always the option of divorce. But before you go that route, always make the effort to fight for your marriage. Most people refuse to forgive; but every effort must be made for reconciliation.

Many people try to work it out on their own and fail to do so, so they need to find mature spiritual counselors. Sex therapy doesn’t work – it only complicates the matter.

The next thing one has to do is to evaluate all the persons within their scope of influence to see if those persons are adding to or subtracting from their marriage.

Great effort must always be made to improve communi-cation with each other and stay away from anything that promotes immorality, so that no unnecessary doors are open to healthy relationships.

Husbands and wives must forgive. If an act of infidelity took place in the past, and resulted in a child being born outside the marriage, then work together to include the child or your spouse. There must be boundaries. The parent of that child ought not to go visiting the child alone – more will result.


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Are There Sexual Boundaries?


Sex is a very personal and very sensitive issue, but it is now the number one issue dominating the globe and affecting areas such as legislation, the economy and education. Not even poverty is as dominant an issue as sex these days. But the fact that it is such an issue today makes it less personal and more of a public matter that needs to be addressed, so that we can get back to the really pertinent concerns.

Oftentimes, the things that we are afraid to discuss are the things that always destroy us. In every setting, if you were to ask who has a financial problem, most if not all present would stand or raise their hands. But if you were to ask who is having a sexual problem, then nobody would stand, but they would ask to speak to you privately afterwards.

The reason that church leaders are not as effective as they ought to be, is that the enemy plagues them with sexual issues, psychological problems and very often, superstitious beliefs.

Oral sex

Here is an issue, for example – Is oral sex wrong?

From a medical perspective, doctors will tell you that it has the potential to cause gonorrhoea of the throat, yeast infections, chlamydia, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and herpes, among other things.

From a spiritual perspective, the mouth is supposed to be a consecrated organ that should speak life, blessings, positive things (Isaiah 6: 4 & 7).

Most leaders will use Hebrews 13: 4 to justify that married couples can do whatever they want, including the oral, anal or bondage form of intercourse.

Now, while most may say this is no one else’s business but those involved, the scriptures do speak on lawful versus unlawful sex. This particular scripture is showing us that sex outside of marriage, or with whoremongers, adulterers, fornicators and so on is defiling and that sex within the confines of marriage (as laid out in the scriptures) is not.

God created male and female married couples to have sex, thus sexual intercourse glorifies God our Creator (Genesis 1: 27 & 31; Proverbs 6: 5). God’s purpose for sex was for us to reproduce after our kind, with a bonus of experiences such as pleasure, intimacy, spiritual bonding, stress release and deliverance from temptation.

That being said, having recognised that God created us to have sex in order to reproduce, how can we reproduce through oral or anal sex?

Interestingly, there was an instance where God struck a man dead for spilling his seed/semen (Genesis 38: 9 – 10).

Proverbs 5: 19 states, “As a loving deer and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; And always be enraptured with her love.”

God wants our sexual needs met, but in a way that does not defile; there are boundaries. These boundaries are not physical, they are spiritual and moral. There is no need for sex toys and R or X-rated movies to stimulate any individual. But recognise that each person has a different calling and wherever the Bible is silent on a particular area, one should seek the Holy Spirit to give them clarity or instruction on the matter. The Holy Spirit is comforter, counsellor, advocate and helper (John 15: 26; John 16: 5 – 15).

God wants us to enjoy sex so much that He laid it out in His word that a husband or wife should not deny either party of this wonderful gift! Husbands and wives should not even go on long fasts to deny each other (I Corinthians 7: 3 – 5).


When in the scriptures it states that someone ‘knew’ someone, it was not referring to mere acquaintances; it was telling us that someone had intercourse with someone. It is the duty of the husband to take care of his wife generously in this area; and also the duty of the wife to do the same.

If every pastor, politician, doctor, teacher, lawyer, judge, labourer, journalist, musician or bus driver would feed their wives sexually as they contribute to or influence the society, then we would see major and positive changes in the society and balance restored!

It is time to pray that your sex life will become hotter and more pleasure-filled. Pray before sex and ask God to strengthen you and grant you more stamina to be a long-distance ‘runner’. Pray that all the forces working against the health of your sex life – your mind, the problems you face and other things – will go, so that you enjoy the gift He has given you and even cause you to be more creative!
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Family is the first line of government in any society and needs to be properly managed and maintained.  When we get marriages to function properly in the society then other institutions will then function right in order to make for a better society.
Sadly, the institute of marriage is under serious attack, and the following are things that married couples should avoid doing.
  •  ENTERTAINING DIVISION IN THE VISION. A married couple should not have two different visions and set of goals especially as it relates to the family unit.  They are one.  So when God says “leave and cleave” it means that each must put aside anything that would cause them to function as two independent units and embrace what would cause or allow them to function as one strong unit – in sync, fighting for one goal and accomplishing a single purpose for the family unit.
  • GIVING CONTROL OF YOUR MARRIAGE TO RELATIVES AND FRIENDS. Handing over control of your marriage and decision-making that takes place within it, to family members and friends can cause divorce.  When it is time for decision-making at any level within your marriage, you and your spouse should work it out through communication and prayer.  If that fails, then seek counselling from qualified persons who also have the best interest of your marriage at heart.  
  • ALLOWING SOCIAL NETWORKS TO STEAL QUALITY TIME.  Do not allow social networks/media to rob you of valuable and quality time with your spouse and your family.  Hiding passwords from each other, allowing ‘ex-friends/ex-partners’ to give you counsel about your marriage, posting pictures of past relationships with other friends commenting, exposes your family to verbal attacks and can have significant and grave consequences for your marriage and family life.
  •  DELIBERATELY DEPRIVING EACH OTHER OF SEX.  This is never to be a weapon in your marriage.  The Bible is clear on it in I Corinthians 7: 1 – 5 and Ephesians 5: 22 – 24.  Sex is a part of the covenant ascribed by God to husband and wife married to each other.
  •  NAGGING.  Proverbs 21: 19.  Nagging turns a person off and is an enemy to zeal and enthusiasm. It is defiling.  While nagging can be found on both sides, women are often found to be more guilty.  Nagging has the potential to drive a husband into the arms of another.  Nagging doesn’t solve anything, prayer and fasting do!
  •  POOR COMMUNICATION.  A lack of communication is the number one reason for marriage breakups.  Communication is not simply talking with each other, it involves attitudes, mannerisms, body language and even habits.  Non-communication is also a form of communication, but at its poorest level.  Some spouses make decisions for the family but do not communicate it to the other.
  •  EXCLUDING GOD FROM YOUR MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS.  Never make the mistake that society has by excluding God from your family unit.  God is to be first in your marriage and in your family unit.  Prayer and the Word of God in decision-making must be the first priority!  When problems arise, the Word will guide you.  A simple thing as going to bed with unresolved problems can become disastrous!  (I Peter 3: 7; Ephesians 4: 26)
  •  UNFORGIVENESS AND NOT SPENDING ENOUGH TIME TOGETHER.  Never bring past hurts into your marriage.  Focus on the future and not the past.  You have to make up your mind to let things of the past go!  Spend time together doing things together.  Marriage is about compromising and giving to and for each other.
  • ADULTERY AND NEGATIVE CRITICISM.  Avoid adultery altogether!  Never compare your marriage with others.  Avoid X-rated Movies and pornography as stimulants for your marriage.  Furthermore, negative criticism of each other MUST be avoided.  Speak life to each other.  Stay away from pornography, swing clubs and yoga.
  •  NEGLECTING THE JOYS OF AN EXCITING SEX LIFE.   Change our eating habits and set up a health plan for fitness.  Be careful of personal trainers.   Engage in healthy weight management together and embrace the use of natural remedies – herbs, fruits, vegetables and nuts – to help you maintain a healthy and exciting sex life.  Get back to basics and enjoy the benefits of these foods that God created, including Melons, Lettuce, Almonds, Unsalted Peanuts, Walnuts, Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds and invest in a good blender or extractor.  Ezekiel 47: 12 reminds us that the leaves bring healing and God wants us healed body, soul and spirit, and at the same time, get a revelation of the benefits of the natural gifts He has given us.
The family is under attack and it is time to fight back.
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