Volunteering brings wealth transfer



Many people today are crying out for jobs and for changes in the nation. We all want economic change in the nation.

With the various issues now affecting the nation and its economy, volunteering is one of the things that can help to uplift our nation and bring change. Money is not all and volunteering at every level is one way of conquering greed.

Greed is one of the main causes of the nation’s current circumstances!

There is a great deal of wealth within the nation, much of which has come about as a result of the upheld principles and work of our fathers and forefathers! But the wealth is not being transferred today.

Seek balance

Wealth is more than money! Wealth includes resources, substance, estate, fortune, property, knowledge, wisdom and riches (money).

A person should not seek after riches only, because that does not bring balance; and a lack of balance does not give way to full and proper transfer. Every millionaire or billionaire will tell you that at some point in their lives, they volunteered for long periods in time before they rose to that status.

Many have died without passing on their wealth of knowledge and the benefit of their skills to the upcoming generation and this has created a vacuum in the society. Further to this, the upcoming generation has not sought to learn from the older ones with experience and wisdom.

In fact, many have been cultured to go their own way and disregard or disrespect what comes from the older generation.

What Jamaica needs now is not young versus old, but a wealth transfer – from one generation to the next!

In II Kings 4: 8, there was a wealthy woman who had much substance – but she still had a need that her money could not buy! But by volunteering – feeding the man of God, taking care of certain of his basic needs – shelter, food and such amenities, without asking for pay – a transfer took place.

He, in return, prayed unto God for her area of need to be filled (she had no son and her husband was old). As a result of her actions, the family lineage continued and their wealth maintained.

Solution: Volunteer!

A joint effort between the Government and the private sector to have a volunteer work experience program for individuals who have the qualifications but do not have the work experience. The company would give only a stipend and lunch or lunch money and the government would give a tax write-off for it. As a result, both organisation and government benefit.

Businesses and organisations would also count this voluntary work as part of the individuals’ work experience when considering them for employment locally and overseas.

People who have available rooms can volunteer also by allowing university students, particularly from the rural areas to live with them. As a result, what they would spend for boarding, can go towards their tuition fees.

The volunteer would be investing in the life of another – possibly the next doctor, lawyer, teacher or nation leader – and ultimately be a benefit to that volunteer later on in life. Remember, MONEY IS NOT ALL!

Individuals need to find the retirees – teachers, nurses, musicians, police personnel, lawyers, doctors, politicians, sports persons, pastors, and other areas of interest and service – and do something for them! Cut their grass, clean their homes, get them some groceries, pay for their medication (if any), help their children; for many of them the pension is not enough to sustain them; and don’t forget the interest rates affect their pension.

When people do these things, there is a wealth transfer that takes place. The grace and blessings on their lives are passed on to you.

College and university students, teachers, musicians and persons involved in the arts can go into various communities and teach the people for free, how to do various things – write résumés, protocol, music, how to read and write and various skills – free of charge! By doing this, they too are investing in the lives of others that can ultimately benefit them and undoubtedly the nation.

read more. http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20110110/business/business1.html

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The Anti-Christ Platform: The Economic System



Revelation 13: 16 – 18 says: “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

It is very critical in this season for us to understand the Book of Revelation. Many pastors and individuals are afraid to read this book, but it is relevant. Signs, seasons and symbols are critical in the Book of Revelation. The mark of the beast is not only a mere matter of a chip being placed in your forehead. It is a system that both corporations and merchants impose.

They will join with political leaders and will impose laws and decrees which are Antichrist meaning against Christ and the Word of God. Once you refuse, they will try to starve you of food and funding (grants, food stamps, etc.), and they will lay sanctions on organisations or nations that will not agree.

The Antichrist will come through the economic system, and the beast represents an incarnation of political and social evils.

The number six symbolizes carnal flesh image. It represents the carnal nature and the number of man. That means a world leader will rise that will be empowered by Satan.

Daniel 11: 37 says:

“He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all.”

The right hand represents allegiance, power, honor . To whom will we have allegiance in the end time? To whom will we give honour? Every single person will have to decide. Many are doing it already for money and power.

According to Daniel 11: 37, the Antichrist will have no desire for God, women or the Church. Money and power are the only things he will worship. The Antichrist will change definitions and make new decrees. He will glorify sin and call it something else.

Revelation 13: 7 lets us know that believers globally will be persecuted and beheaded and forced to accept unclean lifestyles and false religions.

Revelation 13: 4 – 5 reminds us that men will worship the Antichrist to get power. He will be an orator powerful speaker, but he will ridicule and blaspheme Jesus and the Bible. There is a difference between ‘anti-Christ’ and ‘The Antichrist’. The ‘anti-Christ’ is used to speak of systems and/or people against Jesus Christ and who are forerunners to the main person of The Antichrist. The Antichrist is one who will reveal himself to be and bring the solution for all the world’s problems – purporting equality for all.

Each time you see the word ‘Beast’ in the Bible, it symbolizes animal characteristics in behavior. The Antichrist will have Satan’s help and will have demons and fallen angels to carry out his bidding! Many leaders will sell their souls for power and money to become rich.

You are going to see many organisations coming out of the woodwork, supporting spiritual fornication and adultery. They have to do it to establish their dominance in the marketplace.

The Book of Revelation speaks about Babylon; and Babylon is a system without God. Babylon is coming from the spirit of Nimrod. Study Revelation 18 and you will see his rebellion against God.

Revelation 8: 3-4 says: “For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.” And I heard another voice from heaven saying, ‘Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.”

Any believer or individual who calls him or herself a Christian, who supports or is a part of the Babylonian system in any way, God is calling them to come out; otherwise, they will be receiving the same judgement as those who engage in the Babylonian system.

Each believer has to look within him or herself and seriously ask the question : “To whom am I pledging allegiance?”

Recognize that believers can get caught in the Babylonian system if they rebel against the Lord. There is no way in the world anybody can serve two masters.

Let it be known that Jesus is not coming back as a Savior, but He is coming back as a judge.

I John 2: 18 reminds us: “Little children, it is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many Antichrists have come, by which we know that it is the last hour.”


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Hope For Struggling Businesses



“He said to Simon, ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.’ But Simon answered and said to Him, ‘Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.’ And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking. . .”

Despite your circumstances today, your business might be struggling, sales are low and slow, the bills are piling up and you are being pressured by lenders – there is always hope for a large catch. In order to receive a miracle that will turn your circumstances around, you need to seek for an instruction, because there is always something that you have in your possession that can turn things around.

Before one can experience a turnaround within your business or the nation:

First, your mindset must begin to change.

Second, obedience to instruction is key.

Third, you must be willing to be taught by people who are not a part of your profession or even those deemed ‘unqualified’.

Would an economist take advice from a ‘higgler’? Would a doctor take advice from a wholesale owner on how to run a successful practice/business? Would a fisherman take instructions from a carpenter on how to be an effective entrepreneur?

In order to turn around your struggling business, you must be willing to do something beyond ‘the norm’; think deeper, think bigger, increase your faith and be willing to take risks! Even in areas you have failed before, be willing to try again!

Put local first

There is a dangerous trend that is now coming to the fore in many nations as a result of the financial crisis. Nations are now giving citizenship to those who have the monetary substance, and this is a dangerous precedent which has the potential for global security problems.

What nations should be doing is creating an environment for local business to thrive! Local businesses provide the opportunities to service the communities. They are the ones who ought to be getting tax breaks, and the alleviation of certain restrictions.

If we desire to see growth in tourism, we must ensure that we create the environment for locals also to enjoy the beauty of their own country. How many locals can afford to spend a weekend at an all-inclusive hotel?

We must engage the principle where we take care of family first! Visitors will always come and go but family will always remain family! We have to believe in ourselves that what we have is of value, and change always begins within and not from the outside.

Our nation should not be passing laws because of external influences; laws must be passed when there is the need for the betterment of the people. Leaders must be willing to engage in self-sacrifice. Leaders cannot expect the people do what they (the leader) are not willing to do. They must listen to the people, because numerous solutions lie within the people.

Cast your net and don’t give up

When you cast your net and nothing comes up, don’t give up, there are lessons to be learnt. You are getting wiser. Your faith is getting stronger. God may be trying to get your attention so that you put your trust in Him. God is trying to change your mindset with the tactics and strategies of fishing.

It is not luck or your qualifications that gave you success in the past. It was, in fact, God’s favor that caused you to succeed all along.

God may have a bigger plan for your business. He wants to expand it with new products and ideas. Some people are going through problems because He wants to change their profession and reroute them – getting them into a different geographical area.

Despite how dismal things may seem, there is always something you possess in your physical or spiritual house that can change the game for you. Your situation is not generally as bad as it may seem. In no time, you could go from zero to hero.

Oftentimes, nations tend to focus on improving infrastructure and ignore the invaluable human resources.

When God is going to bless a nation, the vessel He pours into first is the human vessel, who have the ability and capacity to engage change!

I write this to encourage all business owners that are planning to call it a day. Don’t give up – launch out into the deep.

read more: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20130819/cleisure/cleisure5.html#.UhIR4Z4rQe4.facebook

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Debt Free Is The Only Pathway To True Liberation


As we know, many persons are going through problems left, right and center. Some are on the verge of giving up, others want to commit suicide. Even teens are falling under the pressure.

Globally, it is not a rumor, it is a fact we see first-hand. Every category is being affected – lawyers, doctors, teachers, pastors, laborers – even some bankers who desire to live right are feeling it now. Many say, “We have fasted, prayed and given and things are getting worse.” People are asking the question – ‘Why am I doing all the things I should, yet things get worse, while my neighbors do not and it seems they are prospering?’

But as God-fearing people, we can’t live the way the world does. We have to build our lives on God’s economy and totally rely on Him.

The fact is that the world’s economic successes and rewards are coming to an end. They have run out of ideas and they are on the last round. Economists can’t even make a proper forecast.

Many of us are being pressed to the limit, but remember that it is through the fire that we, God’s people, are born which means in times of hardship, our hidden gifts, creativity and potential are revealed to us.

God wants to and is going to bless His faithful ones, but He wants us to be debt free. Only when you have become debt free do you experience true freedom. We must be wise with the resources God is going to give us. We have to start getting rid of the credit cards and start reducing what we owe.

He wants to bless us so that we can be the new lenders. Recognize that when we give to the poor, we lend to the Lord. Lenders call the shots and they decide the interest rates. There are those who are poor who we have neglected, but we need to feed them! (Proverbs 19: 17)

God is calling us to seek Him more deeply. Many are too busy, hence they cannot receive what the Lord has in store for them. He wants to give them greater insight for their lives. He wants them to be inventors and unlock the inventions He is waiting to give each one.

God’s entrepreneurs

God is raising up new millionaires, entrepreneurs with solutions and new ideas. The world is bankrupt of solutions. The world cannot do without the kingdom. Even Pharaoh needed a Joseph.

Your suffering also brings wisdom. Impatience is what brings us into debt and problems most times. So God is teaching us patience and giving us knowledge, wisdom and understanding at the same time. There are too many crafty people lurking out there waiting to rob you of your inheritance.

Many times, we will lament and say God is late. But He was before time, in time and on time.

Your suffering can also give you a greater revelation of who God Is. There are different attributes of God – different sides of Him for us to experience. If we had no problems, His varying sides and attributes would not be revealed to us. Some, in their sickness, have found Him to be their healer; others experienced His provision and, in their time of lack, have found Him to be provider.

When one faces problems and there seems to be no way out – high debt, bad credit scores – He can be the God of favor to such one. His favor qualifies you when the odds are against you. Even if you may be facing eviction, or your business is being auctioned or if you have been denied a student loan – there is always a ram in the bush. Many times, we go through hardship for the glory of God. But recognize also that we go through problems in order to increase our faith. When our faith increases, our favor will increase. When our favor increases, our vision will increase. So, too, will our power and money.

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Everyone is now caught up in the election fever, but the key thing is not the election fever and the election itself; it is what will happen after the election!

God has been speaking to many Jamaicans in dreams and visions – young and old from all walks of life regarding Jamaica. Some have been seeing vehicles or various airlines crashing. Others are seeing buses and planes while others are seeing in their dreams and visions Tsunami and tidal waves hitting Jamaica. All these has a double meaning – spiritual and natural. It would represent spiritual depravity and other negative happenings within the nation such as crime and corruption.

The coming election is not about which color, it is about the rich and elite becoming richer and the poor becoming significantly poorer. Furthermore, it would about the strong conviction diminishing within the people.

Despite the suffering of Jamaicans, even if they are not Christians, they are still God-fearing. So there is a fight to impose the Egyptian and the Babylonian systems on Jamaica. By successfully doing so, then they would successfully dominate the remaining islands, as Jamaica was once the Pearl of the Caribbean.

One of the key things to achieving their objectives is to keep dividing the people politically, so that they will not see the bigger picture and keep pointing fingers as to what one government did in the past and what the other didn’t.

A person cannot create a future by using the past. The fact of the matter is that both political parties have made some wrong choices over the years which are now affecting the nation. It was all about SELF! Until we move away from the word SELF, then Jamaica might become as Syria is today; or there will be places in the nation that nationals will not able to enter or access in their own country!

There are many groups on the social network that have healthy debates on a daily basis. But I suggest that they come together, set aside a day for prayer and fasting.

Our country has moved away from the very words that made up our National Anthem. We became short-sighted as a nation and we did not look on the longer term when decision-making. We have embraced and let in Trojan horses and have given foreigners greater favor than our locals.

A time is coming, where many politicians will be weeping on their beds for some of the decisions that they have made.

Even as it concerns Crime, many benefit from Crime, so there is no great effort to alleviate it. The only time we will see great change is when someone in the nation, deemed important is cut down.

Going forward will be very interesting, only Divine Intervention will turn the nation from the path it’s on. For many years, prophetic instructions were given for both leaders to come together along with the private and public sector, lock down the country between 1 and 3 days and make atonement for some of the past wrongs that have broken spiritual laws. Many excuses have been given for not coming together that way; and some have even said they cannot shut down businesses for that long. But, interestingly they never had a problem shutting down some of these very places when earthly kings were coming to visit. If we don’t shut down for God, God will shut us down!

As far as the elite and rich are concerned, the present economic environment is conducive to their ‘success’! They will do anything to maintain it! But how long will it remain that way. I know many are disappointed about the Church, because many are saying, for a nation with the most churches per square mile in the world, why is there so much crime. But sadly, not every place that is called ‘Church’ actually belongs to God.

If it had not been for a group of faithful ones praying for the nation, it would have collapsed long ago. Where the disappointment lies is with some of the leading churchmen in the country who have access to both political and diplomatic corps, but have taken political sides and have compromised God’s Word for self and their denomination.

Once I told a politician of the potential increase in crime ahead especially in the west – Montego Bay – he outlined to me that one of the greatest hindrances with the church is that each time someone comes with a plan or proposal from the church, there are others who always come in and discredit the plan and dissuade the listener from listening to the proposal – as they are protecting their turf. Interesting!

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No financial institution can or will give you a hundred-fold return. Only God’s institution promises and can deliver it! Don’t worry about the losses, no profit can be made without losses being incurred; but God always promises and gives us twice what was lost. (Job 42) So if you have ever lost anything, get ready for a hundred-fold return.

1. Seek God first in all things. Matthew 6: 33 tells us this. To seek means to inquire, require of, and research. You must be specific seek to fear Him first that is the beginning of wisdom. To seek does not only mean Prayers. It also means research some things, because God created everything. Revelation 4: 11, Colossians 1: 16, Ephesians 3: 9 also encourage us to put God first in everything. Your main focus must be kingdom-business; not your work, not your wife nor husband, not your children, but God must come first!

2. Prepare to meet the standard or qualification as set out in Mark 10: 29 – 30. “And Jesus answered and said, ‘Verily I say unto you, there is no man that hath left house,or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s. But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life.’”. Once you have met the standards, you are in line for a hundred-fold return. Jesus will be a debtor to no one! The blessing He gives will far outweigh material loss and persecution incurred in service for Him!

3. Have faith! You must believe without the shadow of a doubt that God will fulfill His promises and do what He says He will do. Mark 11: 23 – 24 says, “For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, ‘Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea;’ and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.’ Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and shall have them.” We must know that:

a. Faith is the key that releases the resources of heaven into our situation.
b. Faith must be put into action. You cannot say you believe in God and not put faith into action.
c. Faith is not a trick performed with our lips, but a spoken expression that springs from the conviction of our hearts.
d. Faith must be spoken. It is only when it is spoken that it begins to become active and effective toward specific results. (See James 2: 14 – 26).
e. We must believe God without doubting. We must believe that whatever the Lord says in His word is what He means.

4. Abide and pass the test. (Deuteronomy 8: 17 – 18.) Never say that it is by your own strength or power that you receive anything. Remember the wisdom, the anointing, everything that God gives you is for you to use to His honor and glory and for the building of His kingdom. It is for this reason we get wealth – for God’s glory. Ensure that you guard against Pride. Know that prosperity often brings arrogance. Know also that God is the source of all blessings.

5. Walk worthy. Colossians 1: 10

a. Live a holy life. (Your lifestyle speaks volumes about you.)
b. Do everything to please God, not man. For example, you must give performance at the highest level; be faithful in every task God gives you.
c. Study the Word. Always seek to know more about God each day. Ask God to let you continue to be a student so that you can impart to others.
d. Be committed to God’s will.
e. Know God for yourself.

6. Do not rob God! Not in any way at all! Pay your Tithes and Offerings and ensure that at all times, your time each day is not wasted but can be accounted for. Make good use of every moment of your day each day.

7. Proverbs 3: 9 – 10 says, “Honor the Lord with thy substance, and with the first fruits of all thine increase: So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, and thy presses shall burst out with new wine.” We must abide by this!

a. Honor the Lord with everything.
b. Once we get an increase, it belongs to God.
c. You will not lack spiritually or financially.

8. Move fast with your assignment – the King’s business requires haste. Jeremiah 1: 11 – 12 says, “Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, ‘Jeremiah, what seest thou?’ And I said, ‘I see a rod of an almond tree.’ Then said the Lord unto me, ‘Thou hast well seen; for I will hasten my word to perform it.’” To “be ready” means “watching, walking, hastening, anticipating; being sleepless, alert, and vigilant – on the look out.” Jeremiah 31: 28 reminds us that God promises to watch over his people with an intent to build and plant the almond in heaven. It blossoms early, watching diligently for the opportunity to bloom.

9. The blessings of the Lord makes one rich and he adds no sorrow to it.

a) God blesses us because he wants us to be rich.
b) God don’t bless us and add sorrow with it.
c) The anointing is for the kingdom of God to be blessed.
d) Our blessing is not for us alone but for others too, the poor, needy, those brothers and sisters in want.

10. Be obedient to God. This is true discipleship. Psalm 23: 6 says, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”. These are the benefits of obedience and discipleship. You will be blessed so that you won’t want to dwell anywhere else but in God’s house.

11. Luke 6: 38 encourages us; don’t be afraid to give plenty.

a. Obey the voice of the Lord when He tells us to give – don’t question the amount.
b. Give abundant prayers and worship to God.
c. Give love to others.
d. Give God works because you will be judged by the same measure.

12. Always sow abundantly in every way. II Corinthians 9: 6 – 7 encourages you to sow seeds, love, and do good works, when you are blessed. We must be a blessing to others – we must therefore, give of our talents and our substance. Pray for your leaders; give time to soul winning and counselling. By doing these things, you will receive from God.

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With the upcoming US Election, all eyes are again focused on the United States of America. Regardless of who the victor will be, there are still dark days ahead financially before things get better. Every country benefits from America one way or the other – even their enemies. But they now have to focus on the things that have allowed them to be great in the first place.

Helping humanity and feeding the poor is something the United States of America has been good at doing. They always put themselves in the position to assist weaker nations and people. (Psalms 41; Matthew 25)

The United States of America is the only nation that has placed on their currency the statement, ‘In God We Trust’. Hence they have to rebuild their economy according to the principles of the God in Whom their forefathers trusted. (Psalms 127: 1)

While there will still be political instability, God allow different people in different sectors to come forward with the spirit of Daniel. America should now bring the focus to small businesses in order to begin rebuilding their economy. Their greatest resources are in the ground and they should focus on the ground – food, water and energy.

Immigration Reform

This will bring a great blessing to America – AMNESTY! Biblical Principles support it. When America calls for an Immigration Amnesty then their Tax Revenue will increase, sales of Real Estate will increase; healing of families will take place; schools will benefit; crime will immediately reduce. They also need to encourage foreigners to invest particularly in Real Estate, by reducing the Property Tax. When Property Tax to foreigners is reduced, that will revamp the failing Real Estate sector.

In addition to that, when there is an Amnesty, therein also lies the potential for America’s military force to increase.

Family Values

The USA must increase their giving to Faith-based and other NGO’s in an effort to rebuild communities – particularly in the area of Youth Development; they are the future. There needs to be proper mentorship of the Youth.

A greater focus must be placed on effectively helping NGO’s and Faith-based organizations that help those with disabilities as well.

All-Round Re-Focus

The state of a nation’s social, moral and economic well-being is directly influenced the state of the churches within the nation. (Haggai 1 & 2) The Church in America needs to get back to basics and focus on rebuilding.

America should never take its eyes away from Biblical Prophecies. Thus, they need to equip and build their military now more than ever, have the best communications and weapons to deal with future challenges and threats. (II Chronicles 26: 14 – 15)

The nation also needs to do more and better for their veterans. They have to remember that the enemy within can be greater than the enemy outside. The veterans still have a great deal to contribute to nation-building.

America needs to rebuild their Space Program. Never rely on another country – Biblical Prophecies cannot lie.

America needs to continue with Free Health and Free Education for those who cannot afford it, and put systems in place for foreign students to have an easier opportunity to stay and build what they have learnt.

America must embrace and invest in the ‘small’ man – those who are considered the rejects of the society. The shelters have become treasury of wealth. Many who have solutions they are seeking are there.

Let there be an easier process with regard to Visa restrictions concerning African countries and smaller nations. This would be balanced with the adherence of such individuals to vaccination processes and health guidelines and requirements.

The USA needs to cut out the zoning and tax restrictions throughout the nation that are killing businesses and making it more difficult and complicated for smaller businesses to exist and flourish.

There needs to be a group that will stand up to the banks and influence them to cease plundering businesses, homeowners and the poor. The banks are some of the greatest obstacles to economic change and growth. It is a stronghold in the nation. Law makers need to stand up to the banks.

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It is always a pleasure to write and encourage the Youth!
However, I have realized over the years as a servant of God, that many young people have been misled on the topic of being a millionaire; especially from the very Church itself.

Many prophets will also prophesy that a person will be a millionaire; and many get excited and jump and make bad decisions,and they don’t address the Youth on the cost of being a millionaire.

When a Prophetic Word is given, even in a time and season when God wants to bless His people, if they are no infrastructure put in place to let it come to fruition, then it will not happen. For example, when Joseph told the Pharaoh that there would be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine, if Joseph was not anointed with the Governmental Anointing and the wisdom to formulate strategic plans, then even God’s people would suffer and an entire nation would be wiped out. There is more to the Prophetic than releasing a Word.

So To Be A Millionaire

1. The Youth must align themselves under true Apostolic mentorship who will mentor them in the path.
2. Remember, you can only get true wealth in two ways – Inheritance or Labor/Work for it!
3. Seek the Lord for a Vision/Plan. Then God will release to you witty inventions, where you are to invest (Pay attention to your dreams because He is speaking through them in this season)
4. Document your plans. Seek legal advice to copyright or patent your plan.
5. Be careful who you share your plans/visions with
6. Start a business. Seek God in prayer as to who your business partners should be. Wrong partnership will abort your plans.
7. Volunteer your time. Let them know you are willing work for free for a period and learn all you can. Serve anointed men and women of God who have the business anointing or successful organizations. This is an impartation that will help you understand the path of a millionaire.
8. If you are given an opportunity, never watch the rate of pay. You could be the next CEO!
9. Young men, if you want to maintain your millionaire status, marry a virtuous woman! In the same way that Isaac married Rebecca and Ruth married Boaz. If you marry the wrong person you will be broke quickly.
10. Always seek the Lord for Him to teach you about Times and Seasons, the Investment types.
11. Your motives must always be right. You must be a kingdom person. Help other ministries. Help the poor. When God blesses you, it’s not about you, it’s about blessing others.
12. Ask God to help you to know how to distribute your wealth. Let no one prophesy you out of your wealth! Many are now broke because of prophetic words they received on how to distribute their wealth which ultimately leaves them bitter.
13. Help families in need and other young people not only in your country but in other countries. (Psalm 41) There are blessings for giving to the less fortunate.
14. Always honor God with your Firstfruit if you want to maintain your millions; and PAY YOUR TITHES! (Proverbs 3: 9 – 10; Malachi 3: 8 – 12)
15. Walk in humility and prepare to have restless nights in order to maintain your wealth. Ask God to give you grace to endure losses, hardships and betrayal.
16. Don’t jump on the bandwagon of every product presented to you. Seek the Lord for their origin and what they are doing with the proceeds. But most importantly, seek the Lord to see if HE wants you to be a part of that venture. Many Christians are building up organizations by way of their support when the proceeds and profits are going to support the fight against Christianity.
17. Get rich quick schemes are not part of God’s desire to bless His people. By His own principles, He builds each person up so that they will be able to maintain the blessings that He desires to release to them.
18. Always remember to choose your associates wisely. The fact that persons are Christians, does not mean that they are the ones God wants you to associate with on a business level.
19. Remember, Money makes friends! Money changes friends. Money makes enemies. When it comes to money, very few have mercy. Money in the hands of a fool or an unprocessed person is dangerous! (That is why Christ is so rampant)
20. Always study, Deuteronomy 29: 29. Farming is always a good investment. Technology, Food, Water, art, culture, things from the sea and being in God’s presence are always good investments.

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