JUNE 3, 2017


Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston

Pastor Sophia DiMuccio


Times and Seasons are critical to understanding what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the globe.  Leadership has the responsibility of heed the Word of the Lord, and also to put plans and strategies in place to minimize loss.   God does nothing without revealing it to His servants. (Amos 3: 7)


The Lord is calling upon Capitol Hill, United States of America to humble come before the Lord, both democrats and republicans, and seek Him for the Nation and the unity of the Nation. They are spending too much time plotting against each other while the nation is suffering. For the Lord said, “Nothing is hidden form Him, God.” God is going to show a sign in Capitol Hill that is going to bring everyone to their knees. And they will know the power of God.



  • Urgent cry out for the country of Uganda. As there is a plot to overthrow the government. Christians need to cry out that Uganda won’t plunge into chaos.


  • Their needs to be a united effort to deal with the refugee crisis. Nations and Member states need to re-negotiate the Preamble of The 1951 Convention on Refugees. There is going to be a heavy influx of refugees that will be running for their lives to Hawaii, USA. We need to pray for them.


  • Pray for the United Nations. Crises will begin to hit globally, and they will be caught off guard.  What is written on paper is not what is taking place on the ground. The United Nations needs to get back to the original mandate, or which when they were first establish, International Peace, security, and economics issues. This will lead to many resignations. God needs them to seek Him, and seek His people for spiritual guidance. Without a revelation the people perish.


  • Pray for the opposition party in Jamaica. More of them will have health issues and will have to leave. Pray also for the health of former Prime Minister, (PSM) –especially for the feet.


  • Pray that global world leaders will put plan in place in the event of famine that will hit the globe. In particular, health, food, and shelter; storage and logistics.




  • Pray for the following sports persons:


Usain Bolt – that he will give his life to the Lord. Pray for his parents’ health also.

Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

W.I. Cricketers Courtney Walsh and Brian Lara. Pray for their health and their

economic well-being and that they will come to the Lord fully.


  • Pray for the following Hollywood stars:


Robyn Rihanna Fenty,

Mariah Carey,

Beyonce Knowles,

Gabrielle Union – she needs to be careful of the roles she accepts, (and pray for her husband Dwayne Wade).

Oprah Winfrey


And that they all will come and know the true and living God.


  • More floods and disasters will continue to hit the world.


  • Pray for all means of transportation and protection of the people.


  • The Lord is calling upon Christians – souls, prayer and feeding of the poor must be the priority; and there must be unity as never before.


  • Many will be coming under great stress and will flee to the Appalachian Mountains.


  • A popular World Leader will be leaving the scene.



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ApostleDr Steve Lyston | Advice To Trump: Be Like Nehemiah

Michael Vadon – Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC: Photo


Be Like Nehemiah

As the world awaits the proverbial ‘changing of the guard’ in the United States of America, some are fearful, meanwhile many are jubilant. As I have said many times before, God is the one who promotes and demotes. He does whatever He pleases. We may not understand God’s will, but we must pray each day. If President-elect Donald Trump wants to be successful and legitimately ‘make America great again’, then he should take a cue from Nehemiah.

First, Nehemiah identified who the survivors were, and in the case of the USA, the forgotten, the poor, fatherless, widows, the distressed, dejected, discontented, those in despair, the abandoned communities and the veterans and their families or surviving families. Repair and strengthen the institution of family which is broken. The family is the first line of government in any nation.

Nobody listens to the poor (Ecclesiastes 9: 16). Don’t listen only to the wealthy, but also to the poor. There are many who are poor with excellent solutions, but because of poverty they are despised and ignored. There are many who are rich but speak utter nonsense, yet it is gobbled up by the media and those lacking ideas. Wealth is not the mark of success. There are many who have been through many losses and failures, but have gained wisdom and have become true champions. It is sometimes a lack of opportunity or of a second chance that keep people in poverty.

Second, before making any major change, there will need to be four months of prayer to build a foundation, and for God to give Him guidance, tactics and strategies. The next four months will be critical to his presidency. Prayer is essential to leadership; he has proven this through his campaign. Prayer brings great vision to fruition. One of his prayers should be Nehemiah 1: 5 – 11, and that God will cause America to return to Him. He also has to repent on behalf of the nation for all that they have done, and for how America has, in general, forsaken God. He has to pray that God will forgive the mistakes of past administrations, and that God will heal the division within the nation.

As a wise leader, Nehemiah refrained from sharing his ideas with people until he has actually assessed matters and prayerfully considered the cost. There are two major things Trump has to do: repair and rebuild.

In repairing, Trump has to identify what was good from the previous administrations, then enhance and strengthen those things. For example, regarding immigration, he has to tread carefully, because part of what made America great was immigration. People came to America for opportunity, religious and economic reasons. They were welcomed and given the opportunity to legally inhabit, and that allowed America to be blessed. He has to discern who has come to build and who has come to destroy. Immigrants have been some of the most successful persons to help build America.

For example, the Transcontinental Railroad was built by the Chinese, which caused the nation to get a quick passage from east to west. The journey that usually took 4-6 months then took six days.

All eight great-grandparents of President John F. Kennedy and his siblings came to the United States on the ‘coffin ships’ to Boston Harbour and passed through the city’s immigration hall.

Immigrants do not steal jobs; they do the jobs that Americans don’t want. Immigrants always help the economy, whether they come here willingly or are forced to. It is going to be critical who advises him on this issue, as this has the potential to create another civil war, something I have also seen in a vision. Allow illegal immigrants the opportunity of a pathway to citizenship as this will also contribute towards reducing poverty, because they will be required to pay taxes, contribute to the school and economic systems and the real estate industry, while reducing the burden on the government to provide public assistance.

Furthermore, the armed forces must become modernized, the space programme needs to be revamped, greater attention must be given for developments in livestock/agriculture, water and energy.

Maintain the dream act and sanctuary cities. Avail funds to faith-based NGOs, without discrimination, to rebuild communities. Aggressively deal with drug lords, extortionists and their partners, as their actions interfere with foreign exchange and trade.

Pay greater attention to giving our children high-quality education and to training the teachers.

Give debt write-offs to, and ease regulations on, Caribbean and African nations.

Give grants for development and expansion of solar energy technology for poorer countries. Then the people will unite and rebuild.

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Use Volunteerism As A Tool For Job Creation

Job creation is one of the areas of greatest struggle for many nations. Many graduates today are less than hopeful because they do not see a future in the job market. I have said on many occasions that the Government should create a better environment for employment and foster greater zeal among the unemployed. There is no way the national security budget should be the highest expenditure of any government – and it should certainly not be more than what is expended on job creation.

There are many within the society that have great ideas and simply only need a start. Some countries are now more focused on the gender agenda than they are about creating a stable environment for the upcoming generation of the workforce.

It is very critical now for those who have no job experience to gain employment. They can begin to volunteer. There are organisations that would be willing to have them work for free. There are NGOs, churches, small businesses who can’t even write a business or marketing plan, and can’t afford it either. You can go into these organisations and ask to work for free for a period and by doing so, you are getting both experience and wealth transfer.

Students need to begin going into the inner-city areas to empower the people in different business endeavours.

Empowering can also mean owning a business. There are many people who are brilliant and have the skills in areas such as hairdressing, music production, and other raw talent – they are entrepreneurs and they have talent, but need guidance on how to get their stuff out there.

When a person volunteers, they are learning the art of honouring and serving, and those are the keys to wealth transfer.

There are a number of outstanding men and women who have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be imparted to the next generation and we have the potential to make it happen. Some of these persons are struggling and they have needs such as accounting, recordkeeping and other things that need to be done for them, but they have no one to do it. This is an opportunity to gain experience and also to be the beneficiaries of their experience, wisdom and wealth.


Both trade unions and student unions need to set up programmes specifically designed with the private sector in mind – for volunteers to get the credit. By volunteering, they would get first preference after graduation. Both sets of unions would need to have full-time personnel to coordinate these activities; and they would target places such as airports, manufacturing and distribution companies.

Our people also, in gaining employment opportunities, need to start looking into Latin countries. Hence, it needs to be mandatory that our people learn another language – preferably, but not only Spanish.

Every person in the nation needs now to think multifunctionally, not single-mindedly. Recognise that not because you studied a particular subject does it mean that you will only be required to focus on that area where you work. Likewise, not everything you do will mean you must get a pay cheque. A recommendation from a retired person can go a far way in opening a door for any individual. They are living in every community, and instead of people killing them, they need to go and serve them. My first job came through volunteering. I was volunteering in the community with some other boys in scouting, and I was recommended for my first job in one of the former top insurance companies – Mutual Life.

The key to a strong economy is to ensure that the base (small businesses) is functioning well. Many are just focusing on the larger companies that are not keeping the funds within the nation. You can volunteer by creating websites, making marketing presentations and business plans, and bringing solutions to these companies for free. You would be surprised to see what these companies would do. Some may even hire you on the spot! It is also for the companies to make the opportunities available for such individuals to come in and present to them.

There is no way that lawyers, doctors, teachers or any other profession should be struggling and be out of a job when they can volunteer. Volunteering makes a difference and opens up the opportunity for wealth transfer and the creation of new jobs – thus giving experience – and can change the culture in an organisation. Laid-back employees could very well be stirred into action.

Many small businesses want to grow, but they can’t afford it because of the overhead expenses. You can volunteer by assisting these companies to grow. You never know; you may be their next manager.

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 Photo: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore


February 14, 2017

TBN is heading for a fall and there will be serious exposure.   Many will be surprised.  The exposure will come because too many Christians are looking up to them.  Many will fail.

Pray For Pat Robertson

The great deception is coming.   But the faithful ones who focus on Jesus, they will know that there is a shift in Christendom and that they will prepare themselves.  It is happening now the people who are predestined for heaven are making up their jewels – preparing themselves for the return of Christ.

When we see this in the churches we are not to allow their behavior to get us frustrated, but pray for them, love them.  Many are going to find themselves at places and indulge in un-holiness.

I look for a man to make up the edges!  The world is sinking into depravity and degradation!  Their sins have come up before me!  The stench of their sins.  Those that I have called and anointed have gone a-whoring!

Papers going across the world with the headlines – warn the nations for there will be interpreters who will interpret my word for I am the lord thy God that speaketh.  Because I am weary of their doings.

The Lord says as some leave the services they are gone with men or women and their wives don’t know where they are, only to face the media that their husbands are caught up in sinful acts.

Leaders are chose to lead the young middle aged and old to me but they have compromised and are gone a-whoring!  Just like god told the prophet to put his girdle in the water, let it rot, that is the lifestyle they are living – some of those that call my name.   But I shall raise up men and women that will run with my message.  Prophets in the name of Jesus Christ… I will stretch forth my hand over some countries communities and they will disappear, they will be no more.  Lands and crops will perish be warned.

We must continually pray for the USA and its President that those advisors around him will not lead him to cause His people to suffer.  There are 2 agendas one of which is to bring in billionaires to the forefront and push the poor aside.  The programs that they are pushing are supposed to benefit the rich.

They want to push aside the poor and the Lord will not stand for that.  Any country that refuses to take care of the poor they will suffer.  They will have continual disasters, threats from other nations and many cities and towns will reach a stage where they will be uninhabitable, because they have turned their backs on the Lord!

Another worldwide disturbance is coming and many countries who were accustomed to helping, giving alms and they and their companies will be cut off.  Countries will be hoarding.  Communications will be disrupted.  Some countries will want to cease communications with each other.

Yet in all of this there will be a massive worldwide evangelism and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God and those who repent will have His favor.


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Unlocking the power of potential



Managing a nation or a business in this era is not easy, with all the economic problems globally, environmental issues, in addition to the political demands of the peoples for their governments and business sectors to perform.

With all that is happening in an effort to bring forth solutions, is it at all easier for mankind to reconnect to its original source of power?

The problem we are facing is mainly a spiritual one and mankind has disconnected from its source of power. When one is disconnected from the source of power, they become spiritually bankrupt. This leads to national bankruptcy and it ultimately trickles down to each person.

Every leader wants to be successful. Many have good intentions to lead their nation into prosperity; but when mankind is disconnected or unplugged from its source of power, confusion and lack of solutions step in.

Further to that, stress and sleepless nights increase and health issues arise. Some would either opt for early retirement or even give up and die.

When the nation’s energy company disconnects its customers’ lights, there are a number of implications. For John Q. Public, he faces damaged appliances, spoiled food and no light.

The business person experiences stock losses, loss of production and sales. Further to that, increase in theft and acts of violence.

Loss, wastage and error

When we are disconnected from the source of power, we can’t see clearly to make the right decision. We can’t get the proper guidance because it is unavailable. As a result there is loss, wastage and error.

The key to leadership is for one to see clearly so that one can make the right decisions for the benefit of those one leads. A leader needs to be connected with the original source of power; and those he/she leads. (Deuteronomy 8:18)

For those who aspire to form a government to lead the nation, regardless of how much you criticise the present administration, and regardless of the manifesto you have prepared, the cycle will continue, unless one desires to be reconnected to the true source of power.

When a leader is connected to the source of power (Exodus 33:12-18), the benefits received include – rest, peace, grace, favor, comfort, soothing and consolation – which will enable them to manage effectively in difficult times.

The benefits of re connection:

Effective solutions and ideas will be forthcoming – even to revive the stock market.

Accuracy in areas that need to be dealt with expediently

A greater understanding of the needs of the people and a knowledge of how to deal with the people.

Re connection

Have joint efforts with the Government and the farmers working along with international organisations to reduce poverty. That can start by giving 10 per cent of our agricultural produce as a tithe to other countries such as Somalia and Kenya. This will in turn expand our agricultural market.

Government needs to privatize the transportation service and simply act as a regulatory body. This will save millions.

Reduce roadwork and its expense and channel the funds into education, health and small business assistance.

Put contingency plans in place to protect our agricultural sector. There needs to be even greater focus on prevention of diseases and insect infestation due to our weather pattern.

Utilize the retired civil servants, teachers, nurses and such persons in community projects to help build the communities throughout the nation.

If the major companies/countries work with the smaller companies/countries to write off their debts then that favor will also be extended to them. They will begin to receive new solutions and ideas that will bring them into even greater levels of success.

Every individual, party, business and nation will need to cooperate in this era if we are to be successful.

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Time for Action

The US Elections have revealed the hearts and the state of God’s people. We are also seeing the focus of Christians today. We as Christians are to be the salt of the earth and we are the light that Jesus is depending on; but where is our discernment?

As Christians, our mouths must speak and declare life, light, change and that God will reign over all nations. That is why we must pray “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” each day; and in no way must we fight God’s will. Each time we come against God’s will we are coming against God Himself. There is no way – as a Christian – we should be declaring venom against any leader – especially on social network. (Jude 8 – 10) Michael, an archangel of the Lord, in addressing the devil on an issue, “… dared not bring against him (the devil) a reviling accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” Michael could have been extremely disrespectful to the devil, but He maintained his respect, not necessarily for the devil, but more so as a representative of God and the Kingdom – and that is the key.

The behavior of the Christian community – including leaders, pastors and so on – makes one wonder, where is the Fruit of the Spirit in all of this?

As Christians, how can we speak about racism in others, when prejudices are so potent in the Church throughout this nation? For example, what do we call it when some church leaders do not socialize with other church leaders because they feel that those church leaders are below their level? What do we call it, when white Pastors get fired for attending functions at a black Church; or a black Pastor being shunned because he attended the function at a white church? What do we call it when the poor in the church are not permitted to sit up front and the seats up front are reserved for the wealthier ones in the congregation? What do you call it, when some pastors are afraid to acknowledge other pastors in public, but are willing to talk to them on the phone by night – like Nicodemus and Jesus?

We talk about racism, but we turn a blind eye to abortion and the murdering of our children at birth. Some think they are too good to physically go out where homeless or less fortunate children are and feed them. They would prefer to give $5 or less for somebody else to go and do it while they stop to fill their bellies with ribs and crabs legs for $50. Some boastfully drive SUVs, and have an extra vehicle parked at home, but would never consider donating that parked vehicle to a poorer church, or to a family that genuinely needs a vehicle.

Political Leaders

Regardless of the Party or Color, we as Christians are supposed to teach politicians and secular leaders the right things – the truth. Instead we oppose, cuss and compromise. But recognize that when we do that, we are responsible for their actions too.

Any laws that are passed, that come against Christian values, are against us also. We have to clean up ourselves – our mouths, our hearts and we have to understand that what is required of us is holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.”

Going to church, sitting in the front seat or on the Church Board does not make you a Christian. A Christian has to follow Christ and live by the principles of God. Much of the sin that is prevalent in the world started right in the Church.

As Christians, why are we not fasting? Why are we not praying – and praying for the will of God to be done? Why don’t we forgive? Who are we to tell God who to allow in authority; and when did we stop asking Him whom He wants to be in authority, or whom He does not want to be in authority, since He knows His own plans? Who are we to tell God not to forgive someone or not to use someone to fulfill His plans however He chooses? He can put in anyone He wants to, for any purpose, and any length of time He chooses.


There needs to be repentance. Pray that righteous men and women will surround leaders at all level so that:

1. All illegal immigrants who are peaceful get amnesty

2. Money will be given to rebuild the family

3. Affordable Healthcare will be provided for all who need it.

4. The Credit Score System can be revisited and revised so everyone has a real opportunity to own a home.

5. Gender inequality will no longer be an issue especially in terms of distribution of resources.

6. There will no longer be discrimination against Faith-based, Not-For-Profits and Churches that are assisting or empowering the communities.
We must pray that our Political leaders will not divert or depart from God, like Saul or King Uzziah, but instead seek God’s Divine guidance and listen to and obey His voice.

Grace and Peace to all.

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Divide and conquer – the ‘-isms’ at work!



The recent shootings in the United States of America has opened the wound again regarding racism and classism, and in order to deal with the situation, we must get to the root of it. However, it seems that nobody wants to get to the root of the matter. We must also look at every side.

We need to look at parenting and the absence of fathers within many homes. We will need to look at the distribution of resources to black communities. We have to ask, “Has the black community been forgotten?” Some don’t want to accept that racism and classism are real.

Are racism and classism real? YES!

Is the country divided? YES!

Politicians, the media, and lobby groups have been dividing the country from within.

When there is division within a country or organisation from within, it will open up greater problems and ultimately fall. Division pulls one’s attention from the real issues and the real enemies.

The police force needs to be reformed and the training manual would need to be revisited. They must understand that when they are dealing with the public, not everyone is a criminal! They should not be quick to shoot or beat citizens, neither should they administer justice or their duties based on the color of a person’s skin!

Racism should never be tolerated in any society. Likewise, black people must forgive and recognize that not all white people are the same. Many of the black Americans have not forgiven the things that have happened since the days of slavery!

The time has come for more schools to be built than prisons for profit. Statistics have shown that more black people are in prison, and more black people have abortions.


Now is the time to restore prayer to the police and government buildings and within the schools. Yoga and other New Age techniques will not help.

It is very disappointing that the Church is not in the forefront to take down racism and classism. It is sad to say that some churches are divided, but we the Church must fix it! We must start from within and deal with this Leviathan, as well as the Python and the Cobra spirits that are poisoning nations.

Jesus in no way condones racism or classism. In Acts 10, God instructed Peter not to call anything common and unclean. He was showing Peter that He was no respecter of persons. Peter believed that it was a violation of his Jewish beliefs for Jews to mingle with Gentiles in any way.

The fact that God shows no partiality means that He wants everyone, regardless of their nationality or ethnic orientation – He died for all! As the Church, we must deal with these issues. In James 2, we see that all human beings have equal value, and by their humanity, are inter-related. Human worth cannot be valued by your education, wealth, or social standing. All are significant and valuable in God’s order.

It is sad to say that within the Caribbean – in the churches and the society – there is a high level of classism and racism, and very rarely do we see a policeman raiding an upper-class community.


We have a glorious opportunity as the Church to rise up and tackle strongholds using spiritual tools. Meanwhile, politicians and the media, as well as Hollywood, need to deal with the root of the problem and stop poisoning the people and turning them against each other in order to make a profit; while business people who are making exorbitant profits need to put some of their profits into the communities to help to reduce unemployment.

Many of the businesses have, over the years, given money to fight gender issues, while ignoring the basic needs of those in the communities in which they exist. Some even refuse to give to the faith-based organisation to try and reduce poverty and empower the people.

Recognize that racism and classism are taught; no one was born that way. Racism and classism are strongholds in the mind.

Divide, deceive, and conquer are the ultimate goals for racism, classism, and other prejudices. These prejudices – in addition to hate, unforgiveness, murder, sexual immorality – are all unethical and demonically inspired practices that will not be fixed by logic and civil rights lobbies and movements. These can only be fixed according to 2 Corinthians 10.

Since when did the Church forget about spiritual warfare? The heart is the source of all evil actions. (Matthew 15) Only a new heart, a repenting heart and a heart of flesh with a right spirit can bring change. When division and conflict arise, it means that the enemy has a greater plan or the enemy is trying to abort something that is about to be birthed!

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The hour is at hand, but what takes place after the elections is critical. There can be only one winner, so one way or the other, there are many who will be devastated – depending on who wins. God will use this election to usher in His will! He can use anyone! It is not about the messenger, it is about the message! The message is greater than messenger!

In the Bible, the Lord used many leaders – many kinds of leaders – based on the Times and Seasons. For example, He used Jezebel and Ahab, Nebuchadnezzar, Uzziah and even Ahasuerus – the Persian (Iranian) King who married Esther. Each leader is raised up according to what was happening in that Time and Season, and based on the enemy of that season that needed to be confronted. He will also raise up leaders to put His people in line, to help make them ready for the rapture! God will also allow His people to get into captivity to allow them to know that He is first and foremost.

Even if there is corruption, no one can rise to power unless God allows it. He rules in the affairs of men. When God raised up Esther, the favor that was given to her was to save His people and to destroy the plans of Haman, who ultimately hung at the same gallows he set for one of God’s servants – Mordecai! God is always ahead of the enemy and the plans of the enemy. Furthermore, He has to ensure that His people who are faithful receive their honor and reward.

Haman was attempting to hinder Mordecai and carried out extreme sabotage and defamation of character. He lied!

Many of us who have been faithful, have been hindered, sabotaged and dishonored! So there are times there has to be a shift and shake or a changing of the guard, that is, a wealth transfer.

The Church

Regardless of who wins the true church doesn’t have to worry!

In famine Joseph rose to power
In captivity Daniel rose to power
In flood the Ark began to sail.
In darkness the true light shines!
When Saul failed to take out the Philistines (ISIS), David rose to power!
When Eli compromised and failed, Samuel rose to take his place.
In famine and starvation, Gideon rose to power.
Even in captivity, God told Jeremiah to invest in Real Estate!
When change is going to come, there is always a wind that is blown! The Bible speaks of the ‘wind’, even of the four (4) winds; and the wind symbolizes either judgement or blessing. (Jeremiah 22: 22 – 23)

The ‘four winds’ are used principally to describe all of earth and heaven. (Jeremiah 49: 36 – 39; Matthew 24: 31) Jesus also referred to the great eschatological tribulation and His return. He uses vivid, prophetic, symbolic language to describe His return.

This election has to do with ushering God’s return. The focus will be on Israel and the Church.
The Difference Between the Two Candidates

The difference between the two (2) Candidates is who will bow to the enemy and who will resist the enemy! It is either going to be a yielding to the Anti-Christ or a yielding to the Will of God.

Zachariah 6: 5; Zachariah 1: 10 – There is a wind blowing – the Holy Spirit is scanning throughout the earth. Regardless of who wins, the wind that is blowing will shake the globe. In this new paradigm shift, which is also to get God’s people ready, we are going to see a lot of unusual events taking place globally. Leaders will have to make their allegiance known, whether good or bad. It is not business as usual.

I believe the sealing of the Church is taking place in order that they may survive the terror associated with the Day of Wrath and the things ahead. (Revelation 7)

The Wind is a Move of the Spirit of God, wherein many will not easily understand what is going on. We must also remember that for every Wind of God that blows throughout the earth, there is always a contrary wind – which is the enemy at work – attempting to stop the move of God.

There are the West Wind, North Wind, South Wind and East Wind. The West Wind brings dark clouds before a change. Then a burst of rain comes to end the drought. (I Kings 18: 44; Luke 12: 54)

The North and South Winds represent various influences from different quarters, and flow gently over the garden, and calls forth a fragrance and fruit. However, spice does not flow out unless under extreme pressure – cold or heat – which speaks of the great tribulation which will bring Israel to Christ. (Matthew 24: 21)

Additionally, the North Wind is usually a strong continuous wind which drives away rain. (Proverbs 25: 23)
The East Wind is the most dangerous wind to blow. It will shake a nation. It is the same wind that part the Red Sea and freed the children of Israel. If t blows, there will be devastation and administrative change! It will bring both purging, correction and destruction. It will destroy the enemy of God. It is the same wind that caused the shipwreck that Paul was on.

Let us pray that the right wind blows.

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