Awakening, Arising and Alignment.
We are in a time of completion and new beginnings, new birth and the manifestation of promises and fulfillment of visions. The Body of Christ has become complacent and God is urging us to rise and push back, because the enemy wants to set an ambush on the Body of Christ. The time has come to unite and we cannot afford to focus on self. A time of Kingdom alignment starting with the aligning of the family – which is the first line of government. When the family is properly aligned the other two governments – church and civil – will be aligned. The enemies are coming together to advance their global agenda through gender agenda door. Unity and spiritual warfare must be to the next level. God is calling His people to get back to their First Love! There are too many messages on doctrine – promoting man and putting Jesus on the back burner. IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS. It was Jesus who died for the Church. In everything we do, Jesus and the Holy Spirit must be at the center. It is time for the children to rise (Joel 2: 28). God is pouring out of His Spirit! As the children rise we will see restitution, restoration, debt cancellation, grace, mercy and compassion.

There is going to be global shaking in the political arena, as many continue to ignore God’s voice and His way of doing things. We need to pray that President Trump will obey God and do His will to help the poor and weak and to establish His Kingdom within the earth.

If he does not obey then he will suffer defeat. He must be careful of his advisors. God wants him to rebuild the spiritual walls that have been torn down, not focus on the natural walls. He needs to call an amnesty and empower the poor.
Other Prophetic Words

1. We need to pray for Paula White and her ministry, because the enemy wants to bring her down.

Pray also for:
 Trinidad and its police force.
 European Union
 Canada
 Bahamas
2. There are many carrying out secular reform while ignoring the importance of and need for religious reform. (2 Kings 18: 4)

3. As in the days of old many refuse to listen to Jeremiah. God told Jeremiah to announce Jerusalem’s coming destruction by invaders from the north because they had forsaken the Lord and broke their covenant with Him – worshipping Baal. (Jeremiah 2: 8 – 9; Jeremiah 19: 4 – 5) So God is calling back His people to rebuild the altar, renew their covenant with God and they will see change. Many did not listen to Jeremiah, but the Word came to pass. Remember 2 Chronicles 35: 25, where Josiah the king who died suddenly.

1. Jamaica’s crime problem has to do with getting power, maintaining power, and greed. Passing natural laws to deal with spiritual laws that were broken in the past – not just by politicians, but also by the business sector and dons – will not fix the nation’s problems. What it will do – if there is not Divine intervention – it may give way to the return of 1938 and possibly prominent people may perish. If that happens then we might see the emerging of new leaders coming to the forefront in the various sectors, giving way to a new Jamaica; or a change of colors for a season still trying to find solutions. The politicians have over the years been warned about what they ought to do, by uniting all sectors for the benefit of the nation and have a time of atonement to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs that have been done by both parties in the past which caused cracks to the foundation of the nation. However no side is willing to heed or take it seriously. If an elected official used ‘blood money’ to get elected – regardless of the party – what do you think the harvest will be? Let us pray that each and everyone will wake up before it is too late. I just can’t seem to get this song out of my head lately. “Forward, forever united. Students, workers and farmers…” Let us remember the words of our National Anthem and our National Pledge and see whether or not we take it seriously or if it guides our actions as a nation.

2. The JLP’s tenure may be very short because they have ignored God’s voice to call the nation in prayer and fasting, and to carry out instructions to lessen the oppression within the nation.

3. “Woe unto the false prophets of Baal! I will destroy your meeting place,” says the Lord.

4. The watchmen in Jamaica are sleeping! Arise! Arise out of your slumber and travail for the land. Weep for the nation! Blow the trumpet and keep silent no more,” says the Spirit of the Living God!

5. There are going to be riots breaking out in certain parts of Jamaica, and this will bring the leaders to their knees because of continuous disobedience and rebellion over many years.

Something is about to happen worldwide that will wake up the Body of Christ and cause a united move in the right direction.

“Many true prophets of God are about to be persecuted as the prophet Jeremiah was persecuted. Are you ready for change that is coming? Who is on the Lord’s side?” The Lord is speaking more in this very hour. “Who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying,” says the Lord. For God is about to break the backs of all nation leaders because He is about to manifest in ways we have not seen before, and it will pass on from one generation to the next.

Members of the Body of Christ need to renew their minds and guard their hearts daily with the Word of God and be holy for God is holy!








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JUNE 3, 2017


Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston

Pastor Sophia DiMuccio


Times and Seasons are critical to understanding what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the globe.  Leadership has the responsibility of heed the Word of the Lord, and also to put plans and strategies in place to minimize loss.   God does nothing without revealing it to His servants. (Amos 3: 7)


The Lord is calling upon Capitol Hill, United States of America to humble come before the Lord, both democrats and republicans, and seek Him for the Nation and the unity of the Nation. They are spending too much time plotting against each other while the nation is suffering. For the Lord said, “Nothing is hidden form Him, God.” God is going to show a sign in Capitol Hill that is going to bring everyone to their knees. And they will know the power of God.



  • Urgent cry out for the country of Uganda. As there is a plot to overthrow the government. Christians need to cry out that Uganda won’t plunge into chaos.


  • Their needs to be a united effort to deal with the refugee crisis. Nations and Member states need to re-negotiate the Preamble of The 1951 Convention on Refugees. There is going to be a heavy influx of refugees that will be running for their lives to Hawaii, USA. We need to pray for them.


  • Pray for the United Nations. Crises will begin to hit globally, and they will be caught off guard.  What is written on paper is not what is taking place on the ground. The United Nations needs to get back to the original mandate, or which when they were first establish, International Peace, security, and economics issues. This will lead to many resignations. God needs them to seek Him, and seek His people for spiritual guidance. Without a revelation the people perish.


  • Pray for the opposition party in Jamaica. More of them will have health issues and will have to leave. Pray also for the health of former Prime Minister, (PSM) –especially for the feet.


  • Pray that global world leaders will put plan in place in the event of famine that will hit the globe. In particular, health, food, and shelter; storage and logistics.




  • Pray for the following sports persons:


Usain Bolt – that he will give his life to the Lord. Pray for his parents’ health also.

Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

W.I. Cricketers Courtney Walsh and Brian Lara. Pray for their health and their

economic well-being and that they will come to the Lord fully.


  • Pray for the following Hollywood stars:


Robyn Rihanna Fenty,

Mariah Carey,

Beyonce Knowles,

Gabrielle Union – she needs to be careful of the roles she accepts, (and pray for her husband Dwayne Wade).

Oprah Winfrey


And that they all will come and know the true and living God.


  • More floods and disasters will continue to hit the world.


  • Pray for all means of transportation and protection of the people.


  • The Lord is calling upon Christians – souls, prayer and feeding of the poor must be the priority; and there must be unity as never before.


  • Many will be coming under great stress and will flee to the Appalachian Mountains.


  • A popular World Leader will be leaving the scene.



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Prophetic Word For May

(Numbers 1, 2 & 3)

By: Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston
The month of May – which is the second month of the traditional Jewish calendar – is critical to every believer. It is the most prophetic month for the year. It is the month of Iyyar, which means Increase in Revelation. So May is the month of Revelation. It is a time of mobilization, when God is putting the family in order and battle array to march into the Promised Land. It is a time of record and evaluation to see who is ready to be on the Lord’s side.

May is a time of selection. God is selecting His people for their purpose and their assignment, and He is pouring out. We will feel the Shekinah Glory like never before to lead us through Egypt. It is a time of healing and deliverance, renewal and strength.

Many things will begin to be rebuilt and re-established; God will deal with the Government of God/the Church, the Civil Government and the Family. God is shifting us from enslavement to occupation and dominion. It is a time of consecration, increase, the supernatural provision for the vision, fresh manna (Exodus 16)

It is a time of fresh revelation and instruction, redemption, and spiritual transformation and cleansing. (Leviticus 28: 15 – 16)

Anticipate great revelations.

Also, Isaiah 55: 12 – 14, it is a time when secret enemies will be revealed and exposed, particularly those within the Body of Christ. The Judases within the Body of Christ and the Political arena – particularly those advisors and counselors of government. Some are double agents and they will be found out.

This is the time the Absaloms and Ahithophels will meet their demise.

It is critical for leaders to examine those around them with serious pitfalls to watch out for betrayal.

This is the month that the Lord will bring conspiracies down to naught.

This is the month of double for your trouble.

Prodigals shall return and conspiracies, plots and generational curses shall be brought to naught.

God shall turn the counsel of the enemy to foolishness as in II Samuel 15: 31 which says, “Then someone told David, saying, “Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom.” And David said, “O Lord, I pray, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness!”

It is a month of proper recordkeeping and administration.

The faithful shall experience great spiritual, financial and material blessing as well as an increase in Spiritual gifts; and God shall lead us into a place of plenty.

Begin to dig ditches! (II Kings 3: 16 – 17)

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Prophecies – The Word Of The Lord For 2017 And Onward (Part 3)

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The following is the conclusion of the prophecies for 2017, as delivered through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.


73. WikiLeaks will expose more high-end companies for their continued unethical business practices and many will be shocked.

74. There will be a false coming together of white and black officials depicting the eradication of racism within the US, starting from the top.

75. Many car dealerships will go out of business because of the strong competitive market (US).

76. Winn Dixie chain of supermarkets will be struggling to stay afloat. Pray against its closure.

77. Apple will be shaking and sales will be diminishing significantly.

78. Pray for the strength of the US Dollar in 2017. Should it weaken, it will create an economic tsunami on other nations, especially ‘Third World’ nations.

79. There are devious plans to capture our youth from every direction, ravage them emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and present to them a set of new rights, new wrongs and new principles.

Entertainers And VIPs

Photo by  Yne Van De Merge of Lady_Gaga


80. Pray for Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. A shaking is coming for them.


Photo By: BBGunBilly – have you been shot from Minneapolis, USA Beyonce

81. Pray for the healing of Bishop Eddie Long.

82. Pray for Courtney Walsh and Marcia Griffiths

Photo: Alex Const- Beenie Man

83. Pray for the salvation of ‘Beenie Man’, Capleton and Sizzla.

84. We are at a crossroads. The year 2017 will bring exposure to many things – good or evil.

85. A large number of celebrities are about to go bankrupt.

86. There is a new wave of Hollywood Elites on the rise, being groomed for a different strategy to sweep away the young minds of our nation – our children – through blatant expressions of witchcraft, uses of technology, music, as well as strategic focus on health and wellness that have nothing to do with the principles and Word of God. The Lord says we are to be vigilant in protecting our children in these areas.


The Body Of Christ

87. The Spirit of the Lord says that each Christian SHOULD NOT be distracted now because the real fight is against Christendom – accomplishing the work of God now. The devil has been using influential and political figures to cause delay to physically and spiritually abort ministries and the purpose within each person. Christians need to come together and fight against the forces of darkness in and for every country. There is a trumpet that has been blowing against us – Daniel 7:21-22, and we need to stand as a strong unit against it.

88. The Spirit of the Lord says amid the crisis globally, Christians need to look up, for their “redemption draweth nigh”. There is hope coming for those who are on the Lord’s side.

89. Pray for total deliverance for Prophetess Juanita Bynum from the plans of the enemy.

90. Many will become wicked and have great hatred towards God and His bride (The Church). With cruel hatred, they will rise up against My people, but like Ammon, I will cause those who rise against Me to fall in their own trap and be defeated before My face. Do not harden your heart, turn and repent.

91. The body of Christ needs a new mindset; they must renew their mind says the Lord. There will be an outpouring of the spirit of the Lord and wealth and prosperity. Yet, there will be plagues and diseases like never before in some places. Those who call on me will be saved. A new government of God; those unseen rejects who have remained faithful and have stood the process, will rise to the top. It will be a year of uncommon moves of God. Many of the power hungry and wicked leaders will be stripped and removed.

92. The Lord says He wants us to pray for the Christians in the Middle East. He says many have died because of blood-thirsty men, but that He shall blow a wind that will cause a fire of His Spirit to spread and burn and He will subdue the strongman in the Middle East.

93. Interestingly, it is a time where exposure of the truth among us is going to run rampant because God will ensure that anything hidden in the dark comes to light. It is a time where men and women holding church titles while twisting the truth for their profit and gain will be exposed! It is the time of false divinity among the churches, which will have a great effect on the government system.

94. There is a spiritual alignment taking place for God’s people before His return. The Lord says many of the leaders in the Body of Christ, who take their call and position simply and were not faithful to the call on their lives, God is about to replace them.

95. Throughout 2017, God is expecting His prophets to sound the alarm regardless of their physical and spiritual locations.

96. The number of backsliders have increased as a result of:

– Instability or double-mindedness. They don’t know God for themselves and He is not their foundation.

– Being easily led astray by lies and entertaining jealousy, pride, undermining, competing with brethren, fornication, mistrust, unforgiveness as well as remaining unhealed of emotional and mental hurts.

97. 2017 is going to be a year for buying properties (real estate) and starting businesses. (Jeremiah 32) Therefore, Christians need to employ excellent investment strategies.

98. There is an outcry by many of God’s people for God to intervene and give recompense to their enemies. (Isaiah 59: 18). The Lord says He has a set time to judge.

99. This is a time for God’s people everywhere, regardless of their status, to stay at HIS FEET – be in tuned to what He is doing and what HE needs us to do and to accomplish through them for HIS GLORY!

100. The Lord says a time of darkness is at hand and life is about to change drastically. He says many judicial and legislative changes and accepted or acceptable ways of life that are in play are going to shock many Christians. Many watchmen are asleep and will only be alarmed when the thief is already in the house.The Lord says many of My sons have already left the earth, including Oral Roberts and R. W. Schambach. Discern! For many who seem to be their successors do not have My Spirit and are deceiving many.


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PROPHECIES – The Word Of The Lord For 2017 And Onward (Part 2)

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The following is a continuation of the prophecies for 2017, as delivered through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.

During 2017, the four winds will blow as never before. It is a year of division. There will be war, politics, disease and death in ways we have not seen before. 5777 is what is called the Year of Ophereth (which means Lead) and of the Fig Tree. (Matthew 24: 32, Exodus 15: 10). There will be grace, completion and purification through the Furnace. Many of the evil plans put in place or made by global individuals and organisations will sink like lead.

God is calling on the Body of Christ into understanding that in the midst of shaking, they must invest in real estate (Jeremiah 32). Do not follow world systems or watch the global economies – don’t watch what is happening – buy lands and homes. Don’t watch the media, news, nor market conditions. It is the year of economic transition and wealth transfer for the faithful.

God is calling the Body of Christ to prepare both spiritually and naturally for the harvest of souls. Backsliders will return and many souls will be coming to the Lord. Cast your net again for the great catch. “Every soul is valuable to me,” says the Lord. Areas where you failed before, try again. (Luke 5).

There will be many signs in the cosmos and also a rise of the anti-Christ systems. (Revelation 17). These 17 symbols will be critical:




Golden Lampstand











Golden bowl



Study Revelation 17. You will see the rise of the great white whore. As the global anti-Christ system rises (Revelation 13), there is going to be a great persecution of the saints in some regions. Many Churches and secular organisations will form unholy alliances to maintain their economic status and it is going to bring them into great captivity.

The spirit of the Lord is using the Biblical term ‘The Sea of Glass’ in Revelation 4: 6 and 15: 2, pointing out the urgency now until His Return the ever-increasing watchfulness of the saints, especially those who are called to be watchmen, because of the increase cunningness of the devil and his agents. Are the nations’ leaders and God’s people prepared for the unapproachableness and majesty of God? The answer is NO. In these times, God is looking for more intimacy from/with His people through pure worship, because He wants to reveal His mighty power, and this will cause others to revere HIM more. The Lord says to remind His people and all the nations that HIS JUDGMENTS are sure and that all nations shall come and worship before HIM, and the time is coming soon where His people – the Redeemed – shall be delivered from these satanic deceptions and cruel devices at work that are designed to distract God’s people and pull them away from their ultimate reward.


23. A number of legislations will change locally and globally to adopt certain lifestyles, which will come through:

* Economic Development

* Trade

* Immigration

* Education

* Gender Equality

* Security

* Border Control

* Sex

* Abortion

Many will fall through these main areas.

24. Pray for Israel. A time of great persecution is coming upon them. Many countries will conspire against them – much betrayal, conspiracies and assassination plots. According to Psalm 83: 11, pray for the peace and protection of Israel.

25. There is a coming together of the Joseph and Daniel companies that will rise with the solutions globally for the things that are happening now, which will cause a great revival. New wine and new oil will be poured out upon them. (Acts 2; Joel 2)

26. A huge, dark serpent has been released from the abyss to deceive the very eyes of the people. And sadly, the churches will be affected by this serpent as well. There will be many activities to deceive the people. Furthermore, a global conspiracy will be unveiled before the public.

27. There are some vital codes of conduct worldwide that will be coming under serious scrutiny to be changed. Every nation will be impacted one way or the other.

28. There will be betrayal and infighting within many administrations and there will be some administrations that will be overthrown. The long-standing reign of some leaders will be coming to an end while some new administrations will be short-lived because they have refused to follow God’s instructions. Many have put their trust in man – and that will bring defeat. (II Kings 13:1; II Chronicles 15; II Kings 33: 32; Jeremiah 22: 15 – 16; I Kings 14: 21)

29. The Lord is calling the Church to get back to basics. Pray as never before, because there will be a rising in the manifestation of the spirit of Jezebel; and many false prophets will rise, which will bring great harm. God is calling the Church to teach the Books of Revelation, Daniel and Ezekiel.

30. Pray against a major earthquake in the month of January, which would impact the world. There will be flooding in Vanuatu caused from a tropical cyclone.

31. Watch Iraq, Iran, Russia, Turkey and China. There will be civil wars in Serbia and Afghanistan.

32. There will be great exposure in mainstream media globally. A lot of exposure will take place globally which will set a lot of people free.

33. More mergers will take place in the banking and, airline industries, and there will be changes among the social media giants. Many will fall under the pressure. All new airline workers need to be properly screened for security reasons.

34. The United States of America will experience more disasters that they have never bargained for because of their rebelliousness towards God.

35. Nations will turn against nations because of the spirit of betrayal that has been attacking.There is an evil conspiracy that is penetrating the world in the form of a network to confiscate wealth from the elderly. This will be carried out by relatives and friends of families. It will be done by technology, which is now being formulated in its highest form.

36. The spirit of supplanting is on the rise.Many prophecies that were given and were not fulfilled before will be coming to pass in 2017.

37. The leaders who are destroying the lives of human beings will themselves be destroyed one way or the other.

38. The World Health Organization should be very vigilant. The health of all nations is at risk. Everything we consume should be protected from those who don’t care about the food we eat because of greed and the pursuit of wealth. This can cause blood disorders and unknown incurable diseases from canned goods and fish. A system must be put in place to check all the fish.There needs to be regular testing of all water supplies.

39. There are going to be great changes in the business sector, both government and private sector – both locally and globally. This will increase taxes on the poor.

40. The year 2017 will see a harvest of souls coming to serve God because of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Evil will be on the increase, but in all of this, God will get His Glory.

41. God will shake where He will and bless those whom He chooses to bless. He rules in the affairs of men. No one can stop Him.

42. I will send a storm among the wicked. It will all be over and if they don’t repent, they will come to a quick end. The stench of sin has come up before me. I hear the cries of My people.


Photo By Michael Vadon 
43. There are dangerous plans against President-elect Donald Trump because he is a threat to ISIS and other special interests. Pray for him. Trump must depend on the wisdom of God to run the country. God is sending some to help him, some of whom will come from uncommon, unpopular and low places. There are some from culturally different backgrounds, but have some of the solutions that can save the nation from economic disaster – just as it was with Joseph and in the time of Daniel and the three Hebrew boys.

44. The current leaders of Boko Haram will be captured and brought to justice. Pray for the forsaken villages in Nigeria that they do not become radicalised by ISIS. The government must do more to improve these villages, health, food, education and jobs. This is to prevent extremist and radicalisation.

45. There are exposures of the Vatican investigation of the Vatican City State, revealing years of deception that will lose many all over the world and will lead to a great falling away.

46. Many in high places will be brought low. I shall save the west. The blood of the innocent cries out! The slaughtering of My people bring joy to the wicked.

47. There are untold murders in Mexico that shall be revealed shortly.

48. The devil is using strategic measures to start World War 3.

49. Pray against radical attacks in Staten Island and the Yankee Stadium.

50. There will be volcanic eruptions in Hawaii and Montserrat.

51. There will be administrative problems at CNBC News (US), which will lead to significant job losses among other problems.

52. Pray for Bill Clinton’s health and against anything unforeseen happening.

53. The rivalry involving America, Russia and Siberia will increase.

54. There will be a thorough investigation on Epcot Center in Orlando Florida, which may cause a shutdown of the Centre.

55. Pray for the continent of Africa. Furthermore, there is a plan to going up another man-made disease to wipe out the poorer class in Africa, India, China, Haiti because of greed! It can hit those countries, and scientists will make it appear to solve the problem when, in fact, they are making it worse; a way of pulling money for research. A connected, international organisation wants to be rich at the expense of life.

56. Pray against another disease that will be attacking infants. The wealthy want their riches to remain, so they are determined to find a way to keep it.

57. Fifty per cent of the world’s leaders are getting caught up in useless gender issues.

58. Other countries are going to pull out of the European Union Jamaica must also be careful about pulling out of the Monarchy and CARICOM.

59. Disaster is about to happen in areas and states that have never happened before. It shall baffle many scientists. We shall see fires and floods in places and prominent buildings like never before, and many shall know that it is a sign. Pray for China, for they shall suffer many disasters. Another wave of events is about to unfold upon the globe. Many will realise when it is too late.

60. Exposure is coming in the education sector in the United States of America. The agendas and plans that are not of God will be brought down. Many will not want to believe what they hear or see because it will be that shocking. But the Lord says it is necessary to bring it to light that it will be clear what the plans of the enemy are concerning our children and the future of the nation.

61. Pray against a mass suicide among our young people. There is an urgent call to reach and engage our children and youth for they have been left unprotected spiritually and are being robbed from every angle. Pray for and truly care about the welfare of our children and youth.

62. The spirit of oppression that fuelled slavery in the past is in play now, but it goes beyond race. The truth is hidden behind racism. God is going to expose pockets of truth on this issue throughout 2017 and many leaders will have serious decisions to make; some of which will also expose them.

63. Pray against war between America and China, which can escalate into World War 3.

64. There will be massive attacks against Israel in 2017 from its enemies. Pray for Israel now!

65. The political hierarchy within the US shall be exposed for their deception with which they have been suing to blindfold the eyes of the American people and for getting their total attention through deception – murder, witchcraft, extortion, gender issues, sex and abortion.

66. There are untold things about Bill Clinton and Obama that will be revealed shortly.

67. Pockets of civil war will continue to erupt in America as a result of the US elections.

68. Political tension shall increase in France.

69. Many banks will be investigated for unforeseen ongoing fraudulent practices that, among top managers with politicians will cause harm for their clients or customers.

70. The stock market will take a drastic hit that will cause their recovery time to be longer.

71. WikiLeaks will expose more high-end companies for their continued unethical business practices, and many will be shocked.

72. Pray for the health and salvation of William ‘Bill’ Cosby.

73. God is calling Usain Bolt to turn over his life to Him now and obey His Voice and international media will be aggressive against him.

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PROPHECIES! – The Word Of The Lord For 2017 And Onward (Part 1)

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Through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.

The year 2017 also falls in the Jewish year 5777. The number 17 means “immaturity, transition, victory”.

It will be a time of rest for some and a time of testing for others. Many will be tested now – especially on the basis of Romans 8:38-39.

The first 150 days will be critical globally. Months to watch are January, July, September and October.

For the faithful who have been enduring great persecution and hardship, particularly over the past decade, there will be great turnaround.

Purging and purification of the Body of Christ will be taking place. Curses, cycles and mountains will come down. Some kingdoms will fall while some will rise.

While many natural disasters will be taking place His love will be poured out in the earth like never before. Resurrection of dead visions will take place and healing will manifest in the earth globally.


1. They have taken us from woe to destruction Our leaders must be wise or else they will plunge the country into abomination. My eyes are upon this nation. Every person on this island I have ordained it to be so. Many died innocently and their deaths are hidden. But I will fix it says the Lord. I will remove the evil eye. For I am the Lord thy God that formed thee my people. Heaven is mine and earth is my footstool. I will deliver my people at a time appointed. Many will weep and wail and mourn that bring evil upon my land. My eyes are from the north east south and west. This country belongs to me, not man. I rule in the affairs of men.

2. A local person will rise up in Jamaica like WikiLeaks that will bring a great deal of exposure. Many will flee. Many will be arrested.

3. Those with properties that are not being utilised, owners should be on their watch. This is another way that those in certain levels of authority will pull away your assets from you for their use.

4. God is still warning Jamaica and calling the nation in prayer and fasting – a time of repentance as there are great challenges ahead. Political instability will continue.

5. Jamaica needs to tread carefully regarding their international lenders. IMF and the World Bank and all the other international lenders. There are serious implications in the areas of family, education and human rights as well as sovereignty. God wants the leaders to listen to the people not just one set of people.

6. An evil force was released over Jamaica because our leaders are not watchful. They accept evil thinking, and they think they are doing the country good. They are blind, and refuse to listen to My prophets. I will visit with them in their private chambers. There is also an unseen war going on in our country, because of the different cultures that have settled in our nation.

7. Jamaica needs to lower the taxes on the poor that it will benefit the poor and broaden the tax base. If they fail to do it and increase taxes, there is going to be a fallout and instead of surplus, the deficit will increase and create more hardship on the nation.

8. MPs, on both sides, will be coming under fire in 2017. Many will say, “We have been betrayed.”

9. More moral decline will take place and unless both political leaders calls the nation in fasting and a time of atonement for the nation to close the door on the evil there will continue to be a time of political instability.

10. Jamaica needs to strengthen its alliances with Latin nations, the Caribbean and the African nations. This will help to carve out plans for trade and employment. It will strengthen the currency and increase tourism. Jamaica must be careful about how it opens its borders in the name of economic development without proper screening and checks and discernment of motives. A failure to do this can bring great embarrassment and failure.

11. Pray for all bishops, pastors and church leaders in Jamaica to unite and rise up. A time of persecution is coming. Pray especially for that popular St Catherine-based bishop that he will endure the fire he is about to face. A time of Jacob’s trouble.

12. Exposure of more fraudulent activities will hit the PNP which will force opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller to make a statement. There will be great exposures for the PNP administration that will result in drastic changes within their camp.

13. The Lord needs the politicians to come together on solving the ever increase on crime now, for there has been too much bloodshed and it has come up to Him.

14. The politicians need to be true to the people of the nation regarding its governance over them, for there is an outcry for them to cease betraying the citizens for political gain.

15. God is calling the JLP administration to seek His face regarding certain political decisions they have made because these decisions may backfire and result in political unrest.

16. There needs to be better logistics and scheduling within Caribbean Airlines which will better able to serve the Caribbean Community and increase sales. There needs to be a survey regarding time and schedule.

17. God is calling the present Government to depend upon Him to handle the escalation of crime that is partly politically instigated. There needs to be more jobs provided for the lower classes of unemployed in the country, or crime will continue to increase and the onset of political instability will begin.

18. There will be an investigation at JAMPRO that will result in a few persons being out of a job.

19. There will be lots of administrative changes within internationally known alcohol-producing company.

20. There needs to be more focus on our export and import markets to bring in more sales and boost tourism.

21. The Contractor General’s Office will come under scrutiny for its business practises.

22. Cyber issues will increase in Jamaica because of unemployment. The authorities will have their hands full.

Disclaimer: Please note that God reserves the right to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3:510; Exodus 32:14; Jeremiah 18:711; Amos 7:36; II Kings 20:111 and I Corinthians 13:9.

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 Photo: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore


February 14, 2017

TBN is heading for a fall and there will be serious exposure.   Many will be surprised.  The exposure will come because too many Christians are looking up to them.  Many will fail.

Pray For Pat Robertson

The great deception is coming.   But the faithful ones who focus on Jesus, they will know that there is a shift in Christendom and that they will prepare themselves.  It is happening now the people who are predestined for heaven are making up their jewels – preparing themselves for the return of Christ.

When we see this in the churches we are not to allow their behavior to get us frustrated, but pray for them, love them.  Many are going to find themselves at places and indulge in un-holiness.

I look for a man to make up the edges!  The world is sinking into depravity and degradation!  Their sins have come up before me!  The stench of their sins.  Those that I have called and anointed have gone a-whoring!

Papers going across the world with the headlines – warn the nations for there will be interpreters who will interpret my word for I am the lord thy God that speaketh.  Because I am weary of their doings.

The Lord says as some leave the services they are gone with men or women and their wives don’t know where they are, only to face the media that their husbands are caught up in sinful acts.

Leaders are chose to lead the young middle aged and old to me but they have compromised and are gone a-whoring!  Just like god told the prophet to put his girdle in the water, let it rot, that is the lifestyle they are living – some of those that call my name.   But I shall raise up men and women that will run with my message.  Prophets in the name of Jesus Christ… I will stretch forth my hand over some countries communities and they will disappear, they will be no more.  Lands and crops will perish be warned.

We must continually pray for the USA and its President that those advisors around him will not lead him to cause His people to suffer.  There are 2 agendas one of which is to bring in billionaires to the forefront and push the poor aside.  The programs that they are pushing are supposed to benefit the rich.

They want to push aside the poor and the Lord will not stand for that.  Any country that refuses to take care of the poor they will suffer.  They will have continual disasters, threats from other nations and many cities and towns will reach a stage where they will be uninhabitable, because they have turned their backs on the Lord!

Another worldwide disturbance is coming and many countries who were accustomed to helping, giving alms and they and their companies will be cut off.  Countries will be hoarding.  Communications will be disrupted.  Some countries will want to cease communications with each other.

Yet in all of this there will be a massive worldwide evangelism and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God and those who repent will have His favor.


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January 21, 2017

Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston and Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson – RWOMI.


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Many leaders are caught up in world fame to show how they are progressing against their fellow leaders.  But the Lord is saying, What is the lifestyle behind it?  Is God getting His glory?  Many, when they stand before God on that Day of Judgement will give account for their lifestyles and for leading souls astray.  They know they are living a life of sin, but allow pride to dim their eyes.  The eyes of the Lord are watching all, and no one will escape unless they repent. 
I shall send a wind from the east and many crops will be destroyed.  Many of my people worship Me but their hearts are far from Me.  God shall shake the foundation of many believers and they shall know that I am the Lord thy God.  God is calling His true leaders to obey Him and speak what He says they are to speak.  I have been speaking but many are not listening.  Says the Lord, “I will do a new thing among My people as they bow in humility before Me.”  Many things will be revealed in His house and many will marvel at His doing.
A major earthquake is pending.  Pray for Jamaica, the USA, Trinidad and the rest of the Caribbean.  Pray also regarding the Rio Cobre River in St. Catherine.  Pray, because a spiritual earthquake is about to shake in the churches.
False teaching is increasing in the churches, and God wants His people to discern.

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