Luke 23: 39 – 43 says: “Then one of the criminals who were hanged blasphemed Him, saying, “If You are the Christ, save Yourself and us.” But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation? And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this Man has done nothing wrong.” Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

The choices we make on a daily basis are the keys to life, change and deliverance. There were two thieves on crosses beside Jesus – one made the right choice and one mad the wrong choice. An innocent man was ridiculed, rejected, mocked, whipped, flogged and nailed to the cross. We see this happen on a daily basis today. We see people doing the same thing today to Jesus! They ridicule His existence, death and resurrection. Even personally as Christians, many are murdered, ridiculed and mocked for their faith. Some even wonder if, when they are carrying their cross, if they are cursed. But there is good news for all who suffered – HE IS RISEN! He has paid it all for us! For the sinners you have a choice – to believe and to receive Him. Don’t let family, pride, money, sex, material things, cause you to make the wrong choice. He is giving each person an opportunity tonight. Don’t be like the thief who rejected Him.

Romans 10: 9 – 13 shows us the way to Salvation. Just say this little Prayer:

Lord I am a sinner, I believe in you as Lord and Savior. I believe in your death and resurrection, Come into my heart. Wash me with your blood and save me. I confess all my sins. And I ask you to accept me as your son/daughter. Amen!

That’s it you are saved! Welcome to the Family

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ApostleDr Steve Lyston | Advice To Trump: Be Like Nehemiah

Michael Vadon – Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC: Photo


Be Like Nehemiah

As the world awaits the proverbial ‘changing of the guard’ in the United States of America, some are fearful, meanwhile many are jubilant. As I have said many times before, God is the one who promotes and demotes. He does whatever He pleases. We may not understand God’s will, but we must pray each day. If President-elect Donald Trump wants to be successful and legitimately ‘make America great again’, then he should take a cue from Nehemiah.

First, Nehemiah identified who the survivors were, and in the case of the USA, the forgotten, the poor, fatherless, widows, the distressed, dejected, discontented, those in despair, the abandoned communities and the veterans and their families or surviving families. Repair and strengthen the institution of family which is broken. The family is the first line of government in any nation.

Nobody listens to the poor (Ecclesiastes 9: 16). Don’t listen only to the wealthy, but also to the poor. There are many who are poor with excellent solutions, but because of poverty they are despised and ignored. There are many who are rich but speak utter nonsense, yet it is gobbled up by the media and those lacking ideas. Wealth is not the mark of success. There are many who have been through many losses and failures, but have gained wisdom and have become true champions. It is sometimes a lack of opportunity or of a second chance that keep people in poverty.

Second, before making any major change, there will need to be four months of prayer to build a foundation, and for God to give Him guidance, tactics and strategies. The next four months will be critical to his presidency. Prayer is essential to leadership; he has proven this through his campaign. Prayer brings great vision to fruition. One of his prayers should be Nehemiah 1: 5 – 11, and that God will cause America to return to Him. He also has to repent on behalf of the nation for all that they have done, and for how America has, in general, forsaken God. He has to pray that God will forgive the mistakes of past administrations, and that God will heal the division within the nation.

As a wise leader, Nehemiah refrained from sharing his ideas with people until he has actually assessed matters and prayerfully considered the cost. There are two major things Trump has to do: repair and rebuild.

In repairing, Trump has to identify what was good from the previous administrations, then enhance and strengthen those things. For example, regarding immigration, he has to tread carefully, because part of what made America great was immigration. People came to America for opportunity, religious and economic reasons. They were welcomed and given the opportunity to legally inhabit, and that allowed America to be blessed. He has to discern who has come to build and who has come to destroy. Immigrants have been some of the most successful persons to help build America.

For example, the Transcontinental Railroad was built by the Chinese, which caused the nation to get a quick passage from east to west. The journey that usually took 4-6 months then took six days.

All eight great-grandparents of President John F. Kennedy and his siblings came to the United States on the ‘coffin ships’ to Boston Harbour and passed through the city’s immigration hall.

Immigrants do not steal jobs; they do the jobs that Americans don’t want. Immigrants always help the economy, whether they come here willingly or are forced to. It is going to be critical who advises him on this issue, as this has the potential to create another civil war, something I have also seen in a vision. Allow illegal immigrants the opportunity of a pathway to citizenship as this will also contribute towards reducing poverty, because they will be required to pay taxes, contribute to the school and economic systems and the real estate industry, while reducing the burden on the government to provide public assistance.

Furthermore, the armed forces must become modernized, the space programme needs to be revamped, greater attention must be given for developments in livestock/agriculture, water and energy.

Maintain the dream act and sanctuary cities. Avail funds to faith-based NGOs, without discrimination, to rebuild communities. Aggressively deal with drug lords, extortionists and their partners, as their actions interfere with foreign exchange and trade.

Pay greater attention to giving our children high-quality education and to training the teachers.

Give debt write-offs to, and ease regulations on, Caribbean and African nations.

Give grants for development and expansion of solar energy technology for poorer countries. Then the people will unite and rebuild.

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Encouragement And Honor Will Increase Production


It doesn’t matter what field or profession you are in – whether you are an entrepreneur, a doctor, teacher, nurse, store clerk or politicians, head of state – we all need encouragement.

Oftentimes, people want others to feel as if they are not making a difference, whether it is in your personal life, job or within the nation. Regular encouragement will refresh, renew and refocus a person to continue to do the task that you are called to do.

There are many ways to encourage and honour someone. The first thing we must each learn to do is to encourage ourselves. Problems will arise – financial, marital, economic, health or national problems, but according to I Samuel 30, we must encourage ourselves in the Lord as David did!

David was facing familial and national problems. There was distress from every direction and fear consumed the people. They were ready to stone their leaders. But David strengthened himself in God. He realised that faith was his title/deed, and his faith in Almighty God was so lifted that it removed the mountains and brought the solution for him to recover all. Further to that, it brought spoils – great financial wealth – that would help him and his entire organisation and administration. Oftentimes, adversity comes to bring us back to our original focus and foundation.

There are many things we can do to encourage and honour someone on a daily basis. Each person needs it – it brings increase to your organisation, your nation and to your family.

Power, gifts and resources are tools given to us to motivate someone each day; and the things that we have been through in life and have overcome, we can use it to encourage and honour someone else who needs it! Seeing your life being an impact on the lives of others and bring change gives encouragement.

Regardless of the negative things people say about you, there must be some good that you have done in your life!

Honour is a major part of encouragement. The main fact that certain blessings and wealth cannot be transferred to individuals is as a result of a lack of honour. Abraham, one of the wealthiest men in the Bible, learnt the key of honouring – he knew how important honour was as a key to access and promotion in any situation.

He honoured God, the king and his own earthly father. As a result, great blessings, favour and wealth were given to him.

Exodus 20:12 reminds us that honour increases life. No nation will be able to turn until they learn to honour!
How To Encourage And Honor
Honor God by putting Him first in all things; in worship, in the giving of our tithes, offerings, time and resources! Proverbs 3:9-10 show us that honor encourages God, and God in turn encourages us through blessings, increase, wealth and prosperity.

Honour your staff and bosses through tangible rewards. I Peter 2:17 reminds us to, “Honour all men, love the

brotherhood, fear God and honour the king.” This means that honour brings access! Plaques, trophies and even a certificate can encourage and motivate an individual and increase production. Remember that our greatest assets are people – not hardware and software.

Additionally, employ the use of money when honouring your staff! Money will encourage a person – there is nothing wrong with money! Money is a legal tender that deals with our basic and daily needs; the lack of money can cause great distress and increase your medical expenses.

Honour your wife/husband by doing things for and with them that allow them to recognise that their value is greater to you than any material thing. Honour in your marital relationship increases its value and never depreciates!

I take this opportunity to honor God who has given us life, as well as the management and staff of the The Gleaner Company for the hard work they do to bring The Gleaner into the daily lives of its readers. Finally, I honor you, the readers of this column, for your continued support.

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There are many doctrines and teachings regarding blessings and prosperity. Even some Christians have become unstable in pursuing prosperity; and some will ditch their church every 6 months in pursuit of prosperity. There are even teachers teaching about what is good soil versus what is not good soil, and if what they are teaching is true, then how would they explain wealthy cults and poor churches? For every Christian to walk in certain blessings, there are certain details they must follow in PROMPT OBEDIENCE! Your blessing is always at a place which God desires you to worship and make a sacrifice.

(Genesis 22: 1 – 4) There are even certain offerings which are voluntary and there are certainly those which are mandatory. For example, Sin Offerings and Trespass Offerings are mandatory for every believer to establish a covenant with God, which require consecration and holiness in order to receive certain blessings. That means you cannot make decisions based on how you feel about something or what you think it should be. You have to make decisions by the Holy Spirit and regardless of own you feel.

Furthermore, you cannot make decision by focusing on the natural things around you. You have to lift your eyes up and look to the mountains – meaning shifting your focus to the Spiritual. Then you will see your Jehovah Jireh. There are certain blessings that would come to you, but for the greater blessings, you will have to get up early and go to it! It will mean a consecrated lifestyle so that you can be sensitive to His Holy Spirit and the instructions He will give -that you may get to Mount Moriah which is mandatory for every believer.

Stop focusing on the church you attend and the pastor who leads you and become consecrated in order to get the covenant that God has in store for you.
Finally, good soil is your heart condition. (Ezekiel 17: 8; Mark 4: 1 -20)
Why are you not fruitful?

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Many times people say they have a great calling on their lives, but they refuse to submit to a shepherd.  Some think they don’t need any, while others – when they are corrected, they adopt another shepherd.  Yet there are others who allow other sheep to lead them.


Let us understand that sheep and shepherd are two different things.  Shepherd drive or lead the sheep, not the other way around.  If sheep don’t want to be led by a particular shepherd, Christianity is the wrong faith for them.


Every sheep needs a shepherd:


  1. To lead them in green pastures
  2. To shear them – prepare them for service to God
  3. To bring them fresh water and fresh grass in other words lead them into prosperity
  4. To protect them from wild animals and stray dogs (hirelings, wolves, false prophets, false teachers
  5. To anoint them with fresh oil – new anointing, prosperity and blessing
  6. To prevent them from spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness
  7. To guide and nurture them to ensure that they are walking in the right direction (Sheep tend to make silly decisions – walking with their heads down)


Oftentimes sheep are troubled by flies around the nose and ears – always attacking the head.  Then they lay their eggs on the damp of the mucus membranes (soft, weak areas) and if that connection is successful, the eggs hatch and turn into worms which crawls into the ears and noses of the sheep.  So it cuts off their hearing and their discernment. Then it leads to blindness.  This is why so many sheep have been swaying by every wind of doctrine and are following false shepherds.


Psalm 23 speaks clearly of the shepherd’s role, not only of the Chief Shepherd, but is an example of what all true shepherds should be. When the sheep goes astray, the shepherd has to anoint their heads with oil.  This will bring instant change and instantly kill all the worms and the insects that were buried in the heads of the sheep – false doctrines included; which will bring peace, quietness and healing.


The Good Shepherd will be instructed by the Holy Spirit on what to feed the sheep.  Most sheep tend to stray into different pastures looking for different foods to eat.  They oftentimes get diarrhea, foot rot disease and many other deadly illnesses.  This is why each sheep must have one shepherd.


The Shepherd Role Is Not Easy


The shepherd does not have an easy role, as it can be extremely painful and dangerous.  They are exposed to the following on a daily basis to keep the sheep:


  1. Stray dogs let in by the sheep
  2. Hirelings
  3. Wolves
  4. Mountain lions
  5. Other stray sheep who have been infected and who have been let in by the sheep themselves.
  6. Social Network
  7. Mainstream Media


There are many titles in the Bible, but, ‘Shepherd’ is the least used and the least understood.  A person can be ordained as a Pastor but the/she is not a shepherd.  In this time, where most of the sheep are in tune with Social Media, and all kinds of distractions, the shepherd’s role has become more dangerous because they are leading the sheep out by day and in by night.


Recognize that there is a difference between a Priest and a Shepherd.   The shepherd goes beyond pulpit duties.  When God is going to bring change to a church or a nation He raises up leaders with a shepherd’s heart.  Look at Numbers 27: 15 – 23. Eleazar was the Priest, but God did not choose him to be the Shepherd.  Only those with a shepherd’s heart will bring maturity and stability to the sheep or to a nation.


What is seen in the nation with the breaking down of families, the abuse and destruction of children, the political and economic instability and so on, is a reflection of the breakdown in the Church, Politics & Governments and Business Sector.  Shepherding is not confined only to the Church, but also applies to Nations as well.  Thus, there are Political Shepherds, Business Shepherds and it is imperative for us to recognize that. David also was a good shepherd who became a good king.


We MUST pray for good shepherds to arise and bring change locally, globally and in the Church. Surprisingly, when a shepherd falls, most people curse them and never forgive them. But we must remember that shepherds are Christ’s sheep.  When a sheep falls, oftentimes people are silent and nobody says anything.  We must be careful about how we treat shepherds or about what we utter against them; and when God forgives them, who is man to condemn them?


Understand that one cannot go from poverty to prosperity without their shepherd.

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High Cost Ignoring Dreams And Visions

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Job 33: 14-18 says

“For God may speak in one way, or in another, yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men, while slumbering on their beds, then He opens the ears of men, and seals their instruction. In order to turn man from his deed, and conceal pride from man, he keeps back his soul from the Pit, and his life from perishing by the sword.”

These are wise words from a biblical billionaire, in terms of God’s communication with man through dreams and visions. Many times, you will read in the various publications stories of what happens when adversity strikes a family; some will say that they saw it in a dream or vision but they didn’t take it seriously. It tells us that God is always communicating with man to avoid adversity of some kind and to put us on the right path. Oftentimes, many in the media, politics, business and in the academic arena will ridicule the very idea of someone saying that God spoke or speaks to them in dreams and visions, and even quote medical terms to explain the persons ‘condition’ and ridicule them.

If many were paying attention to their dreams and visions, many would never suffer certain defeat and many other family members would be alive today had they heeded the dreams they received. Can you imagine the medical and economic breakthroughs we could have had if only some people would pay attention to their dreams and visions?

God has been speaking more than ever in this season, and even politicians (past and present), businessmen and members of the media and security forces have been experiencing such. It is their duty to document their dreams and visions if they don’t understand them and seek holy man and women of God who are gifted in interpreting dreams and visions, because it may very well determine your life, your administration and your advisers, and even reveal wrong motives. So don’t ignore or ridicule your helper, office attendant or neighbour when they get a dream or vision. Don’t be so arrogant that you would say, ‘If God wanted to talk to me, He would talk to me Himself’.

God wants a coming together of scientists, academia, politicians and His anointed servants – not theologians who don’t believe in dreams and visions – to come together and solve global problems. God is speaking, but we need to listen.

A dream is what you see when you are asleep (Genesis 37: 5-8; Joel 2: 28). A vision is what the Lord shows you when you are awake. For some, they see something like a television screen before them and the different things playing out on it. Some may get ideas. Some even see things that are about to happen, even security-wise (II Kings 6). There are many who also have spiritual gifts of word of knowledge and word of wisdom (I Corinthians 12). Please take note, they neither have a medical condition nor a mental problem – and no, they did not eat late.

In Ezekiel 1-3 and Revelation 1: 9-10, we see there that they had open visions which brought hope and deliverance even when a person is in captivity, regardless of the market conditions and the political climate that exists. He often used dreams and visions to encourage them and show them the outcome of current conditions.

Jacob, who himself got dreams and visions, was the first one to disbelieve his own son’s dreams and visions, and this is exactly how many people are today. (Genesis 28: 12-14 & Genesis 37)

Signs And Symbols

God speaks to us in signs and symbols, and this is very important. Some people see things like:

– Broken tooth/teeth

– Water (Clean or dirty)

– Raven

– Broom and sweeping

– Bicycle and bridge

– Numbers

– Volcano

– Airports and aeroplane

– Dragon

– Dog/cat

– Bull & calf

They all have meanings – not for the purpose of gambling, but for the purposes of problem-solving and life-saving.

As stated in Job 33: 14-18, it carries six prophetic purposes.

– Provides God’s answers to our question.

– Instructs us in the things of God.

– Warns us of unseen danger.

– Guides us away from wrongdoings.

– Keeps us from pride.

– Saves our lives.

So always sleep with a book and a pen near to you and record your dreams and visions. Get the interpretation and pray against any negative occurrence that might happen.

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Use Volunteerism As A Tool For Job Creation

Job creation is one of the areas of greatest struggle for many nations. Many graduates today are less than hopeful because they do not see a future in the job market. I have said on many occasions that the Government should create a better environment for employment and foster greater zeal among the unemployed. There is no way the national security budget should be the highest expenditure of any government – and it should certainly not be more than what is expended on job creation.

There are many within the society that have great ideas and simply only need a start. Some countries are now more focused on the gender agenda than they are about creating a stable environment for the upcoming generation of the workforce.

It is very critical now for those who have no job experience to gain employment. They can begin to volunteer. There are organisations that would be willing to have them work for free. There are NGOs, churches, small businesses who can’t even write a business or marketing plan, and can’t afford it either. You can go into these organisations and ask to work for free for a period and by doing so, you are getting both experience and wealth transfer.

Students need to begin going into the inner-city areas to empower the people in different business endeavours.

Empowering can also mean owning a business. There are many people who are brilliant and have the skills in areas such as hairdressing, music production, and other raw talent – they are entrepreneurs and they have talent, but need guidance on how to get their stuff out there.

When a person volunteers, they are learning the art of honouring and serving, and those are the keys to wealth transfer.

There are a number of outstanding men and women who have a wealth of knowledge that needs to be imparted to the next generation and we have the potential to make it happen. Some of these persons are struggling and they have needs such as accounting, recordkeeping and other things that need to be done for them, but they have no one to do it. This is an opportunity to gain experience and also to be the beneficiaries of their experience, wisdom and wealth.


Both trade unions and student unions need to set up programmes specifically designed with the private sector in mind – for volunteers to get the credit. By volunteering, they would get first preference after graduation. Both sets of unions would need to have full-time personnel to coordinate these activities; and they would target places such as airports, manufacturing and distribution companies.

Our people also, in gaining employment opportunities, need to start looking into Latin countries. Hence, it needs to be mandatory that our people learn another language – preferably, but not only Spanish.

Every person in the nation needs now to think multifunctionally, not single-mindedly. Recognise that not because you studied a particular subject does it mean that you will only be required to focus on that area where you work. Likewise, not everything you do will mean you must get a pay cheque. A recommendation from a retired person can go a far way in opening a door for any individual. They are living in every community, and instead of people killing them, they need to go and serve them. My first job came through volunteering. I was volunteering in the community with some other boys in scouting, and I was recommended for my first job in one of the former top insurance companies – Mutual Life.

The key to a strong economy is to ensure that the base (small businesses) is functioning well. Many are just focusing on the larger companies that are not keeping the funds within the nation. You can volunteer by creating websites, making marketing presentations and business plans, and bringing solutions to these companies for free. You would be surprised to see what these companies would do. Some may even hire you on the spot! It is also for the companies to make the opportunities available for such individuals to come in and present to them.

There is no way that lawyers, doctors, teachers or any other profession should be struggling and be out of a job when they can volunteer. Volunteering makes a difference and opens up the opportunity for wealth transfer and the creation of new jobs – thus giving experience – and can change the culture in an organisation. Laid-back employees could very well be stirred into action.

Many small businesses want to grow, but they can’t afford it because of the overhead expenses. You can volunteer by assisting these companies to grow. You never know; you may be their next manager.

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Prophecies – The Word Of The Lord For 2017 And Onward (Part 3)

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The following is the conclusion of the prophecies for 2017, as delivered through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.


73. WikiLeaks will expose more high-end companies for their continued unethical business practices and many will be shocked.

74. There will be a false coming together of white and black officials depicting the eradication of racism within the US, starting from the top.

75. Many car dealerships will go out of business because of the strong competitive market (US).

76. Winn Dixie chain of supermarkets will be struggling to stay afloat. Pray against its closure.

77. Apple will be shaking and sales will be diminishing significantly.

78. Pray for the strength of the US Dollar in 2017. Should it weaken, it will create an economic tsunami on other nations, especially ‘Third World’ nations.

79. There are devious plans to capture our youth from every direction, ravage them emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and present to them a set of new rights, new wrongs and new principles.

Entertainers And VIPs

Photo by  Yne Van De Merge of Lady_Gaga


80. Pray for Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. A shaking is coming for them.


Photo By: BBGunBilly – have you been shot from Minneapolis, USA Beyonce

81. Pray for the healing of Bishop Eddie Long.

82. Pray for Courtney Walsh and Marcia Griffiths

Photo: Alex Const- Beenie Man

83. Pray for the salvation of ‘Beenie Man’, Capleton and Sizzla.

84. We are at a crossroads. The year 2017 will bring exposure to many things – good or evil.

85. A large number of celebrities are about to go bankrupt.

86. There is a new wave of Hollywood Elites on the rise, being groomed for a different strategy to sweep away the young minds of our nation – our children – through blatant expressions of witchcraft, uses of technology, music, as well as strategic focus on health and wellness that have nothing to do with the principles and Word of God. The Lord says we are to be vigilant in protecting our children in these areas.


The Body Of Christ

87. The Spirit of the Lord says that each Christian SHOULD NOT be distracted now because the real fight is against Christendom – accomplishing the work of God now. The devil has been using influential and political figures to cause delay to physically and spiritually abort ministries and the purpose within each person. Christians need to come together and fight against the forces of darkness in and for every country. There is a trumpet that has been blowing against us – Daniel 7:21-22, and we need to stand as a strong unit against it.

88. The Spirit of the Lord says amid the crisis globally, Christians need to look up, for their “redemption draweth nigh”. There is hope coming for those who are on the Lord’s side.

89. Pray for total deliverance for Prophetess Juanita Bynum from the plans of the enemy.

90. Many will become wicked and have great hatred towards God and His bride (The Church). With cruel hatred, they will rise up against My people, but like Ammon, I will cause those who rise against Me to fall in their own trap and be defeated before My face. Do not harden your heart, turn and repent.

91. The body of Christ needs a new mindset; they must renew their mind says the Lord. There will be an outpouring of the spirit of the Lord and wealth and prosperity. Yet, there will be plagues and diseases like never before in some places. Those who call on me will be saved. A new government of God; those unseen rejects who have remained faithful and have stood the process, will rise to the top. It will be a year of uncommon moves of God. Many of the power hungry and wicked leaders will be stripped and removed.

92. The Lord says He wants us to pray for the Christians in the Middle East. He says many have died because of blood-thirsty men, but that He shall blow a wind that will cause a fire of His Spirit to spread and burn and He will subdue the strongman in the Middle East.

93. Interestingly, it is a time where exposure of the truth among us is going to run rampant because God will ensure that anything hidden in the dark comes to light. It is a time where men and women holding church titles while twisting the truth for their profit and gain will be exposed! It is the time of false divinity among the churches, which will have a great effect on the government system.

94. There is a spiritual alignment taking place for God’s people before His return. The Lord says many of the leaders in the Body of Christ, who take their call and position simply and were not faithful to the call on their lives, God is about to replace them.

95. Throughout 2017, God is expecting His prophets to sound the alarm regardless of their physical and spiritual locations.

96. The number of backsliders have increased as a result of:

– Instability or double-mindedness. They don’t know God for themselves and He is not their foundation.

– Being easily led astray by lies and entertaining jealousy, pride, undermining, competing with brethren, fornication, mistrust, unforgiveness as well as remaining unhealed of emotional and mental hurts.

97. 2017 is going to be a year for buying properties (real estate) and starting businesses. (Jeremiah 32) Therefore, Christians need to employ excellent investment strategies.

98. There is an outcry by many of God’s people for God to intervene and give recompense to their enemies. (Isaiah 59: 18). The Lord says He has a set time to judge.

99. This is a time for God’s people everywhere, regardless of their status, to stay at HIS FEET – be in tuned to what He is doing and what HE needs us to do and to accomplish through them for HIS GLORY!

100. The Lord says a time of darkness is at hand and life is about to change drastically. He says many judicial and legislative changes and accepted or acceptable ways of life that are in play are going to shock many Christians. Many watchmen are asleep and will only be alarmed when the thief is already in the house.The Lord says many of My sons have already left the earth, including Oral Roberts and R. W. Schambach. Discern! For many who seem to be their successors do not have My Spirit and are deceiving many.


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