Every Problem Has An Expiration Date – Declare Psalms 112 For Bankruptcy Or Serious Financial Woes

There are many going through hardships and facing problems from every direction. Many ask the question, ‘Why am I going through all this?’ We often go through problems but recognise that they pull out of us the hidden potential we didn’t realise was within us. We go through problems and testing, but these experiences can help to strengthen us, and allow us to help others.

Oftentimes, we don’t even remember God and His goodness until we are going through times of great difficulty. Many going through difficulty are giving up, and some are even committing suicide. Regardless of how big your problem may seem, recognise that every problem has an expiration date.

Your date can be today!

When you are going through problems, always focus on the problems from which the Lord has already delivered you. They are no longer problems, but victories. Remember the goodness and grace of God who brought you through those problems. If He has delivered you from the problems before, he will do it again.

Focus On Victory

Many times, the problems we go through are based on our purpose, our assignment and the vow(s) we have made. Sometimes, people become comfortable and don’t remember where they are coming from and God is trying to get our attention. Just remember, when going through the problems, don’t focus on the problem, instead focus on the victory. When we focus on the problem, the mountain becomes greater.

There is always a solution within the problems, and sometimes that solution is what will allow you to become greater. Speak to your problems daily. Speak positive words and outcomes. For example, thank God for the victory you anticipate. Always find scriptural basis to deal with the problem. So if it is a sickness you are facing, then declare Isaiah 53: 5.

If you are going through bankruptcy or serious financial woes, then declare Psalms 112.

If a door has been closed to you and you don’t know how to proceed, then declare Isaiah 43: 16.

Make and spend time with God and tell Him about the problems. Problems are a sign that God wants to get your attention. We are often too busy trying to do everything to survive, when God says we should seek Him first.

Maintaining a relationship with God is the key to success. Most countries and organisations are now failing. They have nothing new to download or to offer because they are spiritually bankrupt.

Many times we pray for promotion and blessing, but God wants depth. There are too many people in this world that have height without depth and that’s why there is a great falling.

Remember as II Corinthians 4: 16-18 reminds us:

16 “Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.

17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;

18 While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.”

Better Must Come

All we are going through is temporary. Our mind is being renewed and our inner man is being strengthened. Many times, people say they can’t live without another pay cheque; but they must remember that God is their first source, and God can allow you to live without a pay cheque and live better than before.

Problems are the gates for change. Job only realised who his true friends were in his time of great adversity. He was going through the problems, not because he was cursed, but because God was proving who was around him and who was with him.

One of people’s biggest fears in life is to lose things – your job, friends, family, status and position. Sometimes, you don’t even know who you really are until you lose something or someone close to you.

Remember, an eagle does not learn how to fly until the mother stirs up the nest, and even forces it out. The unjust servant did not know how good a negotiator and sales person he was until the boss planned to fire him. Sometimes, a person never knows who their Boaz or Ruth is until they get kicked out or hurt in a relationship.

Don’t commit suicide in the midst of the problem, it doesn’t solve the problem. You are using a permanent action for a temporary problem. Walk through it, you will come out! Greater is always ahead of you.

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Why Commit Suicide?

THE RECENT death of famous actor Robin Williams brings back into focus the levels of stress and depression that many go through, particularly (but not only) in the business profession, military, entertainment, and even pastoral/ministerial sectors. In other words, popular people on the front line!

The global economic system is now driving people into serious depression. Studies show that suicide rates are at extremely higher levels among males in comparison to females.

Oftentimes, people equate a happy face with being okay, and a sad or expressionless face with being down or depressed. It really takes discernment to recognise what is really happening in someone’s life.

Most of the popular people often pretend that everything is OK, because they have to maintain a certain status or a certain persona in the presence of friends, colleagues, or those around them. Quite often, many readily receive from, but very few seek to give to, them the genuine care and even encouragement and true support they may need. Even fewer take the time to make that effort.

When persons fall on hard times, the very thought of being broke again – the fear of losing job, money or assets, loss of real estate – the fear of failure and the loss of friends are almost devastating and extremely discouraging. All these can drive a person into depression and suicidal thoughts. Many will start to take drugs and/or alcohol to escape the realities they face. However, that is no real solution because it does more harm than good in every way!


From a spiritual perspective, and from counselling with people who are struggling with depression and suicide, and those who fall on hard times, some may say they feel like they no longer belong to society. Others say they feel like a burden to their family, friends and to society. Others will say that because they are no longer in the limelight, their ‘friends’ don’t come around – especially those who were in high-ranking position and are then separated (let go) from the organisation. Some say persons they once worked with, pass them on the street as if they don’t know them! These are some of the things that drive them to the brink. They go through serious rejection.

On the flip side, there are those who, on the way up, push aside or step on some people and when faced with adversity, guilt, embarrassment and rejection overwhelm them.

I always encourage people to keep simple friends – those who are willing to stand with you in good and bad. Those are true friends!

People will come around you when you are climbing and walk away if you fall, and when hard times come people will see you as a burden, not as a blessing! Then you become the topic of their conversations! It is critical to have a spiritual foundation.


Everything in life has its ups and downs. No season remains the same. Every situation has an expiration date! Always remember Job! He lost all, but he recovered twice the loss! Whatever you have lost, there is always the potential for you to recover far more. Your latter days have the potential to be greater than the former (Job 42:12).

Whatever doors close, remember that greater doors can open. Remember, your life values far more than anything!

Committing suicide will not solve your problems! It will be the beginning of problems! There is nothing called rest in peace (RIP) when one commits suicide! Think about your loved ones! During your time of depression, don’t focus on yourself, focus on helping other people. It was when Job prayed for his friends that his breakthrough and relief took place. Suicide is an act of murder (Hebrews 10:26; Exodus 20:13; 1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20; Hebrews 13:5-6)! Committing suicide means you have rejected God’s love and God’s salvation.

Always remember that your struggle is a result of your purpose. Pray! Seek someone you confide in to speak with. Depression is a spirit (Isaiah 61:1-3). A simple thing such as praising or playing music that glorifies God can bring even immediate and positive change upon you.

You are a winner! You are not a loser! When problems come, all it is doing is revealing your capacity and potential and allowing you to see what is within you to come out! It is also revealing those who are true and genuine around you!

There are many who have lost everything and they have come back greater – Colonel Sanders (KFC founder); R.H. Macy had several failed businesses before the mega chain Macy’s became successful! Soichiro Honda was turned down by Toyota Motor Corporation for a job when he was interviewed for an engineer position. He was jobless for a long while but then he started making scooters of his own at his home, and with the encouragement of his neighbours he started his own business – thus, Honda today!

Don’t be afraid to start over.

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1. Ensure that the Church you will be a part of can identify what your calling is and can effectively prepare you for that walk. To do that you need a mentor not a friend. So, recognize that a good mentor is not one who will or is supposed to tell you what you want to hear, but will tell you what you need to hear in order to allow you to grow spiritually and in every other area – whether you agree or not, whether you like what they say or not. Your goal is to grow in the Lord, so that you can fulfill the purpose on your life; not find to find friends who say what you say and agree with everything you say and vice versa. Remember 1 Corinthians 4: 15

2. Always be willing to learn and to accept correction. Regardless of all you know, there is always more to learn; and not everything you already know is the truth. Realize also that the mind that is logical, analytical and skeptical will never embrace faith as something that makes sense. Faith is not supposed to make sense. The bravest person is not the one who climbs on a 200-storey building or walks across a high-wire without a safety net; the bravest person is the one who chooses to believe in and serve the True, Living, Almighty and Incomparable God regardless of what everybody else says, and despite the fact that He is not visible to us – all while keeping their eyes focused on reaching the eternal goal. Remember John 3: 16 – 17 and Philippians 3: 12 – 14

3. Don’t ever let your focus shift from your relationship with the Lord God, to other Christians and what they are doing or are not doing in their walk with Jesus Christ. That is a distraction! Do what you need to do for God and be whom He said you are to be for Him; and to know that you must continue to spend time with Him, read His Word. Remember, 1 Corinthians 15: 58.

4. Sometimes there are very painful experiences you will have as a Christian. Nothing exempts us from such circumstances, but having a relationship with God allows us to be confident in His capacity to turn things around and allows us to use what we have learnt to help others. Remember Philippians 4: 13.

5. Contrary to popular belief, God DOES NOT have to tell us everything; He DOES NOT have to explain Himself or His actions to us – He DOES NOT owe us an explanation on any issue. We owe Him our Trust, our Faith, our Service through Servanthood, WE owe Him our lives! So when He instructs, we move! You will know His voice – how He speaks to you, as you continually and consistently read His word and spend time with Him. Remember Isaiah 55: 9 and Proverbs 3: 5 – 7.

Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston

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Help Needed For Small Businesses

Good things come in small packages, and no statement is more true of small businesses than this fact. Small businesses are vital in any and every economy – from the shop on the corner to the company with single-digit number of employees that services the immediate community.

This is so whether it is sports, entertainment, food-service industry, agriculture or education. Small businesses create jobs, facilitate persons of the lower, middle and upper classes in a nation, and form the network of veins and capillaries of each community.

Negative impact

Currently, the network of small businesses is feeling the greatest negative impact in this recession, because they have to bear the weight of high interest rates, exorbitant bank charges, increased utility usage and increased energy bills.

Further to that, regulatory and compliance organisations lean on these businesses heavily because they may not have the clout to fight back; increased taxes are levied on such businesses, which makes it difficult to compete and even stay afloat. Many are giving up, and some are looking at selling their dream to make it less stressful for them.

In this environment created by national leaders, it is difficult for small businesses to survive – even for those who have a vision to execute and build. Small businesses help to ensure that big businesses are not overrun by the demand not only for products and services, but also for employment. Small businesses service ‘nook and cranny’ areas that large companies either can’t, won’t or don’t service. Therefore, if small businesses shut down, it will also negatively affect large businesses!

Growth opportunity

In the same way that a small tree grows and matures and becomes a big tree and ultimately dies, a small business must be given the opportunity to grow and mature with its community understanding the needs of its society. It is people that make up the organisation and each cadre of persons understand the needs of the era of which they are a part. When that era passes and another one enters, a new set of persons with the solutions for that era enters as well. If that flow stops, then there will be serious stagnation, famine and economic problems occurring.

Those in national leadership don’t often listen to small business owners when they cry out; they would, however, quickly listen to the large business owners and yield to their demands.

Apostle Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including End Time Finance and The New Millionaire


Lyston: The network of small businesses is feeling the greatest negative impact in this recession.

What needs to be done

There needs to be a special agency to deal with the growth, development and problems that affect small businesses, and their voices must be heard.

There must be a programme developed that actually works, to allow for the consolidation and also the reduction of the debts and taxes on the small businesses. A three-year reprieve must be given to small businesses.

Both banks and leaders have to go in and see what is happening – instead of making the decisions from the office chair!

The small business owners must now seek the Lord for new ways, ideas, solutions to grow their business – John 14: 6. Remember that Jesus is the way and also that He will direct your path – Proverbs 3: 6

Find ways to deal with wastage. For example, restaurants, hotels and any other food-related businesses can feed the poor and street people, (Psalm 41). Doctors and lawyers can give 10 per cent of their time free!

Maintain a positive environment – speak ‘life’ upon your business(es). Declare a thing and it shall be established. (Job 22: 28)

Implement cost-cutting measures, particularly on utilities and telephone. Ensure that it is absolutely clear to the staff that these should not be taken lightly.

Hire staff that are multifunctional and who will stick with you in crisis.


Remember that God is the one that teaches you to make profit! It is not networking or friends that grow your business, it is God who allows it. (Isaiah 48: 17)

Encourage weekly devotions in your organisation; God is the one who expands and increases your organisation. Keep away from any form of witchcraft to grow your organisation – it will cause situations to become worse.

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October 29, 2017

8:28 a.m.

Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston


There is a rising of ministers of music that God is causing to take place and they will be anointed and ordained Pastors, Apostles, and Ministers.  They are required to live lives that are holy before the Lord even behind closed doors.  The songs of praise and of worship that will come forth through them will be songs that reveal the heart of God.  An uncommon outpouring is happening and God is giving an opportunity now to those current Christian artistes to be a part of this new move that God Himself is making – meanwhile He is allowing those who have been on the “back side of the desert” – those who have waited for years unnoticed and who stood under the processing of God – those who have been waiting on the timing of God and receiving songs and sounds of music from Him  –  stay in His Presence, you are about to come forth in His timing – remain humble before Him.


A shift is occurring even as we speak and instead of Christian entertainers, He – God – is preparing True Worshippers to release His sound for the end time.  God is stirring and consecrating those who will be UNASHAMED and UNAFRAID to declare the Sovereignty, Majesty, Power and Awesome Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience of our God!  He will bestow greatness upon them to bring TOTAL glory to His name and as they remain humble before Him and study His word, then they will increase in His Spirit daily and innumerable souls will yield to Him.  Many hearts and minds will be healed and souls won for Him – God!


#StayInHisPresence  # StayInWorshipMode™



There are those Christian Artistes – groups and individuals – that the Lord has been speaking to and using different circumstances to get their attention and let them know that He needs them to cut back on their tours and international performances and spend time in His Presence so that He can speak to them; because He wants to use them beyond what they currently do, to reach them beyond what they (the artistes) see.  The Lord says He needs them to recognize/be reminded that they are souls before they are their fans.  The Lord says that these Christian artistes can no longer just go to a performance – they need to recognize the significance of what they do and more importantly, their role as they stand before the souls the Lord is allowing them to reach.  They must ensure that they are covered as they go out and ensure that their families are covered before they leave – especially the male Christian artistes.  The female Christian artistes must ensure that their head covers them.  All must ensure that there are genuine intercessors praying for them at all times – but especially when they are doing live performances particularly (but not only) in other nations.


Do not lay hands on everyone simply because they are there, The Lord must direct you especially in this season – because you can get hit spiritually and be defeated by the enemy.


African, Latin and Caribbean Christian Worship and Praise music is about to rise to the fore in unprecedented ways among the general audience, and move beyond the comfortable place.  These Worshippers must seek to learn other languages, because the Lord is going to use them beyond those who speak their own language.  God wants to take worship to another level that breaks the barriers of language and culture and He needs all the Worshipper to be ready to do this.    Some will begin to speak and understand languages that are not their native tongue.  An uncommon outpouring is taking place and we must position ourselves to receive it!



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Have Mercy On The Poor

Many times within the society, you will hear statements about growing the economy. We are told about goals and targets, but in the midst of growing an economy, the poor are not in the equation. They are long forgotten by politicians and business people, and even some global agencies that promise to deal with charity and such issues.

Oftentimes, the advisers themselves have no idea what it is to be poor. They simply make decisions, oblivious of the realities. Sometimes you will see statements made by various countries regarding poverty eradication. They even have international-level conferences where they discuss and make statements to those assembled, and based on the statements, you wonder if they know where they are living.

Decisions have been made to make the investors happy, while the poor are very unhappy. In fact, they are dying under pressure.

Sadly, the younger generation is drowning under debt, burdened by the weight of what the previous generations left behind. This is not a legacy, this is a yoke.

God showed me a vision where a group of politicians and investors were crossing a river. They were all excited at the prospect of new business deals, but in the midst of all that, the Lord showed that there were two generations. The older generation was trying to catch up, but they could not. While the young generation was in the river trying to cross, the politicians were trying to extend their hands in a simple gesture, but it was only for show.

They didn’t realise, however, that in crossing the river at the pace to grow the economy and please the investors, there were different levels of the riverbed and that the children were drowning; the only alternative was for the Church to step in and save them. The politicians and business people did not even realise what was happening. There are other meanings, however, that will be discussed in articles to come.

One cannot drive an economy at the pace of investors and international lenders. Even when the nation passes the test, the people are failing the test. If we want to see the economy grow, we must put plans and measures in place to rescue the poor.


One billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

In 2011, 165 million children under the age five were stunted (reduced rate of growth and development) due to chronic malnutrition.

The World Food Programme says, “the poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty”. Hunger is the number one cause of death in the world, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

The Bible, specifically and strongly, outlines in Proverbs 31: 8-9: “Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” Take a look also at Proverbs 22: 22-23, Psalm 12:5, and Isaiah 10: 1-3, which is a very serious scripture.

No nation must have any laws or decrees that would bring any kind of oppression or further hardship on the poor. When God establishes a leader in office, God judges them based on the burdens borne by the poor of the nation. In fact, that is what defines one’s legacy or the duration of the administration; and when we focus on pleasing the investors and the poor are forgotten, then it brings serious consequences and curses over the nation.

The country urgently needs to revisit the economic policies that it is pursuing.

The Government needs to set up JA Monetary Fund for the Poor. This will assist the poor, for example, with basic items, furniture, education, burial, and health bills.

– It needs to provide nurses’ aides for seniors, especially for the disabled children and adults.

– Coordinate with the private sector to donate skimmed milk powder and diapers to the newborn babies of poor families.

– Have a flat rate on water for the poor.

– Reduce GCT.

– Increase the minimum wage.

– Restore and revamp the free zone.

– Build more shelters for the homeless.

– Have a flat rate for electricity in low-income areas.

– Give more support for farming, not only in promoting it as a viable means of income, but also in subsidising the cost of tools and equipment.

– Lower insurance rates for second-hand vehicles.

– Implement a no-tax policy for new companies for the first three years.

There is much more we can do for the poor, particularly if we want to see the next generation rise to meet the challenges and overcome them for the growth and development of the nation.

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By:  Pastor Dr. Michelle Lyston


Matthew 5: 13 says:


“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.”


God’s Word tells us that believers (in Him) are “the salt of the earth” and so, as Christians – as followers of Christ – we must recognize that in order to have its flavor, salt MUST go through one of two processes – Evaporation or Mining.


I learnt that the simplest method of evaporating brine is solar evaporation, but this can only be done in hot, dry, sunny places. The brine – the salt water from the ocean or salt lake – is collected into shallow ponds and allowed to evaporate in the sun.  Evaporation means that it will go under the extreme heat of the sun and that heat is intensified because the brine is put in a shallow pool area so that evaporation takes place even faster.  Further to that, while in the process of evaporation, the insoluble impurities – those things that will not dissolve away, but will have to be found and literally pulled out of the salt – such as sand and clay and slightly soluble impurities such as calcium carbonate settle to the bottom as evaporation begins. The brine is pumped or moved by gravity flow to another pond where calcium sulfate settles out as evaporation continues. The remaining brine is moved to yet another pond where the salt settles out as evaporation proceeds.


I also learnt that Rock Salt is mined from underground. Sometimes pressure from deep inside the Earth forces up large masses of rock salt to form salt domes.  Once salt is detected, a drill is used to dig the area and dynamite placed in the holes.  Then the area is blasted and the rocks of salt fall to the ground crushed.  It is then collected/harvested and then brought in for further crushing.  After that, the salt is separated by particle size, and there is further purification so that the non-salt elements are removed to ensure that pure salt remains.



If we are going to be the Salt of the Earth as the Jesus Christ has instructed us to be, then we must yield to the process He allows us to go through.  There are some of us that will experience situations that are surface-level issues like protocol, how to deal with people at all levels, learning how to serve others well.  The shallow pool the salt water is put in for processing is out in the open where anyone can view it, and that represents how publicly exposed God can allow our situations to be.  But when the heat is added to the situation – when the situation intensifies, then our truths are revealed – our hearts, our attitudes, our fears, our weaknesses and our mindsets.  While all this is happening, many automatically begin to focus on the negatives we may see in the situation, and that is when we find out about our real selves.  It is at that point the enemy of our souls capitalizes on this exposure and uses it to guilt us into running away from the process; but God is saying to us, “Focus on being the pure salt I am causing you to be.”  God is only allowing your ‘insoluble impurities’ to be revealed, not to embarrass or destroy you, but to allow you to see what exists within you that would hinder you fulfilling your purpose and to remove it from you (if you let Him) so that you can be pure salt for His use – to flavor the earth!


Interestingly, like the Rock Salt domes, there are those of us that God has to drill, dig and blast into – the hurt, the pain, the rejection, the loneliness, the hopelessness, the depression, the anger, the bad memories, the continual doubting of His voice, the breaking and scarring of our hearts, our deepest (untold) fears, the negative mindset and stubborn will we have, and He has to allow us to go through what seems like a dynamite field sometimes to get us to where He need us to be.  Yet, even in all this, He is digging away at our hearts so that instead of a heart of stone – a hard heart, we have a heart of flesh that is pliable in His hands, and we learn how to love again and live again.  He digs away at our fears and our mindsets to build our faith and confidence and to allow us to experience Him fully and deeply and be pliable in His hands so that our purpose is fulfilled.  He is ultimately training us so that we will accomplish our earthly mission.


Revelation:  The salt has to be broken up – shattered to pieces – in order to be effectively used and to cover more ground.  In Genesis 19: 26, Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt, which means she became hardened, inactive, unusable and ultimately stuck in one place – frozen in the position of looking back.  We cannot allow ourselves to become pillars of salt.  If we keep looking back at the past and what we used to enjoy before the process began – if we don’t let go of the old us, old mindset, old attitudes – then we are positioning ourselves to become ineffective, unprocessed and unable to be used by God, and as a result we are aborting our own purpose.  We can’t look back and yearn for the old us and the old things when God is shaping a new and better you.  If we become pillars of salt then we become hard and unusable and we will be left behind.  We need to be broken to be used.


So instead of fighting Him on these things – instead of fighting with God through your processing/complaining about the process, He wants us to yield to the process He is allowing us to go through – because He knows what He is doing.  It is through this process that our spiritual muscles are built and we develop our trust and faith in God – our All-Powerful, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent God!



In 2 Samuel 22: 35 the Lord says, “He teaches my hands to make war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.”  So when we come up against resistance against our purpose we must push back – with the Word of God and by following His instructions, and allow our spiritual muscles to be strengthened.


He says in Jeremiah 29: 11 – 13, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.  And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.”  He knows how to get us to where He needs us to be for Him.


Ultimately, don’t stop going, doing or being for God and in God – our Creator.  You can do all things through Christ Who strengthens you (Philippians 4: 3).  Remember that you are more than a conqueror through Him Who loved us (Romans 8: 37).  Know that ALL things work together for good to them that love the Lord and are called according to HIS purpose! (Romans 8: 28)


So while the process seems like it’s breaking you down in every possible way, let it break you!  Don’t be afraid to be broken, because only then will the pure salt within you be revealed!



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By: Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston


Times and Seasons are critical for one to understand.  Divide and Conquer is a term many of us have heard (or used) in relation to physical war or strategic planning.  However, we must recognize that this strategy applies to spiritual warfare as well.    One of the main activities employed in the Divide and Conquer strategy is Distraction.


A distraction is something that is presented to prevent someone from giving full attention to something else and it causes extreme agitation of mind and emotions.  The enemy can only operate by utilizing division and distraction to execute their plans.


When the negative happenings begin to dominate the headlines such as the race issues and disrespect of a nation’s flag by its own citizens – particularly in the sports and entertainment industries, they are all distractions by the enemy.


The watchman in Zion and intercessors have slackened from the wall and many of them have lost focus.  The enemy is trying to regroup and relaunch.  The difference between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is that the forces of darkness are more persistent than the forces of light.  After a victory, the forces of light get complacent. They forget that there is always a fragment ready to regroup to execute their plan.


We are in a season where light and darkness must identify where they stand – there is no middle ground.  People have to identify their source of success.  The sports and entertainment industries are what the enemy has been using for years to come against God’s plans and purposes and God is ready to deal with them.


Each time the enemy has a plan to carry out something greater, he uses the race card, the gender card, the personal rights card, the political correctness card and so on, to distract people from recognizing the real plan/issue; and those who are not stable in God, especially carnal Christians, will also be distracted.  Even those who are very vocal about racism are the biggest pushers of racism themselves.  That is simply a distraction and many people are falling for the distractions and are missing the bigger picture.


It is critical for the watchmen in Zion to get back on the wall and not to lose focus.  Our source of communication is and ought to remain heaven and not the media.  God wants us to connect and remain linked to the Holy Spirit on a permanent basis instead of downloading from the media.  There is a storm coming – a shift and a shake – and the enemy wants to rob as much as possible.  We have to be sensitive in this season to God and the move of God.  We are in a season of being quick to listen and slow to speak.  Every man has to work out his own salvation with fear and trembling, and ensure that there is oil in your lamp.  (Matthew 25)  Don’t be like the five foolish virgins, because every knee WILL bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and we want to be on the right side when that happens.


So watchmen, don’t be distracted – stay on the WALL!


The Lord already gave the word that there will be a dwindling in the entertainment and sports industries.

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