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Be Like Nehemiah

As the world awaits the proverbial ‘changing of the guard’ in the United States of America, some are fearful, meanwhile many are jubilant. As I have said many times before, God is the one who promotes and demotes. He does whatever He pleases. We may not understand God’s will, but we must pray each day. If President-elect Donald Trump wants to be successful and legitimately ‘make America great again’, then he should take a cue from Nehemiah.

First, Nehemiah identified who the survivors were, and in the case of the USA, the forgotten, the poor, fatherless, widows, the distressed, dejected, discontented, those in despair, the abandoned communities and the veterans and their families or surviving families. Repair and strengthen the institution of family which is broken. The family is the first line of government in any nation.

Nobody listens to the poor (Ecclesiastes 9: 16). Don’t listen only to the wealthy, but also to the poor. There are many who are poor with excellent solutions, but because of poverty they are despised and ignored. There are many who are rich but speak utter nonsense, yet it is gobbled up by the media and those lacking ideas. Wealth is not the mark of success. There are many who have been through many losses and failures, but have gained wisdom and have become true champions. It is sometimes a lack of opportunity or of a second chance that keep people in poverty.

Second, before making any major change, there will need to be four months of prayer to build a foundation, and for God to give Him guidance, tactics and strategies. The next four months will be critical to his presidency. Prayer is essential to leadership; he has proven this through his campaign. Prayer brings great vision to fruition. One of his prayers should be Nehemiah 1: 5 – 11, and that God will cause America to return to Him. He also has to repent on behalf of the nation for all that they have done, and for how America has, in general, forsaken God. He has to pray that God will forgive the mistakes of past administrations, and that God will heal the division within the nation.

As a wise leader, Nehemiah refrained from sharing his ideas with people until he has actually assessed matters and prayerfully considered the cost. There are two major things Trump has to do: repair and rebuild.

In repairing, Trump has to identify what was good from the previous administrations, then enhance and strengthen those things. For example, regarding immigration, he has to tread carefully, because part of what made America great was immigration. People came to America for opportunity, religious and economic reasons. They were welcomed and given the opportunity to legally inhabit, and that allowed America to be blessed. He has to discern who has come to build and who has come to destroy. Immigrants have been some of the most successful persons to help build America.

For example, the Transcontinental Railroad was built by the Chinese, which caused the nation to get a quick passage from east to west. The journey that usually took 4-6 months then took six days.

All eight great-grandparents of President John F. Kennedy and his siblings came to the United States on the ‘coffin ships’ to Boston Harbour and passed through the city’s immigration hall.

Immigrants do not steal jobs; they do the jobs that Americans don’t want. Immigrants always help the economy, whether they come here willingly or are forced to. It is going to be critical who advises him on this issue, as this has the potential to create another civil war, something I have also seen in a vision. Allow illegal immigrants the opportunity of a pathway to citizenship as this will also contribute towards reducing poverty, because they will be required to pay taxes, contribute to the school and economic systems and the real estate industry, while reducing the burden on the government to provide public assistance.

Furthermore, the armed forces must become modernized, the space programme needs to be revamped, greater attention must be given for developments in livestock/agriculture, water and energy.

Maintain the dream act and sanctuary cities. Avail funds to faith-based NGOs, without discrimination, to rebuild communities. Aggressively deal with drug lords, extortionists and their partners, as their actions interfere with foreign exchange and trade.

Pay greater attention to giving our children high-quality education and to training the teachers.

Give debt write-offs to, and ease regulations on, Caribbean and African nations.

Give grants for development and expansion of solar energy technology for poorer countries. Then the people will unite and rebuild.

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1. LEADERSHIP – It is very critical for the leaders of nations today to have a servant-leader quality and style in order to bring real change today; and with the pending US Elections, every candidate’s style of leadership should be taken into consideration. The leadership of any nation should rely heavily upon Godly instructions and should display true love for the people within a nation.

2. ECONOMIC – There will be continued economic instability within the US, the Caribbean and Europe because the wealthy have been allowed to over-exert their authority at the expense of the poor and middle classes. Increase taxes on the rich! In addition to this there should be no taxes on basic items. General Consumption Tax in countries such as Jamaica should not go above 12%. The banks and their systems have been and continue to be the biggest hindrances to the nation and its growth. Major countries need to begin writing off the debts of smaller countries. Likewise, major companies need to do the same for smaller companies.

3. SECURITY – There are too many doors of access open for potential attacks globally due to improper security practices. Total security is highly unlikely without the Lord and the root of this issue needs to be dealt with urgently! Security personnel need to be properly screened for any job description. Therefore, security for Land, Sea and Air Transportation must be tighter. More stringency is required secure the citizens within a nation. There needs to be an up-to-date database with all the ex-service men who left honorably so that they can be re-enlisted in the event of an emergency. There also needs to be more training in security management and disaster preparedness.

4. HEALTH/WATER – There are so many medications on the market that I believe have been causing serious side effects for over 4 decades. Doctors, Nutritionists and Lab Technicians need to explore the natural things that God Himself made for the benefit of man’s continued existence and He has given us plants that can sometimes be employed to cure us. There are medications that need to be banned from off the market immediately to eliminate fraudulent business activities within this field. More tanks and wells are needed urgently. Instead of focusing on Marijuana, government needs to focus on the herbs in general and make an effort to see how they can help in healing for the nation’s people. The focus should be on curing – not on treating. Have a program where you focus on training more paramedics and First Response Personnel. There also needs to be a reduction in the price for drugs to the general public.

5. AGRICULTURE – We need now more than ever to preserve our trees because for so many of their fruits are not given the chance to grow and be part of God’s beauty and purpose. The trees help to preserve the environment – provides shelter and shade. There must be more attention given to animals that are butchered for consumption to ensure it is properly done. Focus on the usefulness of local plants is just as important as many of them, such as Thyme and Sage for example, can be useful in marinating and preserving meats and fish. Begin to produce more fresh water fish. Also, rent warehouses and store food and water in the event of a disaster. Remove any taxation from food brought in by NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which would not compete with local entities.

6. GLOBAL WARMING – There is the potential for many of natural disasters to occur in certain countries even beyond the ordinary. These countries will be declaring National Crises/States of Emergency. Disaster-prone areas should no longer be inhabited by people, and there should be underground domes built in the event of heavy rains resulting in floods. Tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes will increase. The Disaster Preparedness Committees should seriously re-visit disaster-prone areas, observing closely the kind of disasters that are inevitable and determine how best to reach the general public and prepare them quickly! There should be at least an hour’s training via the radio and television, as well as by phone. This should also be a common focal interest within schools and the work force.

7. EDUCATION – The cost of education to students at all levels must decrease so that the lower and middle classes can complete their studies. Government bodies need to also look into waiving fees for those who are unable to pay until they are working, and have a written agreement – a Document/Letter of Commitment. There needs to be a greater and more active focus on developing the gifts and skills of the youth in the schools. There is the need for more focus on the Technical, Arts and Montessori schools.

Let us prayerfully seek God’s coverage, protection and mercy during the 8th and 9th months.

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The number 14 is going to be a critical factor. It is imperative for global leaders to begin putting the critical plans in place to deal with issues ahead; in particular lunar and cosmic problems – heat waves, earthquakes in diverse places, shortage of medication and air pollution. Economic fall outs, wars and riots are ahead!
God wants to revive the economy of nations. Those who desire to seek Him for new tactics and strategies will move forward in 2014. It will be a mixed year. Some nations will gain while others will lose. What many business people will choose to invest in will be a critical choice for each, as well as the time and season in which they choose to invest. Whom they trust to be their financial advisers will be another critical decision. It will be important for their advisers to have Divine, Spiritual insight, because there is going to be a great deal of deception within the financial market in future and without clear direction. Many will go bankrupt and many businesses will go down. There is more shaking again for Wall Street. The United States will recover in some way in areas of science and technology. However, because of political instability and un-Godly legislation it may affect the speed of growth that God wants to bring within the nation. Those who desire to use Biblical Principles in the Marketplace will be smiling all the way to the bank!
China will rise in Technology – Vehicles, Phones, Computers and Televisions and they are going to have the marketing edge over other countries. Other countries will struggle while their dollar will lose value. The employment of Bitcoins will increase. But if European nations start employing Biblical Principles, God will revive the economy, bring change to Real Estate. For a total recovery to take place then there will be the need for a new mindset. For example, the areas in which they want to invest and the target market they choose is wrong, but God is moving away from that!
It is critical for Caribbean nations and Latin counties do more in the area of employing the Youth. The resources of these nations are within the ground and the trees; and they need to cease divestment and generate a plan if they want to be in charge.
That is going to be a big issue in 2014 onwards. Because of man’s interference and scientific exploitations, we will experience increasing problems with and in space, the cosmos, the oceans and within rivers. There will also be Air Pollution which will cause serious illnesses and skin problems. We will also experience earthquakes in no-fault line areas, rise in tsunamis and so it is critical for all global agencies to put plans in place to avert death and starvation and to have a united effort to clean up polluted areas, minimize weapons testing, plus other areas of concern.
Agriculture needs increased funding globally in order to prevent starvation and more testing needs to be done to avert contamination in food, water, vegetation as well as sea life. There needs to be a stockpiling of foods and co-ordination of various NGO’s working together to reach out to deep rural communities that are suffering from food shortage and other disasters. Also, water treatment tablets are going to be critical.
There is the need for storing more drugs and vaccines, especially those that remedy respiratory problems. There might be an increase in skin diseases caused from heatwaves, as well as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, food poisoning and eye problems. There must also be plans put in place for alternative medicines in the event of shortages. More money needs to be pumped into studying herbs, plants. There needs to be more mobile clinics. New diseases will rise, but a cure is going to come forth for Cancer.
The health sector needs to be more vigilant in 2014 onward, as it might be their biggest test.
There is a call for accountability with leaders; especially with the way the poor is being treated. There is going to be paradigm shifting for heads of state and those that are in other industries. God is not pleased with many of the global leaders who continue to lead many astray promoting immorality, they have done very little for the employment of the Youth. Many continue to lead without seeking God’s guidance. There will be a changing of the guard! Many global leaders are building with the wrong fabric. Greed, power struggles, betrayal, denial and conspiracy are the order of the day! Unless they change their leadership styles, there are going to be great problems ahead.
Leaders must be careful about how they deal with the Middle East crisis, as it has the potential of creating havoc for the West! A time of evaluation is needed!
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