Many times in the business arena and in the Church, leadership will get frustrated, and companies and churches struggle at times because they are unable to service those within. Until you identify who you are called to and where your greatest support lies, who supports your business/church you will not move forward.

Luke 4: 18 – 19, says, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,To proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.” My calling is to the poor in spirit, poor in finance, to set the captives free and to bring healing to the brokenhearted and recovery of sight to those who are blind spiritually and physically. So if you are a prostitute, if you messed up, if you are a misfit, if you are rejected, or if you are a sinner or you are unrighteous – WELCOME!

I am not called to righteous people, nor religious people, nor to those who have already arrived. Paul was called to the Gentiles so God gave him the grace to deal with the Gentiles. He was set apart (Romans 1: 1 – 7) Many leaders – whether business or church – are spending too much time focusing on the wrong areas. Some even get disheartened and discouraged when certain people within the society don’t accept them. You will not be accepted by everyone in the society it is not Scriptural. The Pharisees did not accept Him and neither did His own city/town.

When God gives you an assignment, keep going, keep doing good! Give hope to people! Stop moping and groping and focusing on those who criticize you nor accept you. Do an analysis and see who your biggest supporters are and focus on them; those who genuinely help you. Who are your biggest clients? Who always supports your work no matter what? Those who are called to you will follow you. Recognize that you are not called to everybody. Companies fall when they change their mandate.

I once worked with a very large company that was doing very well and when they began to change their focus and mandate, that is when the company started to shake and it has not been the same since. Acknowledge and embrace your difference and run with it. Many churches are diverting from the mandate – even transforming to attract a certain set of people; or doing things which are not Scriptural. Now the many churches are becoming a laughing stock. Jesus did not try to fit in at all. Stick to your mandate despite the challenges. Know your clientele know your sheep.

Many times the poor are more appreciative of the work you do and the sacrifices made and they need your difference. Many Pastors today say they are called to the rich, but the rich don’t truly need God until they become poor.

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 Numbers 27: 15 -17 says, “Then Moses spoke to the Lord, saying: “Let the Lord, the God of the spirits of all flesh, set a man over the congregation, who may go out before them and go in before them, who may lead them out and bring them in, that the congregation of the Lord may not be like sheep which have no shepherd.”

There are many titles in the Bible – in both Old and New Testaments – for the Secular and for the Church (including Ministers who are servants of the people), It is the least used and least understood title. A person can be a Pastor, but is he/she a Shepherd? Why would Moses pray the way he did?

The state of a nation is the reflection of the Church and both the Church and the Nation today are like sheep without Shepherd. Part of the Shepherd’s function is to lead the sheep in and out into green pastures, economic empowerment and education. They must protect and guide from predators including terrorists.

God has given an instrument of authority called ‘the rod and staff! It is interesting that of all the predators that could possibly ravage the sheep, STRAY DOGS create the most damage: economic loss, damage to both sheep and shepherd. There is always a dog that assists the shepherd in rounding up the sheep and watching for the wolves, The stray dog has no abiding city.

Nowadays, some of the shepherds have allowed some of these stray dogs to come in and make a meal of the sheep. Sadly, mainstream and social media have become the new shepherds and are confusing the people – so many no longer know the truth!

For any change that is going to take place in the Church or the Secular (Politics, Business, etc) there needs to be an emerging of the true shepherds, as in Ezekiel 34. Only then will we see a reduction in the levels of manipulation, deception, riots, lawlessness, hopelessness, unemployment, mind control and corruption

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The Book of Ephesians unveils the mystery of the Church as no other Epistle. God’s secret intention is revealed to form a Body to express Christ’s fullness on earth; and to do this by uniting the people as one. It is the purpose of the church to equip and mature the people. To have victory over evil. The Book of Ephesians shows us that the Church is called to engage in battle with dark powers. But before the church is called to war, she must be taught how to walk; and before she is taught to walk, she is taught where to stand. The Book also teaches us about the government of God versus the hierarchy of the forces of darkness. It also speaks about order that needs to be established in the Body of Christ. The fact is WE ARE AT WAR AND WE MUST ENGAGE IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE! We have to fight for family, the relevance of the Church, that Government and Political order will not be taken over by evil and that nations will walk upright ethically and morally!

The Book of Ephesians gives spiritual revelation, tactics and strategies on how to dismantle the forces of darkness that is terrorizing a nation. We are not called to be defensive, we are called to function in the offensive!

Most of the negative things that happen around us daily is the result of the Church not engaging in Spiritual Warfare; but no one can go to war without being prepared, neither can one go to war without being fully clothed (with the Whole Armor). More than 50% of the Church does not believe in Spiritual Warfare. If one goes into warfare without being fully armored, they will be whipped by the enemy! That is why Paul the Apostle uses the metaphor of a battle dress of the first century Roman Soldier. Clearly the military metaphor is intended to show us that we are in active battle now – aggressive struggle – and only faith and our position in Jesus Christ will demolish these demonic strongholds that are coming against us.

To be effective in battle, we must first deal with the strongholds in our lives that we wrestle with on a daily basis. We have to engage and defeat the enemy and we have to – we must stand at the end of the day! After we have wrestled we must get the victory and prepare ourselves for the next battle.

One cannot go to battle looking for victory by mixing the clean with the unclean, the holy and the unholy. When we cook, we cannot mix the good food with rotting food, because the taste and smell of the good food will become tarnished and tainted by the aroma of the rotting food, and none will be edible. Any general leading God’s army must be fully loyal to God! They cannot serve God and Satan at the same time – while leading the people into battle, that only brings defeat! When Achan is in the camp (Joshua 7) defeat is inevitable. That is why people are saying that what is happening in the United States and Jamaica – the crime and other things taking over – prayer doesn’t work. Prayer works, but it is the lifestyle of the generals that will bring the defeat. They have the Babylonian things within their tents while they are leading the people astray. Unless we repent as a Church, and engage in Spiritual Warfare, I guarantee that what happened/is happening in the Middle East will extend to the West and darkness will take over.

The major keys to spiritual warfare are Command, Communication and Control!

In addition to that, we must win the battle in the air first before we can win it on the ground. Some of the prayers offered are not even passing the second heaven. (The Bible speaks about three (3) heavens)

Further to this, in spiritual warfare, we need to know who is the real enemy! Many times we are fighting with the enemy right beside us and we don’t realize it. The greatest enemy to the Church is the one within. So we have to wrestle (which indicates close combat fighting) first.

Understand that Spiritual Warfare is not a show – where you plan an event and bring in the media. Most of the warfare has to take place behind the scenes. Furthermore, every person engaging in Spiritual Warfare needs to know what kind of prayer is more effective in the particular season in order to dethrone the enemy. Oftentimes, you cannot engage in warfare if you are not taught to pray in the Holy Ghost, nor to embrace the different spiritual gifts that are given to the Church.

Finally, you can’t go into Spiritual Warfare in a jacket! It is time to take of the jacket if you want to see change!

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Church Should Lead Economic Revival: repost


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With all that is happening globally, and especially with the reports out of Venezuela that the people are now eating dogs and cats for survival due to extreme hunger and lack in that nation, without a doubt there is a global disaster coming. It is going to affect the Caribbean, and that includes Jamaica.
It is the Church that should lead the economic revival, and it is imperative that we begin to teach people the Biblical/Kingdom principles for survival. We have the skill, the talent and the anointing to transform the nation and we need to stop looking to the politicians or the private sector to lead that charge. Many of them don’t have a clue of regarding the timing and strategies that are necessary for what we face now. We need to focus on food and look at cost-cutting if we are to be viable in the international marketplace. Likewise, we need to teach the Secular that Kingdom Principles – God’s Principles, are the only way toward true success.

The Church needs to unite quickly and move because, when people are hungry, they don’t think about denomination or doctrinal beliefs. We must stop competing with and begin to complement each other. Food will be the order of the day.
If every building that is owned by a church was being fitted with solar panels, then millions would be saved and could be channelled and utilised to create employment, to help the poor, reduce poverty and increase economic development and sustainability.
Every Church needs to install wells or erect tanks for water storage.

When the Church is truly functioning and walking in economic empowerment, only then will others respect the Church. Neither politicians nor the private sector truly respect the Church. Having a few rich people in your congregation or even in your denomination does not gain you the respect of others. The time has come for the Church to actively engage in things like farming. We need to cultivate vegetables and begin to understand and also utilise the bushes/herbs to bring healing and rescue the Health Sector! (Ezekiel 47; Revelation 22) We need to recognise that pharmaceutical companies are not in the interest of the people.
The Church needs to buy land and hold on to those lands. That is the only way there will be wealth transfer for the next generation.

The only way the Church can be free is to be debt-free. It is the responsibility of the Church to teach the community about making good financial choices and how to be debt free. For example, teaching the people to stay away from credit cards; scrutinise every bill they get so as not to be overcharged.
Furthermore, teach them not to use the debit cards to pay bills when they will be charged a fee; but instead to pull out the total and then pay the bills by cash.
Cut down on purchases of phone credit and on using minutes (depending on the phone service you employ) – talk less and seek God more. The phone companies are making huge profits through the sale of phone credit for calling overseas and on minutes to make local and long distance calls and most of them are not giving back.
Only purchase what is necessary. Look for quality, not brand name. Stay away from loan sharks.

Avoid taking out a second mortgage unless you are starting a viable, inspired, God-given business.

Sow your way out of debt and when God gives you a debt write-off, extend it to others! If major companies want debt write-offs, then they will need to write-off the debts of the smaller companies or individuals who owe them
The Church needs to understand that it holds the power to empower the people. Politicians will not bring change, and there is going to be global disappointment regarding politicians globally.
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Many times after a tragedy takes place like the Sandy Hook Massacre and what happened in Charleston, we will hear different leaders and others come forward and encourage us to pray for those involved and the communities affected.
The question is, while we are praying for comfort and healing after the fact, are we praying enough for these things to be prevented? Are we doing enough and moving with wisdom as we should or being as alert as we should be today? The next question is why do we continue to cage the Holy Spirit, and why are we not listening to the voice of God? Where are the spiritual resources God has given to the church? Many will want to discuss the issue of racism and expand the divide, but demonic spirits behind the attacks are neither black nor white, they simply stir up the matter so we remain divided. (Ephesians 6). This may very well be a distraction by the enemy to do something bigger! Where are the watchmen in Zion?

The Church that ought to be the light in the darkness, needs to repent and get back on the mountain! Each person must be obedient God and His Word and do what God says – including Fasting! The media and Hollywood, who are poisoning the Youth and are acting innocent of their deeds, also need to repent! Prayer Warrior need to stand in the gap and pray instead of investing your time and effort into the lottery! We need to pray that God crushes and destroys the spirits of Prejudice, Murder, Perversion, Jezebel, Secularism and Herod. We need to pray that God will raise up righteous leaders at all levels, and that Christian Security Personnel will be promoted, and also that Christian Media Personnel, Entertainment Industry Personnel will be promoted and that the men will stand as they should as the head of their families and as a strong force in their communities. We need to pray that they will walk in their authority. We all await the manifestation of Isaiah 2: 1 – 4.
CHURCH – get back into the communities!
Unity and Power
There are many in the Body of Christ using their influence, particularly within the Media, to divide the Church; and it is sad to say that they are also men of the cloth! The Church needs to utilize the spiritual resources that Christ has given us and stop allow people to be led by heresy! What happened in Ireland is a wake-up call; and even the slaughtering of the Christians is being neglected by the Media! Everyone has to examine himself regarding what true Christianity really is – what Jesus stood for and for what He died. Too many Christians are compromising and still call themselves Christians. How can a

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As we continue to draw closer to a new era, it is becoming more evident that it is unlike anything we have ever seen before! The year 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year; God is calling His people in holiness, righteousness and absolute integrity. Many over the years have been going through hardship, and this year seems as if it is the hardest anyone of us has ever been through. But now we need to ask the questions:

1. When was the last time you attended church; paid your tithes, or fasted? (Hebrews 10 v 22-25, Psalms 122.)

2.When was the last time you honored the Lord with the first fruits of your income? (Proverbs 3 v 9-10)

3. When was the last time you truly sought the Lord? (Matthew 6 v 33)

4. What have you done with the talents and gifts God has given you? Are you using those gifts to worship God or help build His house?

5. Are you in obedience, worshiping Him as you ought to and doing what you need to do according to His word in order to be blessed?, (Deuteronomy 12 and Deuteronomy 28)

6. Are you following God’s instruction when He gives it to you to be blessed? (Genesis 22).

7. When was the last time you told someone about Jesus? (Matthew 28: 18—20)

8. Does God fit into your weekly schedule?

Now, God is calling His people to renew their minds according to Romans 12: 1—2 and stay rapture-ready (1 Thessalonians 5 v 1-11; 1 Thessalonians 4: 16—18). A time of blessing and outpouring is coming for the faithful! A time of lamentation is coming for the world and the unfaithful! A shift is already taking place; God is calling His people to be ready and to work in the vineyard for Him! (Matthew 20) and to seek Him first (Matthew 6: 33) and all will be added. Do not seek the things of the world, seek God and trust in Him.

Do what you can to gather, equip and reach the lost and dying, the abused, those who have already given up on life. And remember, Be Rapture-Ready.

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Loyalty is key in any organization! God is going to deal with the Judases in this season – whether it is operating in your house, your family, your Church, organization or nation!

The character of Judas is disloyal, greedy (not just for money, but also for attention and praise), selfish, and easily offended; and when offended runs to your enemy. Your enemy is Judas’ friend! Judas was a thief – he took the information within the team and sold it to the enemy, giving them access to the intimate details of the team while profiting from it financially! He reveals the confidential plans or information of your household, family, church, organization or nation when you are no longer ‘serving’ his purpose!

Judas’ heart is full of PRIDE and does not like to be corrected! When corrected by you, Judas pledges allegiance to external connections rather than yielding and repenting; this character will not think twice about hurting you. The character of Judas is holiest on Saturdays or Sundays but is fueled by evil for the rest of the week!

Judas sat under the greatest teacher, saw the ministry and miracles that took place, was directly involved in the operation of the group/organization and still his heart remained hard and uncircumcised. The character of Judas, even as he betrays, pretends to look like everyone else, pretends to be in obedience while engaging in silent rebellion. Judas may be sleeping with your husband or wife while still claiming to be your best friend!

Remember, no one can serve two masters or he will love one and hate the other! Judas was maintaining access in more than one place. No one can have access with God and Satan at the same time and still maintain the favor of God. Judas was following Jesus but his heart was not submitted to him. When one’s heart is not right, one becomes a candidate for Satan. The enemy will enter that person’s heart and have full access and control of that individual!

God is about to expose the Judases in your life, home, relationships, church and nation in this season for you to ADVANCE!

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