There are many doctrines and teachings regarding blessings and prosperity. Even some Christians have become unstable in pursuing prosperity; and some will ditch their church every 6 months in pursuit of prosperity. There are even teachers teaching about what is good soil versus what is not good soil, and if what they are teaching is true, then how would they explain wealthy cults and poor churches? For every Christian to walk in certain blessings, there are certain details they must follow in PROMPT OBEDIENCE! Your blessing is always at a place which God desires you to worship and make a sacrifice.

(Genesis 22: 1 – 4) There are even certain offerings which are voluntary and there are certainly those which are mandatory. For example, Sin Offerings and Trespass Offerings are mandatory for every believer to establish a covenant with God, which require consecration and holiness in order to receive certain blessings. That means you cannot make decisions based on how you feel about something or what you think it should be. You have to make decisions by the Holy Spirit and regardless of own you feel.

Furthermore, you cannot make decision by focusing on the natural things around you. You have to lift your eyes up and look to the mountains – meaning shifting your focus to the Spiritual. Then you will see your Jehovah Jireh. There are certain blessings that would come to you, but for the greater blessings, you will have to get up early and go to it! It will mean a consecrated lifestyle so that you can be sensitive to His Holy Spirit and the instructions He will give -that you may get to Mount Moriah which is mandatory for every believer.

Stop focusing on the church you attend and the pastor who leads you and become consecrated in order to get the covenant that God has in store for you.
Finally, good soil is your heart condition. (Ezekiel 17: 8; Mark 4: 1 -20)
Why are you not fruitful?

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“And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.” (I Corinthians 2: 4 – 5)

The people of God are no longer discerning as they should, they have allowed the serpent to enter and ravage the temple. I believe the Western churches, particularly the American church are about to go through a time of wilderness and it is God Himself who is going to carry them through it to wake them up. He did it with the Children of Israel many times to bring them back to righteousness. It is why so many people have been joining the cult and the new age. It is also why the politicians are going to psychics.

The prophets and priests of old were not afraid to declare God’s counsel and truth! Now every wind of doctrine we just hang on to it. We should be leading the world but instead we are following the world and the world’s ways and are not filled with Self, pride, greed and thirst for power. Many are focused on accuracy and ‘how great they are’! Not even a desire for souls to be saved is expressed. Some want to be as famous as an Oprah Winfrey. Some want to be on American Idol. Sadly, the Christian today does not even know how to Fast! Some were focusing on buildings and the building of people is not taking place.

The Holy Spirit weeps for the condition – particularly of the Black Church.

May the true remnant never cease to cry out! An awakening is coming! It is not an awakening to show ‘how powerful I am or how must gold dust and diamond dust I can blow’ but an awakening to rebuild the altar as in the day of Elijah, that Baal will not reign over us.

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