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Be Like Nehemiah

As the world awaits the proverbial ‘changing of the guard’ in the United States of America, some are fearful, meanwhile many are jubilant. As I have said many times before, God is the one who promotes and demotes. He does whatever He pleases. We may not understand God’s will, but we must pray each day. If President-elect Donald Trump wants to be successful and legitimately ‘make America great again’, then he should take a cue from Nehemiah.

First, Nehemiah identified who the survivors were, and in the case of the USA, the forgotten, the poor, fatherless, widows, the distressed, dejected, discontented, those in despair, the abandoned communities and the veterans and their families or surviving families. Repair and strengthen the institution of family which is broken. The family is the first line of government in any nation.

Nobody listens to the poor (Ecclesiastes 9: 16). Don’t listen only to the wealthy, but also to the poor. There are many who are poor with excellent solutions, but because of poverty they are despised and ignored. There are many who are rich but speak utter nonsense, yet it is gobbled up by the media and those lacking ideas. Wealth is not the mark of success. There are many who have been through many losses and failures, but have gained wisdom and have become true champions. It is sometimes a lack of opportunity or of a second chance that keep people in poverty.

Second, before making any major change, there will need to be four months of prayer to build a foundation, and for God to give Him guidance, tactics and strategies. The next four months will be critical to his presidency. Prayer is essential to leadership; he has proven this through his campaign. Prayer brings great vision to fruition. One of his prayers should be Nehemiah 1: 5 – 11, and that God will cause America to return to Him. He also has to repent on behalf of the nation for all that they have done, and for how America has, in general, forsaken God. He has to pray that God will forgive the mistakes of past administrations, and that God will heal the division within the nation.

As a wise leader, Nehemiah refrained from sharing his ideas with people until he has actually assessed matters and prayerfully considered the cost. There are two major things Trump has to do: repair and rebuild.

In repairing, Trump has to identify what was good from the previous administrations, then enhance and strengthen those things. For example, regarding immigration, he has to tread carefully, because part of what made America great was immigration. People came to America for opportunity, religious and economic reasons. They were welcomed and given the opportunity to legally inhabit, and that allowed America to be blessed. He has to discern who has come to build and who has come to destroy. Immigrants have been some of the most successful persons to help build America.

For example, the Transcontinental Railroad was built by the Chinese, which caused the nation to get a quick passage from east to west. The journey that usually took 4-6 months then took six days.

All eight great-grandparents of President John F. Kennedy and his siblings came to the United States on the ‘coffin ships’ to Boston Harbour and passed through the city’s immigration hall.

Immigrants do not steal jobs; they do the jobs that Americans don’t want. Immigrants always help the economy, whether they come here willingly or are forced to. It is going to be critical who advises him on this issue, as this has the potential to create another civil war, something I have also seen in a vision. Allow illegal immigrants the opportunity of a pathway to citizenship as this will also contribute towards reducing poverty, because they will be required to pay taxes, contribute to the school and economic systems and the real estate industry, while reducing the burden on the government to provide public assistance.

Furthermore, the armed forces must become modernized, the space programme needs to be revamped, greater attention must be given for developments in livestock/agriculture, water and energy.

Maintain the dream act and sanctuary cities. Avail funds to faith-based NGOs, without discrimination, to rebuild communities. Aggressively deal with drug lords, extortionists and their partners, as their actions interfere with foreign exchange and trade.

Pay greater attention to giving our children high-quality education and to training the teachers.

Give debt write-offs to, and ease regulations on, Caribbean and African nations.

Give grants for development and expansion of solar energy technology for poorer countries. Then the people will unite and rebuild.

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Family, Divorce And The Economy



The family is the main underpinning element in the stability and growth of a nation. Without a proper familial structure within any nation, instability begins to eat away at many other facets in the society, including the economy.

When families struggle, marriages come under a tremendous strain which affects their jobs! Ultimately, the economy is affected and, in turn, negatively affects families and marriages as financial pressures mount! Sadly for some, divorce ensues.

From 2004 to 2007, there was a general decrease in the number of divorces taking place in Jamaica, from 8.02 per cent to 5.63 per cent.

However, the number of divorces started to increase in 2008 and rose to 8.65 per cent by 2009. It has possibly increased significantly since then.

In the United States of America, a single divorce can cause the state and the government more than US$30,000.

Although these are statistics and numbers, we must recognize that the numbers represent real families that are being torn apart and broken up, causing great pain to the children, hurt and heartache for the spouses, and jobs that will not get the full attention required because of the turmoil it causes those involved.

Economic Factors Affecting The Family

The present global, economic situation is forcing many couples to engage in the wrong activities in order to survive – infidelity, long hours with low pay, and from the other end of the scale, the introduction of the flex-week where job functions continue, in some cases, seven days of the week.

As a result, families are neglected, school work affected because of the absence of the parents and there is no spiritual build up, refreshing or growth taking place. Even God rested!

So, companies – even the essential services – need to introduce staggered shifts. This saves jobs, cuts cost and helps the families!

We must ensure that we do not introduce any system that will help to pull families apart and cause a spiritual bankruptcy, which ultimately leads to natural bankruptcy!

The economy will soon bounce back; not because of the political and economic ‘fixes’, but because of the cry of the family!

Immigration reforms

This is a worldwide issue that is helping to destroy families. There needs to be reforms to make the process quicker.

In seeking to improve the conditions for their families, husbands and wives grow apart; children become estranged and channel their energies to violent behavior. All this affects the children’s education also.

If countries should make reforms with the welfare of families as their number-one priority, there would be great success and blessings on those administrations. The United States should lead the way!

Personal Communications And Social Networking

Men and women were created from two different processes! Man was formed, woman was made. For both to understand each other it takes a process. God will fashion the man first so that he become more sensitive to the woman (Jeremiah 18). Nothing can be made without it first being formed (Genesis 2).

The first recorded administration of anesthetics, and the first operation took place in Genesis 2: 21. The man’s right rib was taken out to make the right fit for him. A man must ensure that the woman who is to be your wife is the right fit.

One thing that many don’t realize is that once in a marriage, sharing takes the place of privacy. So something as simple as a password to your email and social network sites should not be private.

Financial Freedom

The family must unite and pray for specific ways for their needs to be met. For example, pray for a business or for business ideas. Oftentimes, long hours don’t add to income – it just increases debt!

Family is important, and certain blessings will not come to a nation and its people if the family is unstable or broken!


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With the upcoming US Election, all eyes are again focused on the United States of America. Regardless of who the victor will be, there are still dark days ahead financially before things get better. Every country benefits from America one way or the other – even their enemies. But they now have to focus on the things that have allowed them to be great in the first place.

Helping humanity and feeding the poor is something the United States of America has been good at doing. They always put themselves in the position to assist weaker nations and people. (Psalms 41; Matthew 25)

The United States of America is the only nation that has placed on their currency the statement, ‘In God We Trust’. Hence they have to rebuild their economy according to the principles of the God in Whom their forefathers trusted. (Psalms 127: 1)

While there will still be political instability, God allow different people in different sectors to come forward with the spirit of Daniel. America should now bring the focus to small businesses in order to begin rebuilding their economy. Their greatest resources are in the ground and they should focus on the ground – food, water and energy.

Immigration Reform

This will bring a great blessing to America – AMNESTY! Biblical Principles support it. When America calls for an Immigration Amnesty then their Tax Revenue will increase, sales of Real Estate will increase; healing of families will take place; schools will benefit; crime will immediately reduce. They also need to encourage foreigners to invest particularly in Real Estate, by reducing the Property Tax. When Property Tax to foreigners is reduced, that will revamp the failing Real Estate sector.

In addition to that, when there is an Amnesty, therein also lies the potential for America’s military force to increase.

Family Values

The USA must increase their giving to Faith-based and other NGO’s in an effort to rebuild communities – particularly in the area of Youth Development; they are the future. There needs to be proper mentorship of the Youth.

A greater focus must be placed on effectively helping NGO’s and Faith-based organizations that help those with disabilities as well.

All-Round Re-Focus

The state of a nation’s social, moral and economic well-being is directly influenced the state of the churches within the nation. (Haggai 1 & 2) The Church in America needs to get back to basics and focus on rebuilding.

America should never take its eyes away from Biblical Prophecies. Thus, they need to equip and build their military now more than ever, have the best communications and weapons to deal with future challenges and threats. (II Chronicles 26: 14 – 15)

The nation also needs to do more and better for their veterans. They have to remember that the enemy within can be greater than the enemy outside. The veterans still have a great deal to contribute to nation-building.

America needs to rebuild their Space Program. Never rely on another country – Biblical Prophecies cannot lie.

America needs to continue with Free Health and Free Education for those who cannot afford it, and put systems in place for foreign students to have an easier opportunity to stay and build what they have learnt.

America must embrace and invest in the ‘small’ man – those who are considered the rejects of the society. The shelters have become treasury of wealth. Many who have solutions they are seeking are there.

Let there be an easier process with regard to Visa restrictions concerning African countries and smaller nations. This would be balanced with the adherence of such individuals to vaccination processes and health guidelines and requirements.

The USA needs to cut out the zoning and tax restrictions throughout the nation that are killing businesses and making it more difficult and complicated for smaller businesses to exist and flourish.

There needs to be a group that will stand up to the banks and influence them to cease plundering businesses, homeowners and the poor. The banks are some of the greatest obstacles to economic change and growth. It is a stronghold in the nation. Law makers need to stand up to the banks.

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