Awakening, Arising and Alignment.
We are in a time of completion and new beginnings, new birth and the manifestation of promises and fulfillment of visions. The Body of Christ has become complacent and God is urging us to rise and push back, because the enemy wants to set an ambush on the Body of Christ. The time has come to unite and we cannot afford to focus on self. A time of Kingdom alignment starting with the aligning of the family – which is the first line of government. When the family is properly aligned the other two governments – church and civil – will be aligned. The enemies are coming together to advance their global agenda through gender agenda door. Unity and spiritual warfare must be to the next level. God is calling His people to get back to their First Love! There are too many messages on doctrine – promoting man and putting Jesus on the back burner. IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS. It was Jesus who died for the Church. In everything we do, Jesus and the Holy Spirit must be at the center. It is time for the children to rise (Joel 2: 28). God is pouring out of His Spirit! As the children rise we will see restitution, restoration, debt cancellation, grace, mercy and compassion.

There is going to be global shaking in the political arena, as many continue to ignore God’s voice and His way of doing things. We need to pray that President Trump will obey God and do His will to help the poor and weak and to establish His Kingdom within the earth.

If he does not obey then he will suffer defeat. He must be careful of his advisors. God wants him to rebuild the spiritual walls that have been torn down, not focus on the natural walls. He needs to call an amnesty and empower the poor.
Other Prophetic Words

1. We need to pray for Paula White and her ministry, because the enemy wants to bring her down.

Pray also for:
 Trinidad and its police force.
 European Union
 Canada
 Bahamas
2. There are many carrying out secular reform while ignoring the importance of and need for religious reform. (2 Kings 18: 4)

3. As in the days of old many refuse to listen to Jeremiah. God told Jeremiah to announce Jerusalem’s coming destruction by invaders from the north because they had forsaken the Lord and broke their covenant with Him – worshipping Baal. (Jeremiah 2: 8 – 9; Jeremiah 19: 4 – 5) So God is calling back His people to rebuild the altar, renew their covenant with God and they will see change. Many did not listen to Jeremiah, but the Word came to pass. Remember 2 Chronicles 35: 25, where Josiah the king who died suddenly.

1. Jamaica’s crime problem has to do with getting power, maintaining power, and greed. Passing natural laws to deal with spiritual laws that were broken in the past – not just by politicians, but also by the business sector and dons – will not fix the nation’s problems. What it will do – if there is not Divine intervention – it may give way to the return of 1938 and possibly prominent people may perish. If that happens then we might see the emerging of new leaders coming to the forefront in the various sectors, giving way to a new Jamaica; or a change of colors for a season still trying to find solutions. The politicians have over the years been warned about what they ought to do, by uniting all sectors for the benefit of the nation and have a time of atonement to ask for forgiveness for the wrongs that have been done by both parties in the past which caused cracks to the foundation of the nation. However no side is willing to heed or take it seriously. If an elected official used ‘blood money’ to get elected – regardless of the party – what do you think the harvest will be? Let us pray that each and everyone will wake up before it is too late. I just can’t seem to get this song out of my head lately. “Forward, forever united. Students, workers and farmers…” Let us remember the words of our National Anthem and our National Pledge and see whether or not we take it seriously or if it guides our actions as a nation.

2. The JLP’s tenure may be very short because they have ignored God’s voice to call the nation in prayer and fasting, and to carry out instructions to lessen the oppression within the nation.

3. “Woe unto the false prophets of Baal! I will destroy your meeting place,” says the Lord.

4. The watchmen in Jamaica are sleeping! Arise! Arise out of your slumber and travail for the land. Weep for the nation! Blow the trumpet and keep silent no more,” says the Spirit of the Living God!

5. There are going to be riots breaking out in certain parts of Jamaica, and this will bring the leaders to their knees because of continuous disobedience and rebellion over many years.

Something is about to happen worldwide that will wake up the Body of Christ and cause a united move in the right direction.

“Many true prophets of God are about to be persecuted as the prophet Jeremiah was persecuted. Are you ready for change that is coming? Who is on the Lord’s side?” The Lord is speaking more in this very hour. “Who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying,” says the Lord. For God is about to break the backs of all nation leaders because He is about to manifest in ways we have not seen before, and it will pass on from one generation to the next.

Members of the Body of Christ need to renew their minds and guard their hearts daily with the Word of God and be holy for God is holy!








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PROPHECIES! – The Word Of The Lord For 2017 And Onward (Part 1)

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Through Prophetess Doris Hutchinson, Apostle Steve Lyston, Prophetess Michelle Lyston, Prophetess Sophia DiMuccio, Prophet O. Onesto Jolly, Prophet David Benoit.

The year 2017 also falls in the Jewish year 5777. The number 17 means “immaturity, transition, victory”.

It will be a time of rest for some and a time of testing for others. Many will be tested now – especially on the basis of Romans 8:38-39.

The first 150 days will be critical globally. Months to watch are January, July, September and October.

For the faithful who have been enduring great persecution and hardship, particularly over the past decade, there will be great turnaround.

Purging and purification of the Body of Christ will be taking place. Curses, cycles and mountains will come down. Some kingdoms will fall while some will rise.

While many natural disasters will be taking place His love will be poured out in the earth like never before. Resurrection of dead visions will take place and healing will manifest in the earth globally.


1. They have taken us from woe to destruction Our leaders must be wise or else they will plunge the country into abomination. My eyes are upon this nation. Every person on this island I have ordained it to be so. Many died innocently and their deaths are hidden. But I will fix it says the Lord. I will remove the evil eye. For I am the Lord thy God that formed thee my people. Heaven is mine and earth is my footstool. I will deliver my people at a time appointed. Many will weep and wail and mourn that bring evil upon my land. My eyes are from the north east south and west. This country belongs to me, not man. I rule in the affairs of men.

2. A local person will rise up in Jamaica like WikiLeaks that will bring a great deal of exposure. Many will flee. Many will be arrested.

3. Those with properties that are not being utilised, owners should be on their watch. This is another way that those in certain levels of authority will pull away your assets from you for their use.

4. God is still warning Jamaica and calling the nation in prayer and fasting – a time of repentance as there are great challenges ahead. Political instability will continue.

5. Jamaica needs to tread carefully regarding their international lenders. IMF and the World Bank and all the other international lenders. There are serious implications in the areas of family, education and human rights as well as sovereignty. God wants the leaders to listen to the people not just one set of people.

6. An evil force was released over Jamaica because our leaders are not watchful. They accept evil thinking, and they think they are doing the country good. They are blind, and refuse to listen to My prophets. I will visit with them in their private chambers. There is also an unseen war going on in our country, because of the different cultures that have settled in our nation.

7. Jamaica needs to lower the taxes on the poor that it will benefit the poor and broaden the tax base. If they fail to do it and increase taxes, there is going to be a fallout and instead of surplus, the deficit will increase and create more hardship on the nation.

8. MPs, on both sides, will be coming under fire in 2017. Many will say, “We have been betrayed.”

9. More moral decline will take place and unless both political leaders calls the nation in fasting and a time of atonement for the nation to close the door on the evil there will continue to be a time of political instability.

10. Jamaica needs to strengthen its alliances with Latin nations, the Caribbean and the African nations. This will help to carve out plans for trade and employment. It will strengthen the currency and increase tourism. Jamaica must be careful about how it opens its borders in the name of economic development without proper screening and checks and discernment of motives. A failure to do this can bring great embarrassment and failure.

11. Pray for all bishops, pastors and church leaders in Jamaica to unite and rise up. A time of persecution is coming. Pray especially for that popular St Catherine-based bishop that he will endure the fire he is about to face. A time of Jacob’s trouble.

12. Exposure of more fraudulent activities will hit the PNP which will force opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller to make a statement. There will be great exposures for the PNP administration that will result in drastic changes within their camp.

13. The Lord needs the politicians to come together on solving the ever increase on crime now, for there has been too much bloodshed and it has come up to Him.

14. The politicians need to be true to the people of the nation regarding its governance over them, for there is an outcry for them to cease betraying the citizens for political gain.

15. God is calling the JLP administration to seek His face regarding certain political decisions they have made because these decisions may backfire and result in political unrest.

16. There needs to be better logistics and scheduling within Caribbean Airlines which will better able to serve the Caribbean Community and increase sales. There needs to be a survey regarding time and schedule.

17. God is calling the present Government to depend upon Him to handle the escalation of crime that is partly politically instigated. There needs to be more jobs provided for the lower classes of unemployed in the country, or crime will continue to increase and the onset of political instability will begin.

18. There will be an investigation at JAMPRO that will result in a few persons being out of a job.

19. There will be lots of administrative changes within internationally known alcohol-producing company.

20. There needs to be more focus on our export and import markets to bring in more sales and boost tourism.

21. The Contractor General’s Office will come under scrutiny for its business practises.

22. Cyber issues will increase in Jamaica because of unemployment. The authorities will have their hands full.

Disclaimer: Please note that God reserves the right to hold His hand back from any form of judgement pending subject to the repentance of nations and individuals. Jonah 3:510; Exodus 32:14; Jeremiah 18:711; Amos 7:36; II Kings 20:111 and I Corinthians 13:9.

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Remove Taxes From All Medical Equipment

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Nobody likes or wants to be sick, but as life happens – and technology and global pollution increase – things get more difficult, stress intensifies and our health comes under great attack from all angles.

The question is, are all parties in the health industry – especially pharmacologists and research scientists – more interested in treating rather than curing?

Health services are among the most lucrative industries, and the most political. In fact, this is an issue I have been speaking on for years. Even prophecies God has given to help individuals and nations, as well as His recommendations, have been ignored.

At the rate we are going, only the rich will be able to be offered health care.

God wants us to be healed more than we desire to be healed; so much so, that while Christ was on earth, it was his number one ministry.

“When the sun was setting, all those who had any that were sick with various diseases brought them to Him, and He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them.” (Luke 4: 40)

He even commanded the Church to ensure that healing be their number one priority (Mark 16: 18; Luke 9:1). God even gives the gift of healing to individuals for them to administer to those who are sick. He created plants, leaves and herbs for mankind’s health.

With the amount of money each person spends during his/her lifetime to deal with the common cold alone, they could make Forbes’ list of billionaires. The greatest wealth transfer from the rich to the poor is in the area of health – and this is the area wherein God wants to do His greatest work. This is why the Church should no longer be afraid of the media, theologians, the medical sector and heretics to carry out the healing ministry.

The very symbol used in the global medical field – the two serpents and the rod – is inspired by Numbers 21 and John 8: 36. Further to this, it was Jesus who died for us to receive healing.

Healing is not for the logical. You can be given several instructions -like Naaman received to dip seven times; or like the woman who was operating in a broken health system, but was forced to change her mindset in order to receive her healing as she put her faith totally in God.


There are many ways God can heal us – through surgery, advice of medical doctors, through the laying on of hands by praying elders and mothers in the church (James 5: 13- 8). God can allow medicine to be used, He can heal you supernaturally; He can use bushes and plants (II Kings 20); He can instruct us to fast for healing – three-day or seven-day fasting. We can be healed by giving to the poor. Many doctors speak about the power and benefits of fasting. However, consult your doctor before engaging in a fast.

Additionally, you can anoint yourself with oil – as is found in Exodus 15: 26. God promises physical, emotional and spiritual healing. One of His names is Jehovah Rophe, which means ‘God is our Healer’. You can also receive your healing as you forgive! Wherever the greatest problem lies is where the greatest solution will be found.

Revelation 22: 1-2 and Ezekiel 47: 12 let us know that the fruits and leaves of the tree are for the healing of nations. The Caribbean, Africa and other poorer nations need to open their eyes and begin to put plans in place – building labs, engage in increased agriculture, acquire machines, remove taxes from all medical equipment which will create many jobs for the regions. There will be great regret if we don’t put these in place.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal regarding good health and well-being is one which countries need to work on achieving, which will ultimately make a positive contribution to poverty eradication.

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