Many times people say they have a great calling on their lives, but they refuse to submit to a shepherd.  Some think they don’t need any, while others – when they are corrected, they adopt another shepherd.  Yet there are others who allow other sheep to lead them.


Let us understand that sheep and shepherd are two different things.  Shepherd drive or lead the sheep, not the other way around.  If sheep don’t want to be led by a particular shepherd, Christianity is the wrong faith for them.


Every sheep needs a shepherd:


  1. To lead them in green pastures
  2. To shear them – prepare them for service to God
  3. To bring them fresh water and fresh grass in other words lead them into prosperity
  4. To protect them from wild animals and stray dogs (hirelings, wolves, false prophets, false teachers
  5. To anoint them with fresh oil – new anointing, prosperity and blessing
  6. To prevent them from spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness
  7. To guide and nurture them to ensure that they are walking in the right direction (Sheep tend to make silly decisions – walking with their heads down)


Oftentimes sheep are troubled by flies around the nose and ears – always attacking the head.  Then they lay their eggs on the damp of the mucus membranes (soft, weak areas) and if that connection is successful, the eggs hatch and turn into worms which crawls into the ears and noses of the sheep.  So it cuts off their hearing and their discernment. Then it leads to blindness.  This is why so many sheep have been swaying by every wind of doctrine and are following false shepherds.


Psalm 23 speaks clearly of the shepherd’s role, not only of the Chief Shepherd, but is an example of what all true shepherds should be. When the sheep goes astray, the shepherd has to anoint their heads with oil.  This will bring instant change and instantly kill all the worms and the insects that were buried in the heads of the sheep – false doctrines included; which will bring peace, quietness and healing.


The Good Shepherd will be instructed by the Holy Spirit on what to feed the sheep.  Most sheep tend to stray into different pastures looking for different foods to eat.  They oftentimes get diarrhea, foot rot disease and many other deadly illnesses.  This is why each sheep must have one shepherd.


The Shepherd Role Is Not Easy


The shepherd does not have an easy role, as it can be extremely painful and dangerous.  They are exposed to the following on a daily basis to keep the sheep:


  1. Stray dogs let in by the sheep
  2. Hirelings
  3. Wolves
  4. Mountain lions
  5. Other stray sheep who have been infected and who have been let in by the sheep themselves.
  6. Social Network
  7. Mainstream Media


There are many titles in the Bible, but, ‘Shepherd’ is the least used and the least understood.  A person can be ordained as a Pastor but the/she is not a shepherd.  In this time, where most of the sheep are in tune with Social Media, and all kinds of distractions, the shepherd’s role has become more dangerous because they are leading the sheep out by day and in by night.


Recognize that there is a difference between a Priest and a Shepherd.   The shepherd goes beyond pulpit duties.  When God is going to bring change to a church or a nation He raises up leaders with a shepherd’s heart.  Look at Numbers 27: 15 – 23. Eleazar was the Priest, but God did not choose him to be the Shepherd.  Only those with a shepherd’s heart will bring maturity and stability to the sheep or to a nation.


What is seen in the nation with the breaking down of families, the abuse and destruction of children, the political and economic instability and so on, is a reflection of the breakdown in the Church, Politics & Governments and Business Sector.  Shepherding is not confined only to the Church, but also applies to Nations as well.  Thus, there are Political Shepherds, Business Shepherds and it is imperative for us to recognize that. David also was a good shepherd who became a good king.


We MUST pray for good shepherds to arise and bring change locally, globally and in the Church. Surprisingly, when a shepherd falls, most people curse them and never forgive them. But we must remember that shepherds are Christ’s sheep.  When a sheep falls, oftentimes people are silent and nobody says anything.  We must be careful about how we treat shepherds or about what we utter against them; and when God forgives them, who is man to condemn them?


Understand that one cannot go from poverty to prosperity without their shepherd.

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Choosing A Leader – Good Leadership Brings Growth And Reformation

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In pursuit of good leadership, many are crying out for a different kind of leader that will bring reformation. But all sectors, including media as well as the people, must have clear guidelines particularly about core values and leadership styles that they require in order to bring change!
Many times we see persons with strong leadership ability and great potential who can bring positive changes to the society, but they are overlooked because the current perception of what leadership criteria should include needs serious readjustment.
Many believe that you must have a masters or doctorate and be of a certain pigmentation in order to be a good leader, particularly of a nation! This is not so! There are many successful leaders in all sectors of society who had no degrees but are/were very good leaders. Look at Sir Alexander Bustamante, Sir Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, and Bob Marley.
In moving forward, what leadership style do we think is more suitable for the era and time we are in, which will bring growth and reformation – autocratic, democratic orlaissez-faire. Military or religious? Now here is an interesting question, What kind of leader do you think Jesus is?

We are in desperate times, and as the saying goes, desperate times call for desperate measures! The leadership style that will come to the fore next will be under scrutiny.
We have seen administrations worldwide shaking, particularly in the Middle East, and the people have been demanding a new style of leadership for their nations. However, whenever persons come out of an abusive situation and begin a new relationship with the old mindset and way of thinking, soon they will begin to rebel again and cry out for the old leadership or former relationship!
It is the same individually and nationally! So if the minds are not renewed, and people don’t specify what they require going forward, the old cycle will continue!
Questions For Change
How do I select the leader of my nation? What do I require of leaders? These are basic questions every individual should ask. However, there must be more specific questions asked in order to get the specific result you want for your nation.
Do I select a leader because I need genuine change for my nation (or business)?
Am I choosing my nation’s leader because it runs in the family?
In what does this potential leader of my nation believe – morally, spiritually and ethically?
What are the motives of this potential leader?
What is the level of grace and ability to lead that this person has?
Am I choosing this leader because he/she is a great orator with charisma and a lot of money, with the skin colour that I like?
Attitudes We Should Look For
In order for change to take place within a business or nation, these are the qualities we should demand in a leader:
Be a defender of the poor.
Always respect the chain of authority.
Take time out to look at the burden of others.
Prefer to suffer with the right people than to succeed with the wrong people.
Be in good standing with his/her family, walking in integrity; the husband of one wife and vice versa!
Be humble (not self-serving, seeking fame or prestige).
Always enquire of the Lord in times of crisis as to what to do.
Never trust or accept anyone close to him/her who has undermined his/her leader (even from another party or business).
Not be afraid to discipline his/her children and those that work for him/her.
Be ready to stand alone for truth and ensure that whatever decisions they make will not come back to haunt them!
Be multifunctional, a good administrator, and a good listener.
We need leaders who will honour their promise at any cost, not to say one thing and then do the next.
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