August 5, 2017

Through Apostle Dr. Steve Lyston and Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson


Apostle Steve Lyston

The Lord says, “Another Step” He is calling the Body of Christ to take another step of Faith, another step of Holiness, another step of readiness because the rapture can be anytime.  Another step of Soul-winning.


John 10 – this is the season of exposure.  The true shepherds versus wolves and hirelings and false sheep.  In the same way that we have false sheep.  True sheep know the true shepherd’s voice.  False sheep follow false shepherds.  If they were true, they would have a desire for the Word.  True sheep stay in God’s presence and study His word and will not be easily deceived.  There is great deception coming.  The true heart will know His voice while the false hear will follow others.  We will see the rise of the Pharisees because they were not true sheep.


Jesus wants His people to know that He is the Good Shepherd and there is only one Door and one Way and it is He is that Door.  Many will come and say there are other ways of salvation, but Jesus is the only Savior.  When we go in He gives us safety and in our going out He gives green pastures.  Jesus is the Good Shepherd who died for the sheep and carrying the cross daily is key to Christianity.  True sheep do not follow false shepherds.  Satan is a thief – and he came to kill steal and destroy.  He presents a false way of life.
HIRELINGS are those who engaged solely in self-preservation.  They pose as shepherds but are not.  The purpose of hirelings is to fleece the sheep – not to protect them.  Hirelings don’t protect the sheep from the wolves, neither do they care for the sheep.  The Lord said false prophets, false apostles or false shepherds have no concern for the sheep.  There main concern is their money, their fame, and maintain their position in the marketplace and other places of influence.  Most of them are afraid to lose their position and their possessions!  (Watch out for those who focus on themselves more than they focus on Christ.)


That is why God is calling His people to a place of intimacy with Him, so that He can speak to His people as there is serious deception ahead.


The Lord says take note of Psalm 33: 10 – 12 which says “The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing; He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect. The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He has chosen as His own inheritance” Note also Proverbs 19: 21 which reminds us, “There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand.”


I believe that these words will be the prophetic word for the remainder of the year.  Regardless of the plan individuals, nation leaders, the medical, economic and legal fraternities and those in sports may have – even those planning evil; at the end of the day, only what God’s plan is will come to pass.  Let us do good and ensure that our plans are in line with God’s plans for us.  (A great deal of exposure is coming)


Bishop Dr. Doris Hutchinson

August 6, 2017

For the Lord said, “A lot of evil will be exposed by the end of this year and into the next year.  This is a warning as God is not pleased.  He has given many warnings and many have not heeded.  As exposure takes place, things will become worse.  Therefore, all Christians need to live holy lives and all unsaved persons need to repent and turn their lives to Him now.  For the Lord says as He exposes the evil and the evil plans, especially in some nations, many will have heart attacks, some will have brain damage. There are some who will lose the will to live.  A decision is going to be made and it will be a World-wide command/decree.  It will shake the entire world and it will not be contested.  This is when we will see the true Christians of the century.  It will spark a worldwide war which will affect every nation.  But true believers whether they live or die, their souls will be saved.  God will give us the grace to stand fast by His word; and when things reach an alarming height, those in authority will propose some kind of drug to silence those who are badly affected.  Places of pleasure and amusement will become as nothing.  Mighty men and women will fall from their haughty lifestyles and this is the beginning of earth’s sorrows especially those who turn their backs on God.  The un-Godly lifestyle and those who promote it will soon drink from the bitter cup which will be poured out on the earth and they will reap what they have sown.


God is calling sinners to repent from evil before it’s too late.  There is a way of escape – those who call upon will be saved.  Jesus died and shed His blood for mankind.  (Psalm 7: 11; Psalm 9: 17)


All unsaved persons, the Lord is pleading with you to give your lives to Him right now.  The Lord is calling back the backsliders; the Lord is about to remove many coverings.

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Many times people say they have a great calling on their lives, but they refuse to submit to a shepherd.  Some think they don’t need any, while others – when they are corrected, they adopt another shepherd.  Yet there are others who allow other sheep to lead them.


Let us understand that sheep and shepherd are two different things.  Shepherd drive or lead the sheep, not the other way around.  If sheep don’t want to be led by a particular shepherd, Christianity is the wrong faith for them.


Every sheep needs a shepherd:


  1. To lead them in green pastures
  2. To shear them – prepare them for service to God
  3. To bring them fresh water and fresh grass in other words lead them into prosperity
  4. To protect them from wild animals and stray dogs (hirelings, wolves, false prophets, false teachers
  5. To anoint them with fresh oil – new anointing, prosperity and blessing
  6. To prevent them from spiritual blindness and spiritual deafness
  7. To guide and nurture them to ensure that they are walking in the right direction (Sheep tend to make silly decisions – walking with their heads down)


Oftentimes sheep are troubled by flies around the nose and ears – always attacking the head.  Then they lay their eggs on the damp of the mucus membranes (soft, weak areas) and if that connection is successful, the eggs hatch and turn into worms which crawls into the ears and noses of the sheep.  So it cuts off their hearing and their discernment. Then it leads to blindness.  This is why so many sheep have been swaying by every wind of doctrine and are following false shepherds.


Psalm 23 speaks clearly of the shepherd’s role, not only of the Chief Shepherd, but is an example of what all true shepherds should be. When the sheep goes astray, the shepherd has to anoint their heads with oil.  This will bring instant change and instantly kill all the worms and the insects that were buried in the heads of the sheep – false doctrines included; which will bring peace, quietness and healing.


The Good Shepherd will be instructed by the Holy Spirit on what to feed the sheep.  Most sheep tend to stray into different pastures looking for different foods to eat.  They oftentimes get diarrhea, foot rot disease and many other deadly illnesses.  This is why each sheep must have one shepherd.


The Shepherd Role Is Not Easy


The shepherd does not have an easy role, as it can be extremely painful and dangerous.  They are exposed to the following on a daily basis to keep the sheep:


  1. Stray dogs let in by the sheep
  2. Hirelings
  3. Wolves
  4. Mountain lions
  5. Other stray sheep who have been infected and who have been let in by the sheep themselves.
  6. Social Network
  7. Mainstream Media


There are many titles in the Bible, but, ‘Shepherd’ is the least used and the least understood.  A person can be ordained as a Pastor but the/she is not a shepherd.  In this time, where most of the sheep are in tune with Social Media, and all kinds of distractions, the shepherd’s role has become more dangerous because they are leading the sheep out by day and in by night.


Recognize that there is a difference between a Priest and a Shepherd.   The shepherd goes beyond pulpit duties.  When God is going to bring change to a church or a nation He raises up leaders with a shepherd’s heart.  Look at Numbers 27: 15 – 23. Eleazar was the Priest, but God did not choose him to be the Shepherd.  Only those with a shepherd’s heart will bring maturity and stability to the sheep or to a nation.


What is seen in the nation with the breaking down of families, the abuse and destruction of children, the political and economic instability and so on, is a reflection of the breakdown in the Church, Politics & Governments and Business Sector.  Shepherding is not confined only to the Church, but also applies to Nations as well.  Thus, there are Political Shepherds, Business Shepherds and it is imperative for us to recognize that. David also was a good shepherd who became a good king.


We MUST pray for good shepherds to arise and bring change locally, globally and in the Church. Surprisingly, when a shepherd falls, most people curse them and never forgive them. But we must remember that shepherds are Christ’s sheep.  When a sheep falls, oftentimes people are silent and nobody says anything.  We must be careful about how we treat shepherds or about what we utter against them; and when God forgives them, who is man to condemn them?


Understand that one cannot go from poverty to prosperity without their shepherd.

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