Have Mercy On The Poor

Many times within the society, you will hear statements about growing the economy. We are told about goals and targets, but in the midst of growing an economy, the poor are not in the equation. They are long forgotten by politicians and business people, and even some global agencies that promise to deal with charity and such issues.

Oftentimes, the advisers themselves have no idea what it is to be poor. They simply make decisions, oblivious of the realities. Sometimes you will see statements made by various countries regarding poverty eradication. They even have international-level conferences where they discuss and make statements to those assembled, and based on the statements, you wonder if they know where they are living.

Decisions have been made to make the investors happy, while the poor are very unhappy. In fact, they are dying under pressure.

Sadly, the younger generation is drowning under debt, burdened by the weight of what the previous generations left behind. This is not a legacy, this is a yoke.

God showed me a vision where a group of politicians and investors were crossing a river. They were all excited at the prospect of new business deals, but in the midst of all that, the Lord showed that there were two generations. The older generation was trying to catch up, but they could not. While the young generation was in the river trying to cross, the politicians were trying to extend their hands in a simple gesture, but it was only for show.

They didn’t realise, however, that in crossing the river at the pace to grow the economy and please the investors, there were different levels of the riverbed and that the children were drowning; the only alternative was for the Church to step in and save them. The politicians and business people did not even realise what was happening. There are other meanings, however, that will be discussed in articles to come.

One cannot drive an economy at the pace of investors and international lenders. Even when the nation passes the test, the people are failing the test. If we want to see the economy grow, we must put plans and measures in place to rescue the poor.


One billion children worldwide are living in poverty. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

In 2011, 165 million children under the age five were stunted (reduced rate of growth and development) due to chronic malnutrition.

The World Food Programme says, “the poor are hungry and their hunger traps them in poverty”. Hunger is the number one cause of death in the world, killing more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined.

The Bible, specifically and strongly, outlines in Proverbs 31: 8-9: “Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause of all who are appointed to die. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.” Take a look also at Proverbs 22: 22-23, Psalm 12:5, and Isaiah 10: 1-3, which is a very serious scripture.

No nation must have any laws or decrees that would bring any kind of oppression or further hardship on the poor. When God establishes a leader in office, God judges them based on the burdens borne by the poor of the nation. In fact, that is what defines one’s legacy or the duration of the administration; and when we focus on pleasing the investors and the poor are forgotten, then it brings serious consequences and curses over the nation.

The country urgently needs to revisit the economic policies that it is pursuing.

The Government needs to set up JA Monetary Fund for the Poor. This will assist the poor, for example, with basic items, furniture, education, burial, and health bills.

– It needs to provide nurses’ aides for seniors, especially for the disabled children and adults.

– Coordinate with the private sector to donate skimmed milk powder and diapers to the newborn babies of poor families.

– Have a flat rate on water for the poor.

– Reduce GCT.

– Increase the minimum wage.

– Restore and revamp the free zone.

– Build more shelters for the homeless.

– Have a flat rate for electricity in low-income areas.

– Give more support for farming, not only in promoting it as a viable means of income, but also in subsidising the cost of tools and equipment.

– Lower insurance rates for second-hand vehicles.

– Implement a no-tax policy for new companies for the first three years.

There is much more we can do for the poor, particularly if we want to see the next generation rise to meet the challenges and overcome them for the growth and development of the nation.

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The Government Of God

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There are many genuinely righteous people today walking away from the secular industries because they believe that it causes them to compromise their beliefs, and they take with them invaluable contributions to their organisations, groups and the nation. But that is not always the right choice. There is need for light, particularly in the secular world, in order to allow change to come. The absence of light is darkness. There is no such thing as a separation of church and state. There ought not to be a separation of secular and religious. God did not make secular and religious people; he made man, in His own image. It was man who chose separation!
The global failure at this point is the lack of light within strategic positions. Those that are light will operate under the government of God.
In order for us to see and experience change, God’s government must be seen in all areas – media, politics and finance. It was God’s government, in time of recession and famine, which rescued Pharaoh’s government.
Pharaoh was a secular king, but, Joseph was operating under God’s government. In politics, if the administration is operating under God’s government, there will be a rebuilding of the wall within the nation. Politicians would walk in integrity and principle and would deal with excessive spending, oppression and engage in self-sacrifice for others to follow, as they lead by example. They would also champion the cause of the poor. They would help those who fell on hard times because of their economic circumstances; as well as those who are victims of human trafficking, prostitution and the sex trade.
The government of God creates an environment for investment and gives the poor an equal opportunity to function in a competitive market, remove exclusivity and criteria that only the rich can meet, and provides a fair tax policy.
Foreign Policy/Tourism
The government of God does nothing – that includes making major decision, developing foreign policies or implementing tourism-based plans – without seeking God’s guidance and using His Word as a guideline.
Recently, most of the Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, made a decision in violation of God’s Word. It is going to negatively affect all involved at some point in the future. Jamaica, in order to boost tourism, is recommending the removal of all visa restrictions to allow other countries to come into the nation.

Given the fact that Jamaica does not have the necessary resources to protect its borders, and in addition to the moral, security and labour issues, they should have addressed the logistics issues overseas, by setting up more embassies. Opening our borders for the sake of increasing tourism, will create major problems on the nation; problems which we are not equipped to handle. Furthermore, there will be a loss of revenue. The only beneficiaries of such a situation are the various all-inclusive hotels. The poor don’t benefit in any way. The country needs to fix the crime problem or screen and collect visa fees at the port of entry.
The government of God is built on the principles of God. We cannot depend on loans and other governments to help us come out of our circumstances; neither can we trust man (Jeremiah 17:5-8). We have to trust God to help us turn things around. We have always heard the Jamaican adage – ‘short-cut draw blood’; embargoes too! Some of the decisions made concerning the nation will bring serious embargoes in the future.
Learn From Nehemiah
In order for lawmakers and politicians to create a new environment, we must rebuild the walls that are broken down. We have to encourage all sectors to unite; rebuilding family values and put laws in place that encourage the building of families.
There needs to be reform to national security and to the justice system.
There needs to be a strengthening of the curriculum to inculcate discipline within our children’s studies while they learn the traditional subjects. They need to be taught the implications and repercussions of negative actions – including tattooing, gambling, sex before marriage and the facts about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. They need to be made to understand that going after gifts from men and women who are not their close family members has the potential to make them victims of human trafficking and the global sex trade.

We need God’s government for things to change.
see more http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20121217/news/news1.html
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1. LEADERSHIP – It is very critical for the leaders of nations today to have a servant-leader quality and style in order to bring real change today; and with the pending US Elections, every candidate’s style of leadership should be taken into consideration. The leadership of any nation should rely heavily upon Godly instructions and should display true love for the people within a nation.

2. ECONOMIC – There will be continued economic instability within the US, the Caribbean and Europe because the wealthy have been allowed to over-exert their authority at the expense of the poor and middle classes. Increase taxes on the rich! In addition to this there should be no taxes on basic items. General Consumption Tax in countries such as Jamaica should not go above 12%. The banks and their systems have been and continue to be the biggest hindrances to the nation and its growth. Major countries need to begin writing off the debts of smaller countries. Likewise, major companies need to do the same for smaller companies.

3. SECURITY – There are too many doors of access open for potential attacks globally due to improper security practices. Total security is highly unlikely without the Lord and the root of this issue needs to be dealt with urgently! Security personnel need to be properly screened for any job description. Therefore, security for Land, Sea and Air Transportation must be tighter. More stringency is required secure the citizens within a nation. There needs to be an up-to-date database with all the ex-service men who left honorably so that they can be re-enlisted in the event of an emergency. There also needs to be more training in security management and disaster preparedness.

4. HEALTH/WATER – There are so many medications on the market that I believe have been causing serious side effects for over 4 decades. Doctors, Nutritionists and Lab Technicians need to explore the natural things that God Himself made for the benefit of man’s continued existence and He has given us plants that can sometimes be employed to cure us. There are medications that need to be banned from off the market immediately to eliminate fraudulent business activities within this field. More tanks and wells are needed urgently. Instead of focusing on Marijuana, government needs to focus on the herbs in general and make an effort to see how they can help in healing for the nation’s people. The focus should be on curing – not on treating. Have a program where you focus on training more paramedics and First Response Personnel. There also needs to be a reduction in the price for drugs to the general public.

5. AGRICULTURE – We need now more than ever to preserve our trees because for so many of their fruits are not given the chance to grow and be part of God’s beauty and purpose. The trees help to preserve the environment – provides shelter and shade. There must be more attention given to animals that are butchered for consumption to ensure it is properly done. Focus on the usefulness of local plants is just as important as many of them, such as Thyme and Sage for example, can be useful in marinating and preserving meats and fish. Begin to produce more fresh water fish. Also, rent warehouses and store food and water in the event of a disaster. Remove any taxation from food brought in by NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which would not compete with local entities.

6. GLOBAL WARMING – There is the potential for many of natural disasters to occur in certain countries even beyond the ordinary. These countries will be declaring National Crises/States of Emergency. Disaster-prone areas should no longer be inhabited by people, and there should be underground domes built in the event of heavy rains resulting in floods. Tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes will increase. The Disaster Preparedness Committees should seriously re-visit disaster-prone areas, observing closely the kind of disasters that are inevitable and determine how best to reach the general public and prepare them quickly! There should be at least an hour’s training via the radio and television, as well as by phone. This should also be a common focal interest within schools and the work force.

7. EDUCATION – The cost of education to students at all levels must decrease so that the lower and middle classes can complete their studies. Government bodies need to also look into waiving fees for those who are unable to pay until they are working, and have a written agreement – a Document/Letter of Commitment. There needs to be a greater and more active focus on developing the gifts and skills of the youth in the schools. There is the need for more focus on the Technical, Arts and Montessori schools.

Let us prayerfully seek God’s coverage, protection and mercy during the 8th and 9th months.

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