There are many doctrines and teachings regarding blessings and prosperity. Even some Christians have become unstable in pursuing prosperity; and some will ditch their church every 6 months in pursuit of prosperity. There are even teachers teaching about what is good soil versus what is not good soil, and if what they are teaching is true, then how would they explain wealthy cults and poor churches? For every Christian to walk in certain blessings, there are certain details they must follow in PROMPT OBEDIENCE! Your blessing is always at a place which God desires you to worship and make a sacrifice.

(Genesis 22: 1 – 4) There are even certain offerings which are voluntary and there are certainly those which are mandatory. For example, Sin Offerings and Trespass Offerings are mandatory for every believer to establish a covenant with God, which require consecration and holiness in order to receive certain blessings. That means you cannot make decisions based on how you feel about something or what you think it should be. You have to make decisions by the Holy Spirit and regardless of own you feel.

Furthermore, you cannot make decision by focusing on the natural things around you. You have to lift your eyes up and look to the mountains – meaning shifting your focus to the Spiritual. Then you will see your Jehovah Jireh. There are certain blessings that would come to you, but for the greater blessings, you will have to get up early and go to it! It will mean a consecrated lifestyle so that you can be sensitive to His Holy Spirit and the instructions He will give -that you may get to Mount Moriah which is mandatory for every believer.

Stop focusing on the church you attend and the pastor who leads you and become consecrated in order to get the covenant that God has in store for you.
Finally, good soil is your heart condition. (Ezekiel 17: 8; Mark 4: 1 -20)
Why are you not fruitful?

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There is a great fight globally for political power. Even those who have failed badly are fighting for dear life to stay in power! Over the years successive leaders have made promises and many of them were simply not kept. A total generation of youth have been robbed of their inheritance! Hopelessness has crept in, while many are fighting to leave a political legacy. While many want to bring change, real change can only come when the strongholds over the minds of the people are pulled down or broken!

We cannot bring change by using physical methods or strategies. Neither can winning an election – by fair means or foul – bring true change! Carnal weapons consist of those which are man-made devices which are philosophic strongholds! Fear, deception, lies, reverse psychology, intimidation and manipulation (especially of the language) are some of these devices. Every effort man makes external to the Cross will bring failure!

When we utilize the principle of Christ to bring down strongholds, the Holy Spirit will bring victory! Carnal and worldly weapons will not do it. Weapons empowered by God are what bring changes.

Strongholds are first established in the mind and behind every stronghold there is a lie and behind every lie there is fear; behind every fear there is an idol! Idols are established whenever there exists a failure to trust in the provision of God which are ours through Jesus Christ.

Some of the weapons that bring down strongholds are:

God’s Word – Hebrews 4: 12 – 13

The Blood of Jesus – Revelation 12: 11

The Name of Jesus – Mark 16: 17

Praise and Worship\t- II Chronicles 20: 20 – 30

Fasting – Ezra 8: 21 / Ezra 9: 5

Repentance – Joel 1 & 2

Weeping and Wailing\t – II Chronicles 7: 14

Strongholds must be confronted and pulled down. (Ephesians 6: 13 – 18 & Jeremiah 1: 5)

After the Children of Israel were delivered by God through Moses from oppression and bondage, it was strongholds that caused them to once again desire Egypt and the things of Egypt. It was strongholds that caused them to use the very thing that should keep them out of debt in the Land of Promise, that they used to create the idol they chose to worship.

When people sell their votes or vote based on mere benefits and food, it is the result of strongholds! Esau sold and thus lost his birthright because he gave in to his temporary situation for a plate of food!
Leaders Must Inquire

Hopelessness, Crime, Fear, Failure, Violence, Unemployment, Immorality, the killing of our children, the famine cannot be dealt with by simply using man’s intellect!

If any leader wants to deal with the above issues, as David did in II Samuel 21: 1 – 14, then they must be bold enough, as David was, to inquire of the Lord. They must be willing to face the truth and call a time of repentance.

Which leader is bold enough to call a time of repentance and actually repent not just for the nation but also for the mistakes of past Administrations on all sides.

When we find that leader, then we will see change!
If any leader or nation wants to experience peace, or they desire to see change within, or get political victory, then it means that things must be done God’s way! One can also victory by using the wrong methods; but what are the consequences? Wrong methods always brings severe consequences!

Any leader who is willing to genuinely call upon God will be assured of victory! They don’t even have to fight in the battle, God will raise up someone around them who will take the giants down!

There is no such thing as a one man army!
Diverting From God’s Word Brings Problems

God is the Master of Tactics and Strategies! He is the Ultimate Strategist and One of Immense Wisdom and Knowledge! As such, simply relying on human brain power to resolve matters and bring change is simply unwise!

We must remember that excluding God keeps the solutions we need at bay! We must be willing to consult the ultimate strategist! God.

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As God continues to reform the Body of Christ, it is critical for local churches and leaders to set up rules and protocol that will govern their churches. Many local churches are going through problems because they have not set a standard for their household (church/ministry). The following are keys of wisdom for Pastors and Leaders.

1. Never go into another Pastor’s church and recruit people from their church to build up whatever you are planning. Furthermore, do not give out prophetic words to those members and collect seed/offering from them to do so; you are in fact stealing from another man’s house!

2. Local Church Pastors must ensure that when visiting Pastors are allowed in, any private prophetic word given by them to their members must be done in the presence of one of your Pastors or Ministers.

3. Always use one of your strongest Ministers whom you can trust to carry out armor bearer functions for or to give assistance to the visiting Pastor. By doing so, you might avoid church splits and problems ahead.

4. Recognize that many Pastors who go to other Pastor’s churches to preach, they moment they walk in, they are hit with envy and jealousy at what they see. As a result, they begin to find faults, ways and means to undermine the host Pastor(s) and engage in issuing their personal contact information to the members, befriend them and then pull them out! When a Preacher comes into your ‘house’ he/she is also subject to your authority and the rules of the house. Most local Pastors don’t have rules, hence what they have built and labored for in the ministry can be torn down in a day.

5. One of the roles of a shepherd is to ensure that you protect the flock. Hence, there are certain parts of the household that must be off limits to any visiting Minister.

6. Not everyone that comes in is about souls or is interested in edifying the Body. Most often they are about power, money and boosting their religious resume. It is very important for you as the local Pastor to teach your flock about the difference between the Gifts and the Anointing.

7. Understand and accept the fact that visiting Pastors don’t grow a ministry. Prayer, Fasting, Evangelizing and Empowering do, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Many who come in don’t care one iota about your hard work to build the ministry. You as the Local Pastor have the right to eat the fruit of your labor. Many Pastors labor, but those with whom they have labored oftentimes neglect to be a blessing to their local Pastor(s). When you as the local Pastor believe that it is the visiting Pastor

8. Never invite a Pastor to minister to your church, or for spiritual covering because they are popular/famous. The kingdom is not about popularity and fame; it is about the Holy Spirit. Many seek for covering trying to get connected to big names, but through experience over the years, the majority of such Preachers and Leaders are only interested in their own ministry, not in yours. So while they have received favor, they do not extend such favor to others. When you encounter problems, you can hardly reach them for help. Many of them believe and teach that they don’t sow down, they sow up! Recognize that the Law of Seedtime and Harvest lets us know that every seed sown has to go down (into the earth) before it can come up! The fact that Jesus came and laid His life down for us, He sowed down and became poor for us to be rich! Think about this, when you literally look up what do you see above you? The sky! You never see soil above your head it is always below your feet! Soil is required for sowing, so the principles of life itself is that something must go down for something to come up!

9. Network with Pastors who are willing to pay their own fares to come and fellowship with you and pour into you. It doesn’t mean that you are not to take care of them and sow to them too; but those are often the ones with genuine motives.

10. Don’t seek spiritual covering only for the purposes of access and impartation to you! You can contribute in return even prayer and other kinds of support! Look for covering from those who will live holy. It’s not about the 20% (or however much it may be) that you would give to the covering ministry. Covering is a dual relationship – support goes both ways.

11. Always seek the Lord when establishing fellowship, relationship and networking. There are different levels. Remember, there are many out there in the fields with titles and titles can be bought. Many out there have split churches and were operating rebelliously and without being under any authority. Don’t watch the gift, watch the fruit!

For further measures of wisdom on this topic, get a copy of the book Man, Money, Ministry by Apostle Steve Lyston.

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