THE E3 Global Initiative





The E3 Global Initiative exists to:

EDUCATE – bring knowledge to those who wish to see and experience change to the systems that currently exist, and to think and move beyond the proverbial box to make positive changes happen for the benefit of all involved; and to facilitate the understanding that change, growth and development comes when we choose to make it happen with the right set of principles.

EMPOWER – make accessible, the Biblical Economics tools and keys that produce game-changing, life-altering and positive results that can be employed by those who choose to make things happen for the benefit of all involved.


Watch the EXPLOSION!  Watch the principles of Biblical Economics produce exponential results in the lives and businesses of those who choose to be a part of the E3 Global Initiative!  New Millionaires will rise!  New business ideas and solutions will increase for implementation!


The E3 Global Initiative Economic Summit

Bringing together the brightest minds – from all eras, industries and with varying levels of experience – who think outside the box and are willing and able to look at different strategies, methods and ideas to bring solutions for communities, organizations and nations.

We believe that the number one set of resources available to us is the Human Resource, and that oftentimes, all that is needed is a push start.


The E3 Partnership

This is an opportunity for Mentorship of individuals under the E3 Global Initiative umbrella, to reach their full potential.




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